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Heaven invades Dudley after Bill Johnson teaching impacts

October 18, 2008

1) Report on week’s evangelism, and how God broke through after initial discouragement.

2) Video of lady testifying of double miracle healing, and demonstrating new pain-free movement!

October 13th-18th 2008: This has been some week, and it’s difficult to know where to start! On Monday I went into Dudley to share Jesus, and bumped into the resident and care manager of a sheltered home that God had used me to lead to salvation after the resident had received healing on the streets (see entry May 30th 2008). They invited me to the home where I had a cup of tea with them. The manager introduced me to two ladies who wanted prayer for healing. I prayed for one of them, and she testified of receiving partial improvement from arthritis. I had a word of knowledge for the other lady about her neck, and God healed her. I then went back to the first lady who told me she had been suffering from partial deafness in her right ear, and was concerned about having to pay a lot of money for a hearing aid. As I prayed, she felt something tangibly happen in her ear, and God healed her! She got quite emotional, and to be honest I started to as well.

They invited me back the next day, and I was pleased to find out that the lady had retained her healing. I prayed for a few others, but with no immediate manifestation of healing from anyone. Never mind! On Wednesday I was able to lead an elderly man to the Lord after praying for his terminal illness. Praying for people with life threatening illnesses can be a route into sharing the gospel with them whether they get healed or not because the very act of praying for someone can help them know the compassion of Jesus.

The next day Thursday I went into town to witness and frankly it was discouraging with a number of people not open to receiving prayer, and those that did get prayer really didn’t feel God touch them, and their conditions didn’t immediately improve. I talked with my co-leader of our church evangelism group Joyce who told me about Bill Johnson’s teaching on enduring faith. When we don’t see results, how can we avoid getting discouraged? In his book “When Heaven invades Earth : a practical guide to a life of miracles” (Destiny Image) Bill Johnson says wisely that we can’t lower the standard of the Bible to our level of experience. We need to contend and persist for breakthrough, but from a place of resting in God, trusting in Him completely, and agreeing with every good promise in His Word, even if we don’t see the manifestation and fruit immediately.

The next day I spent much time in prayer, and resolved that what is most important is to develop a deeper relationship with The Lord that will help me withstand disappointments. Paul was used greatly in winning people to Christ through the demonstration of the miraculous, and went through many highs and lows, yet above all else he desired to know Christ intimately (Philippians 3 verses 9-10). That should always be our highest goal.

Later I went into town and met a young man who was similar to a picture I believe The Lord had given me. I spoke words of knowledge into his life that surprised him, and this opened his heart to God. I didn’t feel it was the right timing to invite him to receive Christ, but he wants to come to our church, and apparently knows someone in our church!

On Saturday I decided to put my disappointment about Tuesday and Thursday behind me, and believe that I would see breakthrough. It turned out to be one of the best days of the year so far. I met a friend Tony. When I prayed for his head pains which were severe, he felt the power of God touch him, got drunk in the Spirit and the pain left him. He prayed for me too, and I felt that it was going to be a great afternoon. I was able to pray for a number of people with arthritis who tangibly felt God’s presence, and testified to being healed. I prayed for a lady with partial deafness who testifed to feeling heat in her ears, and improved hearing! Also, I met a teenage young man with a painful right foot. I prayed for him, he felt heat on his foot, God’s healing presence, and the pain left him totally! He and his friend gave their lives to Jesus Christ! I had a word of knowledge for one person which opened their heart to God too. It was amazing the transformation from Thursday. It felt like I was ministering under an open Heaven this time. The lesson has to be this: never give up, and stand in faith believing that God’s Word is the truth! As the saying goes, quitters never win, and winners never quit. If we pray for a few people, or many, and don’t see them healed should we give up and think that God doesn’t want to use us? Absolutely not, but sometimes we need to go back to the secret place of prayer, and use each disappointment as an opportunity for our faith to grow. See this video as one lady shares her miracle breakthrough after God touched her in town. I prayed for a mouth complaint, but unbeknown to me, God was also setting her free from another condition too:

I want to talk soon about how God uses angels in healing miracles, how they can help us, and their role in gathering the end time harvest of souls.