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Divine appointments in street evangelism

July 20, 2008

Today, July 20th, The Lord gave me divine appointments as I went out briefly onto the streets of Dudley, with some positive results. I prayed for people, in one case The Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a woman where I asked her if she had a problem with her blood sugar levels and she confirmed she had diabetes so I prayed against that. Some people seemed interested in what is happening at our church right now, so I was able to give them more details and invite them to the meetings. I spoke to one man, possibly in his forties who had had something of a Christian background, but told me he had never given his life to the Lord. He accepted Jesus Christ. I then met a couple with an 11 year old son. Their son was wearing hearing aids. I got chatting with them, and they were happy to for me to pray for their son. I prayed, and he told me he could hear louder. Then I asked his mother to test his hearing by talking to him at a distance. I stood in the way to make sure he couldn’t lip read, and he had no problem in hearing his mother, and she was talking at a normal volume, in fact relatively softly! The family weren’t ready to pray the prayer of salvation, but I believe that as this boy receives a lasting healing, it will open their hearts to all receive Jesus. I told them about our church, and encouraged them to attend a meeting. What encouraged me today was that I really felt that each contact was a divine appointment.