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Testimony of more power evangelism in Dudley

July 18, 2008

Today’s ministry started out not the easiest, with poor weather again, but there was an opportunity to give words of knowledge to a couple. I called out that he was a DJ, and she was about to study at college in hairdressing. It gave them something to think about as I then shared the gospel with them. I met up with John, another member of my church. We prayed together, and because the rain was coming down hard we decided to go to the bus station. We met a young man with an ankle problem. He was not walking properly, and in some pain and discomfort. I laid hands on him, we prayed and he started to feel heat and tingling. The pain left, and he was able to walk normally. Although he had to catch a bus there was time to lead him to Christ. The healing miracle again opened the door to reveal Jesus to someone’s heart. That’s what The Lakeland revival and the Dudley outpouring is all about, taking the fresh fire for evangelism out onto the streets and our spheres of influence for the harvesting of souls. There was no time for us to interview the young man as he had to go quickly to catch his bus, but we rejoiced and gave glory to God as we saw him walk away normally, and at a fair pace too! John shares more here:

God spoke to us today about the importance of persistence. At times, it can be difficult to minister in the streets on a one to one basis, but we should not get discouraged and dismayed. I did pray for some people today where I didn’t see any immediate change in their physical condition, but I didn’t feel those prayers were wasted either, and sometimes healings happen gradually rather than instantly.