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Healings in Dudley town centre with video footage!

June 16, 2008

Earlier this week a woman came up to me ask me to do a survey. I did the survey, and then asked her if she was in any pain. She said she had back pain so I prayed and she felt the manifest presence of God as the pain left her. Also I prayed for one young woman who had come out of hospital recently. As she experienced the power of God on her neck, the place where her condition had started, it freaked her out and she wanted me to stop praying! I tried to reassure her that what she was experiencing was God.
Yesterday Saturday I went into town with my son Justin. We ministered to a young man. God gave me “bass guitar”. I shared this with the young man who then said he had just gone into a shop to look for a new bass guitar as he is a bass guitar player. Before that, I ministered to an elderly lady. See this footage to see what happened more or less from start to finish. To God be the glory for this divine appointment: