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Divine appointments with God’s healing and saving power

January 31, 2009

God has been opening up divine appointments. This has been a relatively quiet season of prayer and reflection, and only recently have I started to go out on the streets again to share the full gospel. Last week I met a young man on the street just outside our church and invited him for coffee in our church. As I shared something of what I saw he opened up to me. I prayed for him and The Lord’s power touched him. He gave his life to Jesus. Today I went out with Tom and we met a young man with a leg injury. I asked him if he had sustained it playing football and he confirmed it. I believe this opened his heart to receive prayer, and he felt the pain go as we prayed for him. He was also able to move his toes, something he said he couldn’t do before without pain. We had some more contacts and Tom prayed for one man who had been suffering with high blood pressure.

I believe that as we get closer to The Lord he gives us a heart for the lost. As we minister out of His love and compassion so we can expect to see Him touch lives more powerfully through us. Although we seek outpourings and revivals, and it is right to do so, we must first seek Him, and through intimacy it becomes so much easier to share Kingdom truths with people in demonstration and power. If we feel our hearts getting colder, we need to position ourselves so we allow God to pour His love into our hearts. When we discover how much He loves us, we cannot but help fall more in love with Him. As we do so, we see people through His eyes of mercy and compassion. Miracles can abound as we abide in Him and in His love (read John 15) .

2008 review : the church empowered as miracles hit the streets in the UK and around the world!

December 8, 2008

Review of miracles on the streets  in 2008 with video footage, and the challenge for the church in 2009!

It was December 1994. My health had deteriorated, I’d split up with my fiance, and I didn’t want to live anymore. On December 10th I attempted suicide with my world shattered. Perhaps seconds from death, and a lost eternity someone rescued me and called for the ambulance. I still don’t know who it was, but I know they were Heaven sent. Half way across the world in California on the very same day, my wife to be, who I had never met at that stage, was attending the funeral of her late husband who had been mugged in Los Angeles. Within four years we were married as hope and destiny returned again. This year we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. I love her more than anyone, except the one who gave His life for me nearly 2000 years ago, The Lord Jesus Christ.

If Christ  gave up everything to come into this world to die for you and me, what is worth sacrificing everything for? What is truly worth getting excited about? I get excited when I see Newcastle FC and the Minnesota Vikings win which happen too infrequently for my liking! But what really excites me is knowing The Creator of the universe, glorifying Him, knowing His love, and seeing Heaven break into Earth,   the supernatural intervening as a higher reality than natural law. I get excited when I see someone else experience God’s touch on their lives, and coming to know Him too. That’s worth fighting for, surrendering everything, even dying for. The wonderful thing is that every human being on planet Earth was created to know Jesus, and not only that, but be used as a vessel to see His miraculous touch break into other people’s lives. As I share some highlights from this year, I want you to know that God wants to use you in the coming year to bring Heaven to your sphere of influence.

in 2008 we saw a powerful outpouring of God’s Spirit hit the Western world for the purposes of empowering the worldwide church to evangelise the lost, not least through signs, wonders, and miracles. It brought opposition, controversy, failure, and a challenge to the church to get refined, yet despite this a lot of fruit and grounds for much optimism as we go into the new year. God is depositing His very glory into regular people like you and me, and releasing His gathering angels, so that His Kingdom will be extended. The question is do we let the new wine get old and stale? Of course we need new wineskins, but what will we do with the treasure we’ve been given in 2008?  As I share highlights of my street ministry activity in 2008, be encouraged that God wants to use you too because Acts 10 verse 34 tells us that God is no respector of persons ( Acts 10 verse 34 and Romans 2 verse 11) . To God alone be all the glory.

2008 review: On April 7th my wife Sasha and I went into town to share the love and power of Jesus Christ with someone. Sasha called out an elderly man for me to approach. He told us that he didn’t live in Dudley, and was legally blind in one eye. We prayed for him, and the power of God touched him. He gave his life to Jesus Christ. Here is his testimony recorded seconds after the double miracle. (apologies for the picture quality which was limited before June) :

Earlier in March, I had prayed for a lady stone deaf for over 10 years in her right ear, and Jesus had healed her ear. She testified about 2 weeks later:

In June Sasha, myself and a friend prayed for a group of people, some of whom got miraculously healed and saved. Here is one testimony:

One man testified of healing from a terminal lung condition after prayer, having had confirmation from his doctor!

One young woman, not a believer got touched by Jesus as we prayed for her in July. See the miracle unfold here:

There is much more video footage and testimonies, if you are interested go to the monthly archives on the right column of the blog.

I’ve done this blog to show people seeking spiritual truth that the answer is found in Jesus Christ. I want to motivate and encourage all Christians to share their faith, and pray for the sick and infirm, as well as releasing His presence and the prophetic, the demonstration of The Spirit’s power ( 1 Corinthians 2 verses 4-5). God wants to use all believers in the end time harvest of souls. If you have never received an impartation to move in Kingdom power to release healing and miracles then there is a prayer at the end of this blog entry for you to receive what God has for you. Then, the challenge is this: will you take a risk for Jesus in the coming year? Too many people are dying without Jesus, we need to share His love and power like we never have. We need to get closer to The Lord through spending time with Him, there is a need to fast and pray, we need to allow Him to refine us, but when all is said and done, we must not hold back anymore through feeble false excuses in reaching out to the lost. People may not feel worthy or anointed, but if they’re born again, then Jesus Christ (The anointed one and His anointing) lives inside them! Do I consider myself worthy to carry an anointing to move in signs, wonders, and miracles? Do you?  Well is anyone? The wonderful mystery revealed through God’s word is that He calls all of us to be His vessels. Let’s use what He’s given us, and believe for the greatest demonstration of His miracle working power. This could be the greatest hour for the church! It is time for her to rise up in maturity, authority, and power and take ground! Here is my prayer for you. Receive all that God has for you by faith:

“Father,  release Your healing anointing and Your fire to those who want to share their faith with love and power to the unsaved right now. Give them a fresh hunger and passion for Jesus Christ. Let them pursue new levels of holiness through the sanctifying work of Holy Spirit. Through intimacy, let them know Your voice, and be obedient to the great commission. Let them know you in a deeper way, and let Your love for them overflow into people’s lives. I pray for boldness, and divine appointments. Let Heaven touch Earth. Send Your angels to gather in the harvest. Empower Your people for Your glory Lord in Jesus name Amen.”

Now use all that God has given you to release within your sphere of influence.  Be persistent even if you don’t see immediate results. God is faithful to confirm His Word. May God bless you in the coming year, and thank you for visiting my blog. Please pray for me and my family, our church and our community, and don’t forget to check back for updates. If you have any prayer request or just want to get in contact please email me at

“For God nothing will be impossible.” Luke 1 verse 37

Video testimony of healing in the streets

December 3, 2008

Report on street evangelism with video testimony

I’ve had some good contact with people recently. In some cases I’ve been on my own, and also with friends. On Thursday last week (27/11/08) I prayed for one man who was struggling with his walking, and had a problem with his leg and ankle. Although he still had some pain in his leg, his ankle got healed, and he was able to walk away with significant improvement. He shares his testimony here:

The following day I went out with a friend, Richard. One woman we prayed for with her leg in plaster and crutches testified of feeling a heat all over, clearly the presence of The Holy Spirit on what was a cold day, and then she started to feel tingling in her damaged leg, and dramatic improvement.

We then went into a local cafe, and my friend had the audacity to ask if any of their staff needed healing prayer! Initially no one said they did, but after Richard had sat down, one young lady requested prayer for a stomach ache. Over the counter I prayed for her aware that there was nowhere for me to hide! She testified that the pain left her instantly, so I prayed for her friend another member of staff who testified of improvement in her sore throat. The manager was interested, and we got to have a meaningful conversation with him too.

I love praying for people who work in town because as God touches them, they are uniquely placed to testify to others. I believe we can see whole towns and cities turned upside down as God’s people take risks and pray for people demonstrating the reality of Jesus Christ. We must also remember that God’s delays are not his denials, and persistent faith will achieve much in The Kingdom.

COMING SOON: A review of the year, and the challenge for the body of Christ in 2009.

Update on street outreach in Dudley and the new wine

November 20, 2008

1) Report on recent street evangelism

2) The challenge for the church: new wineskins and the release of the new wine


1) I prayed for a young man who had been suffering in mind body and spirit. God gave me some words of knowledge and touched him with His presence, His manifest love. Significantly, pain in various areas of his body left him. He told me that he was a backslidden Christian who had got involved in darkness and the physical pain was the result. He rededicated his life to Christ. A lady with arthritis testified to tingling in her legs as I prayed for her and improvement. Some days ago during our prophetic seers conference with Bill Johnson I had to go to my daughter’s school to drop something off. I had the opportunity to pray for one of the students with the full permission of the school. His neck got instantly healed by the Lord. I’m encouraged that God is creating divine appointments within the local community.

2) I’m excited that God is preparing His church to go for more of the harvest through bringing holiness and refining so we can carry more of Him. Nevertheless, while He wants us to carry more of His glory, we should always be aware that people are dying and going to Hell for eternity everyday! You won’t read a greater tragedy in the newspapers today. We must never neglect the lost. The Lord is saving people and building His Kingdom so we don’t need to feel desperate and defeated! The harvest is now! In John 4 verse 35 Jesus says “Do not say there are still four months and then comes harvest. Behold I say to you lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already white for harvest!” People make too many excuses for not sharing their faith with others. Let’s not fall into the same trap. God wants the wineskins of our character to be strong so we can hold the new wine. (Luke 5 37-39). However, as we’ve seen this year, God has poured out His new wine into the body of Christ. New wine that is unused goes stale. While we must press in for the greater glory and more new wine, The Lord is interested to see how we use what we have already been given as well. Could that determine what He pours out next? Let’s not forget about the parable of the talents. (Matthew 25 14-30) We must be faithful stewards of what He gives us so He can entrust us with more.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means being prepared to share our faith with those who don’t know Jesus, and taking the risk of asking people if they want prayer trusting that God will reveal His love for them through His miraculous intervention in their lives.

The power of God on the streets gives access again

November 1, 2008

Encouraged by the outreach on October 18th (see recent entry with video) I went out on Thursday 23rd with other members of the church as part of our official outreach group expecting The Lord to reveal His love and power to more people. I had some words of knowledge that touched one young man, and I prayed for an elderly couple, John and Florence who testified to God’s healing touch upon them. Florence called me four days later to say that she was feeling much better after I had prayed for her to be healed of arthritis in her legs. She wanted to have prayer for something else and told me that her friend, another elderly lady who also lives in the same community of sheltered accommodation very close to our church wanted healing prayer. I went to see them with another member of our church and we prayed for Florence and her friend. There was a wonderful presence of God as we prayed. Florence felt God touch her again, and her friend also felt the presence of God. We were able to lead Florence’s friend to Jesus Christ. I am really encouraged that through the power of God on the streets He gave me access to minister to other people within a community again, and someone who I met through a person who testified of healing on the streets came to Christ through that witness as well.

There are at least two significant truths to be learnt from this: 1) Healings and miracles give access to witnessing to more people because they testify about Jesus Christ, and salvations can and do result. 2) Just one step of boldness in witnessing or praying with someone can open the door to God touching other lives for His glory. The ripple effect can be immense when God initiates something!

On Thursday 30th October I went into Wolverhampton. I met one Christian and told him I saw wheels. He told me that he and his family were about to move house. His leg was in a plaster. I prayed for him and he felt tingling. I encouraged him to go home, check his leg and prayerfully consider having the plaster removed! I also met an asian young man who I shared some prophetic words. Although he had been raised in a Christian home, he had been living a worldly life, and apparently never prayed the prayer of salvation. As I shared more, He knew that The Lord was revealing Himself to him. Revelation 19 : 10 says “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” He accepted Jesus Christ as personal Saviour and Lord, and I then asked him if he wanted to be filled with The Spirit, the baptism of The Holy Spirit. He said yes, and when I prayed for him he felt tingling, a clear sign that God was touching him. I’m learning that God doesn’t do things by halves when we allow Him to! People can get healed, saved, and filled with The Spirit (Acts1: 5 and John 7: 37-39) within less than five minutes!

This is a time that we must press in to get deeper with God. When we become more attracted to Jesus He becomes more attracted to us, not that He can love us anymore by anything we do, but spending time with Him and being intimate with Him helps us to get more in tune with Him and allows the oil of His presence to pour into us, even His very glory can overshadow us (Luke 1: 35) . As a result we can minister to people more fruitfully because there is then less of us and more of Him! Becoming more attracted to The Lord means falling more in love with him, hearing and obeying His Word and His voice, and receiving more of His sweet presence into our lives. James 4: 8 promises “Draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you.” God wants to change localities, communities, cities, and nations through an army of laid down lovers of Jesus Christ who don’t care about their own personal reputation, but will do anything for their Master because they love Him so much they “love not their lives unto death.” (Revelation 12 : 11) .

Heaven invades Dudley after Bill Johnson teaching impacts

October 18, 2008

1) Report on week’s evangelism, and how God broke through after initial discouragement.

2) Video of lady testifying of double miracle healing, and demonstrating new pain-free movement!

October 13th-18th 2008: This has been some week, and it’s difficult to know where to start! On Monday I went into Dudley to share Jesus, and bumped into the resident and care manager of a sheltered home that God had used me to lead to salvation after the resident had received healing on the streets (see entry May 30th 2008). They invited me to the home where I had a cup of tea with them. The manager introduced me to two ladies who wanted prayer for healing. I prayed for one of them, and she testified of receiving partial improvement from arthritis. I had a word of knowledge for the other lady about her neck, and God healed her. I then went back to the first lady who told me she had been suffering from partial deafness in her right ear, and was concerned about having to pay a lot of money for a hearing aid. As I prayed, she felt something tangibly happen in her ear, and God healed her! She got quite emotional, and to be honest I started to as well.

They invited me back the next day, and I was pleased to find out that the lady had retained her healing. I prayed for a few others, but with no immediate manifestation of healing from anyone. Never mind! On Wednesday I was able to lead an elderly man to the Lord after praying for his terminal illness. Praying for people with life threatening illnesses can be a route into sharing the gospel with them whether they get healed or not because the very act of praying for someone can help them know the compassion of Jesus.

The next day Thursday I went into town to witness and frankly it was discouraging with a number of people not open to receiving prayer, and those that did get prayer really didn’t feel God touch them, and their conditions didn’t immediately improve. I talked with my co-leader of our church evangelism group Joyce who told me about Bill Johnson’s teaching on enduring faith. When we don’t see results, how can we avoid getting discouraged? In his book “When Heaven invades Earth : a practical guide to a life of miracles” (Destiny Image) Bill Johnson says wisely that we can’t lower the standard of the Bible to our level of experience. We need to contend and persist for breakthrough, but from a place of resting in God, trusting in Him completely, and agreeing with every good promise in His Word, even if we don’t see the manifestation and fruit immediately.

The next day I spent much time in prayer, and resolved that what is most important is to develop a deeper relationship with The Lord that will help me withstand disappointments. Paul was used greatly in winning people to Christ through the demonstration of the miraculous, and went through many highs and lows, yet above all else he desired to know Christ intimately (Philippians 3 verses 9-10). That should always be our highest goal.

Later I went into town and met a young man who was similar to a picture I believe The Lord had given me. I spoke words of knowledge into his life that surprised him, and this opened his heart to God. I didn’t feel it was the right timing to invite him to receive Christ, but he wants to come to our church, and apparently knows someone in our church!

On Saturday I decided to put my disappointment about Tuesday and Thursday behind me, and believe that I would see breakthrough. It turned out to be one of the best days of the year so far. I met a friend Tony. When I prayed for his head pains which were severe, he felt the power of God touch him, got drunk in the Spirit and the pain left him. He prayed for me too, and I felt that it was going to be a great afternoon. I was able to pray for a number of people with arthritis who tangibly felt God’s presence, and testified to being healed. I prayed for a lady with partial deafness who testifed to feeling heat in her ears, and improved hearing! Also, I met a teenage young man with a painful right foot. I prayed for him, he felt heat on his foot, God’s healing presence, and the pain left him totally! He and his friend gave their lives to Jesus Christ! I had a word of knowledge for one person which opened their heart to God too. It was amazing the transformation from Thursday. It felt like I was ministering under an open Heaven this time. The lesson has to be this: never give up, and stand in faith believing that God’s Word is the truth! As the saying goes, quitters never win, and winners never quit. If we pray for a few people, or many, and don’t see them healed should we give up and think that God doesn’t want to use us? Absolutely not, but sometimes we need to go back to the secret place of prayer, and use each disappointment as an opportunity for our faith to grow. See this video as one lady shares her miracle breakthrough after God touched her in town. I prayed for a mouth complaint, but unbeknown to me, God was also setting her free from another condition too:

I want to talk soon about how God uses angels in healing miracles, how they can help us, and their role in gathering the end time harvest of souls.

Lady gets healed of 10 year condition then receives Jesus Christ!

October 8, 2008

1) Report 2) Video of miracle testimony

1) I was able to talk and pray with various people today in town. The warm autumn weather helped, but really it was God that opened all the doors today. One man, an ex-Christian who had got involved with the HariKrishna movement had been having problems with his legs. I asked him if he wanted prayer and he was happy to receive prayer. While he claimed that it doesn’t matter what the source is all you need is faith, I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, and he experienced improvement, testifying of experiencing God’s power. Let’s pray this man comes back to Christ. A young woman and her mother had been watching the healing. I had felt led to go and ask them if they wanted prayer before but God’s timing is all important, and we need to be sensitive to The Holy Spirit. In fact I approached them and called out arthritis which the older of the two women, Tracey confirmed. What was good is that because they had seen the other healing take place, it released faith for them and myself. As I prayed for Tracey God gave me a prophetic word to share which she confirmed which was able to release her to receive healing from God. She felt the heat of his presence, then numbness, the pain left, and she was able to straighten her back pain-free after having been in acute pain for years! Not only that, but the demonstration of God’s love and power convicted them to give their lives to Jesus Christ. See this video as Tracey straightens her back without pain and testifies to what she experienced God do:

I want to encourage you that if you have prayed for people but not seen a healing or a miracle yet, don’t give up! God rewards persistence ( read the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18 verses 1-8 ) We as the body of Christ have been anointed to set captives free ( Isaiah 61 ) , and we should never forget that The Lord is greater than every power of darkness, sin, sickness, and even our own doubt and unbelief! He dwells in us – see 1 John 4 : 4 and Romans 8 verse 11. Remember how much He loves you, then give His love away to someone.

Healing miracles revealing the love of Jesus again

October 3, 2008

2nd October
Yesterday I went out with our group again and many people had divine appointments and good fruit out of them. Nothing much seemed to be happening for me until near the end, and I had to keep in focus the very thing that I said to the group which is that it’s not about “results” but being faithful to what God has called us to do. I really don’t want to get into performance mode doing this. We all need a deeper revelation of The Father’s love, and I highly recommend the book I’m currently reading “Spiritual slavery to spiritual sonship” by Jack Frost (Destiny Image). Ministry should naturally be the overflow of our intimacy with God, and whatever happens in ministry is what God does through us and we must never lose focus of that. It really doesn’t matter what people think. The praise of men or vitriolic criticism don’t change what God thinks about us. His love is beyond what any of us can grasp, and in that place of security we can have peace and assurance always. When Jesus was around, His miracles would offend some people, and the same is true today. Paradoxically many Christians are the most vocal in their attack on the healing ministry. Keep in mind first and foremost that God wants us to learn to love. As we minister to Him through worship, and let Him minister to our hearts first, so we will be much more effective in loving people, and ultimately winning the lost to Christ. God challenged me that if I didn’t have any meaningful contacts with people but everyone else in the group did to rejoice about that and not be phased by it in any way!

Towards the end The Lord led me to meet a lady who had been suffering with arthritis in her wrists, and I discovered that her son had been a drug addict of 15 years. Please pray that this young man, Mark finds Jesus and is set free from the addiction. As I listened to her story, God filled my heart with compassion. I could then focus away from myself and just have one desire, to see her have an encounter with God’s love. As I prayed for her she felt His sweet presence, and He healed her wrists. Touched by His love, she was open to give her life to Jesus which she did subsequently, and I handed her a booklet, and warmly invited her to attend our church. If I’m being really honest, there had been a moment earlier in the outreach where I had thought, “I’m co-leading this group Lord, I need to see something happen personally!” The Lord gently reminded me to get a sense of perspective about ministry. Be encouraged that if you have started to reach out to people with Christ’s love and power the very fact that you are doing it counts for a lot, and remember that He is responsible for the outcome of our prayers for the sick and infirm. Yes we should have faith but even that is a gift that we can’t claim any credit for, and it is down to His faithfulness in the end.

3rd October I had to go into town to do various things anyway today, but decided to combine the trip with some outreach, especially as it was a wonderful crisp sunny Autumn day. In the morning I had gone to my daughters’ harvest festival celebrations, the first one being at the Church of England church at the top of the hill close to our house. At a time of great economic upheaval in the world, we should be thankful that we have so much more than most people in the world, and that we can expect a harvest as we sow into God’s Kingdom regardless of the economic conditions because God is faithful to His own principles as outlined in His Word.
Again I found it difficult at first to find people who wanted prayer, so I decided that I would start shopping, and I focused again on my desire that God has put into my heart to experience a greater level of intimacy with Him, to hunger and thirst for His presence, and to treasure that more than any miracle I might have seen or might see in the future on the streets or in my future ministry. As soon as I reflected on that, I saw a middle aged woman with a walking stick waiting outside a shop. From the expression on her face she was clearly in pain. As God again filled me with His compassion I approached her and she told me she had arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a terminal lung condition, COPD. I believe that at that point the gift of faith came upon me, I prayed for her, and the love and power of God touched her. She felt tingling in her legs and warmth as the arthritis left her, she felt better from the fibromyalgia condition, and also testified that her breathing was significantly better (see July 15th entry with video testimony of one man’s healing). As well as her improvement in breathing, I was really encouraged too when she told me that pain in her collar bone which I hadn’t known about had just gone under the anointing! It’s great when you can pray for one thing, and The Holy Spirit also heals another thing too without the person having even requested it in prayer! She said that she had regularly spoken to God in her life, but had never accepted Jesus in a personal way. She prayed to give her life to Jesus Christ. Please pray for this lady as well, her name is Lynn.

I really want to see breakthroughs in terminal conditions. After a few weeks of having been away from it I did the healing room in our church yesterday afternoon and everyone that came to our particular group wanted prayer for terminal cancer. I then meet someone on the streets who also wanted prayer for a condition they told me was terminal. Jesus is greater than any sickness though, and one of my favorite verses is 2 Corinthians 3 : 17 ” Where The Spirit of The Lord is there is liberty.” When Heaven invades Earth, it all changes!

Last night I read about this history of Elim Pentecostal Church in England, and the ministry of the Jeffrey brothers. What’s especially interesting is how George Jeffrey didn’t just operate in signs, wonders, and miracles and a powerful preaching anointing that lead many to Jesus, but he had a heart to see effective follow-up to the conversions, and hence a good church for people to grow in their relationship to God. As we pray for those who need a miracle in their physical body, it is very important to ask people if they would be ready to face God if they were to die, and give them an opportunity to give their life to Jesus. It can also be very helpful to keep in contact with those we pray for if possible, and give them every opportunity to know about a good church that they can attend when newly saved.

Miracle breakout in Dudley town centre!

September 29, 2008

1) 27th September 2008 2) 29th September 2008 3) Video of miracle testimonies

1) I went into Dudley last Saturday and prayed for a woman with her arm in a sling. She felt heat and the pain left her. She prayed the prayer of salvation. She told me her husband is not a believer so my prayer was that this would be a powerful witness to him. She said about her healing that something real had happened, and it was “not all in the mind!”

2) Today I went into Dudley, and found it a bit difficult to start with in terms of finding people that wanted prayer, but after I called my wife Sasha to pray for me not to feel so discouraged, God blessed the last half an hour of my time there with some divine appointments for His miracle working power to touch people’s lives. To be honest this kind of ministry can be difficult at times, but with persistence it really is worth it when you see God intervene in people’s lives.

I spoke to a couple, both believers who needed prayer for various conditions. The man had diabetes. The woman was suffering from arthritis in both her legs. As I prayed not much seemed to be happening, but suddenly the power of God touched her, she felt it, and God healed her legs. Her left leg was the first to be healed, but after she had been shopping she came back to tell me that her right leg was much better as well. She could hardly believe it. I also prayed for a woman, another Christian believer who could barely see anything out of her left eye because of cataracts. I usually test where people are at before I pray so I can know the difference. I might ask people how bad the pain is out of 10, or get them to move an arm or a leg and see if there is any pain. In this lady’s case I asked her to cover her left eye and tell me what she could see and it was very poor. After prayer, I tested her vision and both her and her husband testified to significant improvement! Not only that, but the woman who had received improvement from arthritis came back with her husband to tell me of her miracle healing. A number of people were able to see these women share how Jesus had visited them with His love and power. See this video as both ladies testify to their healings:

I mentioned on the video about revival coming to the UK, but I believe it is also for wherever you reside too if you’re outside the UK. 2008 has seen a tangible transferable healing anointing become available for the church. It’s time for harvest!

Lady receives healing from arthritis in Dudley town centre

September 25, 2008

1) Report 2) See Video testimony of lady who received healing

Today I went out with other church members as part of our official lifegroup to minister to people in the marketplace. We only pray for those who genuinely want prayer, and most of all we only talk to people who have the time and the inclination to do so. What is striking is how hungry people are these days for spiritual matters. Most of us have a view about God and the afterlife, and a lot of people love sharing their beliefs. God is opening hearts to the reality of Jesus Christ. At our church we have just finished the Firestorm Gathering televised by God TV, and there is no doubt that that firestorm is going to go around the UK, and the world. Our senior pastor Trevor Baker said on the final evening of the Firestorm Gathering that we should press in for the rain of His presence for harvest as well as the refining fire. We need the refining fire so that we become increasingly pure vessels for The Lord to pour in more of Himself into. Secure in His love, and sanctified by His Spirit, we can believe that He will use us even more for His glory to touch individual lives, and nations can be changed.

It was a fruitful morning, even though there weren’t many of us available today, perhaps some were resting up after an amazing six days of The Firestorm Gathering! We got to share and pray with several people. We met a group of four young men training to be car mechanics as we walked into the town centre. I had a word about separation of the parents for one young man. He told us how at one time in his life he had encountered the supernatural where he had felt an evil presence which he called a poltergeist, but as Christians we know that to be demonic. I felt God telling me to ask him if he had ever felt the presence of God. He said he hadn’t. As we prayed for him, he told us he was feeling a warmth, and we told him that that was Jesus touching him. He had to leave very soon before we had a real chance to pray for him more, but we did get to share the gospel. My prayer is that this encounter with God will lead him to give his life to Christ.

We prayed for people with a number of serious conditions like diabetes. With that kind of condition you can only know if you have been healed when it is tested back at home, however we did get to pray for a lady with arthritis in her knees. She received healing, walked without the use of her walking stick, and ultimately prayed the prayer of salvation after we got to have a meaningful conversation with her where we told her about the simplicity of the gospel. See this video testimony of her sharing how she has been touched:

I have found that a lot of people believe they are going to Heaven based upon their good works. Many people are only to happy to get born again when they hear how easy it is to get saved! Why not ask someone today if they are ready for Heaven. For example, you might meet an elderly person who even goes to church and prays, but has never understood what it means to be born again. Jesus is building His Kingdom, and amazingly He wants to use regular people like you and me to manifest His love, His life, and His glory presence.

Dudley outpouring meetings continue, for more details about these and our live webcasts see my church website and come and get some in Dudley to take back to your locality, and nation!