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Miracle healing of Jesus , boy walks free of crutches and pain after trampolining accident!

August 23, 2008

Today the weather was better, and I went out on a twofold mission into town. 1) to share the full gospel of Jesus with a demonstration of The Spirit’s power and 2) to come back with some sweets for my children.

What really helped was that I told my kids that if I reached someone quickly and God intervened, that I would be back home quicker. This encouraged my children to pray for my swift return! I didn’t need long before The Lord gave me a divine appointment. Sometimes it can take a while before I meet someone open to prayer, but today God made it effortless.

I met a woman with her two sons, one of whom was walking slowly with the use of crutches. I approached them and asked them what the matter with him was. He had had a trampoling accident that had broken at least one bone in his foot causing him to need an X-ray which confirmed the break, and qualified him for some crutches. He confirmed he was in pain. His mother and he himself were happy for me to pray for him. As I did so, he felt heat on the affected area in his foot, and the pain left him. Glory to Jesus! Not only that, but I explained the gospel to him after he walked without the use of his crutches, and he gave his life to Jesus Christ. I believe that it will be a day he won’t forget. Please pray for this boy and his family, and see this exciting video testimony:

Miracles point to the veracity of Jesus, they give glory to Him, and they show how much He loves us all. I want to see the body of Christ run with the baton of healing anointing and revival fire that God has graciously given to us. Yes we can all move in miracles if we know Jesus providing we are prepared to step out in faith and take a risk.

I also want to emphasise again that The Dudley outpouring and Lakeland revival are far from over, but the end time world revival that The Lord wants to bring is bigger than any one person and one place. God is taking His church through a season of refining, drawing us to live uncompromising lives rooted and grounded in the purity of His Word. He wants to draw us into deeper relationship with Him, and remove anything that would be an obstacle for Him to work through us fully. As we pursue intimacy with Him, so we must pursue holiness and righteousness. However, even as the body of Christ might be taking a step back from using the fresh anointing and fire given to us for ministry, we should not neglect the harvest of lost souls. The eternal destiny of many is at stake.

Coming soon: Discover how my wife Sasha visited Heaven and met The Lord Jesus Christ after she stopped breathing before God raised her from clinical death!