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Atheist turns to Christ within minutes in prophetic evangelism

September 4, 2008

Last Sunday I had an unexpected phone call from a church member telling me that there was someone who had been attending the outpouring meetings here in Dudley who wanted to go out on the streets to share the gospel with us. I hadn’t planned to go out that day, but The Lord led me to go into town, even though the weather was atrocious, and there were not likely to be many people about! I met Neil, a pastor from Oxfordshire, and we started to talk to people at the bus shelter as it was pelting down with rain outside. After some meaningful contacts we found a young man, and immediately The Lord downloaded some words of knowledge for me to share with him which related to his interests and abilities, what he was currently doing, and something significant in his past. He told us he was an atheist. It was going to take more than a theological discussion to interest him in Christ. I shared the words of knowledge with him, and their accuracy surprised him. One of them was that The Lord had given me “sports” and it turned out he was involved with physical education. He was open for us to pray for him. As we did so, Neil prayed something about the Father’s love. This really touched his spirit, and he testified to tangibly experiencing God’s presence. He made a decision to give his life to Jesus Christ. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith in sharing prophetic words with people. You might be thinking what if I get it wrong? Well at least you took a risk. That isn’t to say that we should excessively fish for prophetic words or try to drum them up in our own strength because if we do, then they will not have been from God, and most likely inaccurate. Sometimes just telling someone that Jesus loves them is the greatest prophetic word anyone can give, but if we are open to The Spirit, then we will increasingly learn to hear the voice of God.

As we were walking to the shop having thought that we might have finished, a noticed a young woman with a crutch. I asked her if she wanted prayer. It turned out she was a Christian. As we prayed she felt heat on her leg, and noticeable improvement as I asked her to do something she couldn’t have done before without pain.