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Florida healing outpouring revival is for global evangelism

August 16, 2008

Many people are asking whether the outpouring that has hit Florida will continue. The short answer is yes because just as it broke out in Ignited Church Lakeland in early April 2008 so it will continue there, and continue to go around the world. It is important to remember that this has been a sovereign move of God, and not about any one person. It’s not about Todd Bentley, Pastor Stephen Strader or anyone else but about the Lord Jesus Christ visiting the body of Christ, equipping the saints to build His Kingdom through them, and to Him alone be all the glory. In my opinion, there has been too much emphasis placed upon the vessels of His presence and power, and not enough on the author of all creation, God Himself. When that happens, there can be adverse consequences. History has shown that.
However, as people press in to God, seek His face, and don’t get distracted by people and events, then I believe He will continue to pour out His Spirit sovereignly, and we will see His love and power heal, deliver, and save the lost. Let’s focus on The Lord, and the great end time mandate, evangelism for global harvest.
After a short holiday in Cornwall, my wife fell ill with suspected meningitis, and was taken to hospital. She may not have had meningitis, but she is much better now. It has not been an easy few weeks, but I recognise that God is still in the process of allowing His body to go through some trials to refine them, and I have not been exempt from that myself. We should be excited though, about the greater glory of God’s presence coming to the church, and the increase in signs, wonders and miracles to reach the lost. We must press in to see full scale revival. I have felt the need to spend more time with my family, and more time with God in the secret place. I don’t want to get too busy “doing God’s work” because when that happens we can lose intimacy, fire and passion and get physically and spiritually tired.
I have had a few divine appointments, and seen God’s power touch people though. One young man felt God touch his broken leg, started walking without his crutch and believed he was enjoying a healing. I shared the gospel with him more fully, inviting him to give his life to Jesus. He told me that that didn’t fit in with his life plans as a 16 year old, and sadly at that point he said the leg condition came back, although he hadn’t been in pain previously, just restriction of movement, so without him walking I’m not sure how he could have sensed that it had come back. What I do believe is that when we see people healed and share the gospel it is down to the individual to make their choice, and yes, people can lose their healing, particularly if they don’t give glory to Jesus.

One on occasion when I was visiting my wife in hospital, I saw a young man who I had ministered to previously come out of hospital with a broken finger and had had an X-ray done. I prayed for him and he felt tingling in his finger which I believe was God’s power touching him. I also spoke to a lady sitting just outside the hospital who told me that she was struggling with giving up alcohol, and she was bruised on her face. I suspect there was more to her story, but she wanted prayer. When I prayed for her she tangibly felt God’s presence flow in to her which I told her was the love of Jesus Christ. She wasn’t ready to accept Christ at that moment saying she wanted to do things one step at a time, but I believe it was a divine appointment. What I didn’t know was that my wife’s room was literally directly above, and she had seen me and took a picture of me ministering:

I also prayed for a Christian from another local church in Dudley in town with a leg problem. He told me he felt like the Holy Spirit was massaging his leg, and when I saw him a few minutes later, he said he was moving much better with no pain. I also saw a man handing out cards for his wife who is a psychic, and invited them both to attend our meetings and see the supernatural for themselves.
Also, our church went out corporately on the streets of Dudley during the Joel’s Army conference last week with Brian Johnson ministering in the meetings. In town, people got healed and saved. Please pray for us as we continue to carry God’s love, fire and healing anointing outside the church. Pray for divine appointments, miracles, salvations, and those who do accept Christ to become radical disciples for Him. This is a time to seek God more fervently, while at the same time not neglect the harvest fields.