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Healing miracles revealing the love of Jesus again

October 3, 2008

2nd October
Yesterday I went out with our group again and many people had divine appointments and good fruit out of them. Nothing much seemed to be happening for me until near the end, and I had to keep in focus the very thing that I said to the group which is that it’s not about “results” but being faithful to what God has called us to do. I really don’t want to get into performance mode doing this. We all need a deeper revelation of The Father’s love, and I highly recommend the book I’m currently reading “Spiritual slavery to spiritual sonship” by Jack Frost (Destiny Image). Ministry should naturally be the overflow of our intimacy with God, and whatever happens in ministry is what God does through us and we must never lose focus of that. It really doesn’t matter what people think. The praise of men or vitriolic criticism don’t change what God thinks about us. His love is beyond what any of us can grasp, and in that place of security we can have peace and assurance always. When Jesus was around, His miracles would offend some people, and the same is true today. Paradoxically many Christians are the most vocal in their attack on the healing ministry. Keep in mind first and foremost that God wants us to learn to love. As we minister to Him through worship, and let Him minister to our hearts first, so we will be much more effective in loving people, and ultimately winning the lost to Christ. God challenged me that if I didn’t have any meaningful contacts with people but everyone else in the group did to rejoice about that and not be phased by it in any way!

Towards the end The Lord led me to meet a lady who had been suffering with arthritis in her wrists, and I discovered that her son had been a drug addict of 15 years. Please pray that this young man, Mark finds Jesus and is set free from the addiction. As I listened to her story, God filled my heart with compassion. I could then focus away from myself and just have one desire, to see her have an encounter with God’s love. As I prayed for her she felt His sweet presence, and He healed her wrists. Touched by His love, she was open to give her life to Jesus which she did subsequently, and I handed her a booklet, and warmly invited her to attend our church. If I’m being really honest, there had been a moment earlier in the outreach where I had thought, “I’m co-leading this group Lord, I need to see something happen personally!” The Lord gently reminded me to get a sense of perspective about ministry. Be encouraged that if you have started to reach out to people with Christ’s love and power the very fact that you are doing it counts for a lot, and remember that He is responsible for the outcome of our prayers for the sick and infirm. Yes we should have faith but even that is a gift that we can’t claim any credit for, and it is down to His faithfulness in the end.

3rd October I had to go into town to do various things anyway today, but decided to combine the trip with some outreach, especially as it was a wonderful crisp sunny Autumn day. In the morning I had gone to my daughters’ harvest festival celebrations, the first one being at the Church of England church at the top of the hill close to our house. At a time of great economic upheaval in the world, we should be thankful that we have so much more than most people in the world, and that we can expect a harvest as we sow into God’s Kingdom regardless of the economic conditions because God is faithful to His own principles as outlined in His Word.
Again I found it difficult at first to find people who wanted prayer, so I decided that I would start shopping, and I focused again on my desire that God has put into my heart to experience a greater level of intimacy with Him, to hunger and thirst for His presence, and to treasure that more than any miracle I might have seen or might see in the future on the streets or in my future ministry. As soon as I reflected on that, I saw a middle aged woman with a walking stick waiting outside a shop. From the expression on her face she was clearly in pain. As God again filled me with His compassion I approached her and she told me she had arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a terminal lung condition, COPD. I believe that at that point the gift of faith came upon me, I prayed for her, and the love and power of God touched her. She felt tingling in her legs and warmth as the arthritis left her, she felt better from the fibromyalgia condition, and also testified that her breathing was significantly better (see July 15th entry with video testimony of one man’s healing). As well as her improvement in breathing, I was really encouraged too when she told me that pain in her collar bone which I hadn’t known about had just gone under the anointing! It’s great when you can pray for one thing, and The Holy Spirit also heals another thing too without the person having even requested it in prayer! She said that she had regularly spoken to God in her life, but had never accepted Jesus in a personal way. She prayed to give her life to Jesus Christ. Please pray for this lady as well, her name is Lynn.

I really want to see breakthroughs in terminal conditions. After a few weeks of having been away from it I did the healing room in our church yesterday afternoon and everyone that came to our particular group wanted prayer for terminal cancer. I then meet someone on the streets who also wanted prayer for a condition they told me was terminal. Jesus is greater than any sickness though, and one of my favorite verses is 2 Corinthians 3 : 17 ” Where The Spirit of The Lord is there is liberty.” When Heaven invades Earth, it all changes!

Last night I read about this history of Elim Pentecostal Church in England, and the ministry of the Jeffrey brothers. What’s especially interesting is how George Jeffrey didn’t just operate in signs, wonders, and miracles and a powerful preaching anointing that lead many to Jesus, but he had a heart to see effective follow-up to the conversions, and hence a good church for people to grow in their relationship to God. As we pray for those who need a miracle in their physical body, it is very important to ask people if they would be ready to face God if they were to die, and give them an opportunity to give their life to Jesus. It can also be very helpful to keep in contact with those we pray for if possible, and give them every opportunity to know about a good church that they can attend when newly saved.