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Lady receives healing from arthritis in Dudley town centre

September 25, 2008

1) Report 2) See Video testimony of lady who received healing

Today I went out with other church members as part of our official lifegroup to minister to people in the marketplace. We only pray for those who genuinely want prayer, and most of all we only talk to people who have the time and the inclination to do so. What is striking is how hungry people are these days for spiritual matters. Most of us have a view about God and the afterlife, and a lot of people love sharing their beliefs. God is opening hearts to the reality of Jesus Christ. At our church we have just finished the Firestorm Gathering televised by God TV, and there is no doubt that that firestorm is going to go around the UK, and the world. Our senior pastor Trevor Baker said on the final evening of the Firestorm Gathering that we should press in for the rain of His presence for harvest as well as the refining fire. We need the refining fire so that we become increasingly pure vessels for The Lord to pour in more of Himself into. Secure in His love, and sanctified by His Spirit, we can believe that He will use us even more for His glory to touch individual lives, and nations can be changed.

It was a fruitful morning, even though there weren’t many of us available today, perhaps some were resting up after an amazing six days of The Firestorm Gathering! We got to share and pray with several people. We met a group of four young men training to be car mechanics as we walked into the town centre. I had a word about separation of the parents for one young man. He told us how at one time in his life he had encountered the supernatural where he had felt an evil presence which he called a poltergeist, but as Christians we know that to be demonic. I felt God telling me to ask him if he had ever felt the presence of God. He said he hadn’t. As we prayed for him, he told us he was feeling a warmth, and we told him that that was Jesus touching him. He had to leave very soon before we had a real chance to pray for him more, but we did get to share the gospel. My prayer is that this encounter with God will lead him to give his life to Christ.

We prayed for people with a number of serious conditions like diabetes. With that kind of condition you can only know if you have been healed when it is tested back at home, however we did get to pray for a lady with arthritis in her knees. She received healing, walked without the use of her walking stick, and ultimately prayed the prayer of salvation after we got to have a meaningful conversation with her where we told her about the simplicity of the gospel. See this video testimony of her sharing how she has been touched:

I have found that a lot of people believe they are going to Heaven based upon their good works. Many people are only to happy to get born again when they hear how easy it is to get saved! Why not ask someone today if they are ready for Heaven. For example, you might meet an elderly person who even goes to church and prays, but has never understood what it means to be born again. Jesus is building His Kingdom, and amazingly He wants to use regular people like you and me to manifest His love, His life, and His glory presence.

Dudley outpouring meetings continue, for more details about these and our live webcasts see my church website and come and get some in Dudley to take back to your locality, and nation!