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Healing at Fast food restaurant

May 19, 2013

We had an interesting afternoon in Stratford-upon-avon yesterday. When someone tells you they will punch you if their leg isn’t healed when you pray you hope that God shows up just that little bit more! It all started as we got into a conversation with a young man who was causing a disturbance, upsetting some customers, and complaining of a painful leg. I’m happy to say there were no punches but a good outbreak of healing and destiny words with two sore throats instantly healed, a wrist touched by God, and the guy with the bad leg said nothing but could move his leg fine and seemed to be much happier! That all happened at McDonalds because our car acted up so we didn’t make it to healing prayer room because our car had some issues, but as ever God had the last laugh, and we caught the bus home happy! Our healing prayer room is every Saturday at the Buzz, Henley St. , Stratford-upon-avon 1-3 pm and during the afternoons there is also the opportunity to do healing and prophetic evangelism on the streets.