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Man healed of terminal lung disease in Dudley town centre

July 15, 2008

Today I went out into Dudley town centre, and was sitting down when a man who runs a busy newspaper stand left it to approach me. I had prayed for him last week with someone who was here for the outpouring meetings at our church, Dorothy, a lady in her early seventies. We had both prayed for his healing, and he felt heat, and Dorothy had lead him through the prayer of salvation to accept Christ. He seemed much better. He looked much better! He told me that he was indeed much better, and had gone to the doctor’s. He told me that the previous X-ray had shown that he had terminal lung disease. The doctor tested him again after our prayers. The result: all clear! Praise God for an awesome miracle. He shares his testimony here. Watch this:

All the glory to Jesus for what He is doing in town. In His glorious presence, things change, and that’s what I want more than anything, to be with Him, and to know more of His sweet presence!

I also prayed for two women, one a Christian, one not, and they both felt improvement. The non-Christian testified of pain leaving her back, and she accepted Jesus Christ. I also met a young man in the makretplace stalls who had accepted Christ after encountering His presence a few weeks ago when I had prayed for him. I have invited him to church, but he hasn’t yet come, but he told me he is now drug free, and was encouraging his mother to get some prayer too.

The weather was warm and dry today which was a real bonus!