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People witness miracle healing in Dudley, salvations result.

July 21, 2008

Today was beautifully warm and sunny, and I went into town looking for people to share Jesus with. I walked past a group of people including one woman who I recognised as having spoken to before who confirmed that her friend who I had prayed for was now feeling much better. She was with a group of friends, mainly elderly, and one young man, 14 years old who was there with his grandmother. This opened things up for me to be able to offer healing prayer to the people in this small group. The woman told me that her friend had suffered with arthritis for ten years. The lady with arthritis was happy for me to pray for her. She told me that she was in pain in her neck and back. I was aware that people were watching, so I knew that this could result in several people seeing how real Jesus is. When I prayed, the lady told me she felt heat, and the pain left her. She was amazed when she started moving her neck from side to side free of pain something that she had not been able to do before, and also she was happy with what God was doing with her back as well. She confirmed that she was healed, and kept saying to her friends “I can’t believe it!” She was convicted to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Her grandson, 14, had been watching, and after talking to him, he wanted to give his life to Christ too. After leading him through the prayer of salvation, I laid my hand on him and prayed for him, and he admitted to tangibly feeling God’s presence. I told him that once you tangibly feel the presence of God, you are never the same again. God also gave me words of knowledge for both of them which they both confirmed to be right. One of the friends of the woman who was healed in that group of observers testifies to the miracle healing she saw after that woman and her grandson had left. See this:

It’s interesting that The Lord is allowing situations where people on the streets can see the miracles unfolding without me having contrived that. My vision is for that to draw people’s attention to Jesus because He alone can transform people’s lives and shape their eternal destinies. Increasingly more people in the local community are now aware of what God is doing in our church and out on the streets. I want them to start talking about what Jesus is doing because I always stress that miracles come from God alone, and that’s why all the glory goes to Him. My prayer is that as they see what is happening on the streets, they would come to our church, most importantly whether they come to our church or not that they would ultimately become radical followers of Jesus Christ.