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God’s presence and healing power brings salvation!

May 24, 2008

The young man I met two days earlier on Wednesday met me in our church coffee shop at Revival Fires Dudley where the outpouring is happening. He told that the only reason he had come back was because of the presence he felt when I prayed for him that day. He told me he had had arthritis in his thumbs for many years. I prayed for him, God’s power touched him and he could barely believe the difference afterwards. He said there was no clicking anymore as well. He could move his thumbs like never before. This lead him to give his life to Jesus Christ in our coffee shop! Praise God for touching this young man. I pray he now becomes a radical disciple of Jesus. There is still much emotional pain from his past to be healed of but God has started. Because of all he has gone through, I would not have felt ready to ask him if he wanted Christ unless he had experienced God’s supernatural touch. This is why we need this outpouring that started in Lakeland Florida, went to Dudley, and is now going throughout the world. Many people need to know that God is real through a demonstration of the Spirit’s power through signs, wonders, and miracles rooted in love and compassion.