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Lady gets healed of 10 year condition then receives Jesus Christ!

October 8, 2008

1) Report 2) Video of miracle testimony

1) I was able to talk and pray with various people today in town. The warm autumn weather helped, but really it was God that opened all the doors today. One man, an ex-Christian who had got involved with the HariKrishna movement had been having problems with his legs. I asked him if he wanted prayer and he was happy to receive prayer. While he claimed that it doesn’t matter what the source is all you need is faith, I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, and he experienced improvement, testifying of experiencing God’s power. Let’s pray this man comes back to Christ. A young woman and her mother had been watching the healing. I had felt led to go and ask them if they wanted prayer before but God’s timing is all important, and we need to be sensitive to The Holy Spirit. In fact I approached them and called out arthritis which the older of the two women, Tracey confirmed. What was good is that because they had seen the other healing take place, it released faith for them and myself. As I prayed for Tracey God gave me a prophetic word to share which she confirmed which was able to release her to receive healing from God. She felt the heat of his presence, then numbness, the pain left, and she was able to straighten her back pain-free after having been in acute pain for years! Not only that, but the demonstration of God’s love and power convicted them to give their lives to Jesus Christ. See this video as Tracey straightens her back without pain and testifies to what she experienced God do:

I want to encourage you that if you have prayed for people but not seen a healing or a miracle yet, don’t give up! God rewards persistence ( read the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18 verses 1-8 ) We as the body of Christ have been anointed to set captives free ( Isaiah 61 ) , and we should never forget that The Lord is greater than every power of darkness, sin, sickness, and even our own doubt and unbelief! He dwells in us – see 1 John 4 : 4 and Romans 8 verse 11. Remember how much He loves you, then give His love away to someone.