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April 18th: The power of God heals lady

April 18, 2008

Today was another fruitful day on the streets of Dudley. A Christian woman who had suffered with a disability connected with the nervous system for 30 years making her legs weak and causing her to walk with a crutch had an encounter with God’s miracle working power as I and my friend Simon, who also attends my church, prayed for her. She felt a surge of God’s healing virtue touch her legs, and after healing manifested in her body, walked away without her walking stick! An elderly couple both gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Revival is coming to Dudley. This may not be the main course yet, but it is still amazing! I am also inspired by the reports of the current healing revival outpouring in Lakeland, Florida with Pastor Stephen Strader in Ignited Church, and evangelist Todd Bentley, founder of Fresh Fire Ministries.