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Man’s blind eyes receive vision in Dudley town centre!

June 28, 2008

Today God revealed who He is in an awesome way in Dudley town centre. A notable miracle happened today when a man totally blind ( legally blind in his left eye only able to make out a shadow of something very close up and totally blind in his right eye since 1988 ) received something of his eyesight back. He felt God’s fire touch him and testified to his left eye receiving improved vision. As I stood further away from him he was able to make out colours and shapes much better. His right eye still couldn’t see anything after the first time I prayed but after I prayed for him again, he could make out a shape close up through it for the first time since 1988! At what level he is healed now I cannot say, I didn’t get his contact details either, but what I can say is that God at the very least significantly improved his vision today as I tested his eyesight before and after I prayed, and he shared what God was doing in his own words! There was opposition as this miracle was unfolding from people who didn’t understand what was going on. The man was only too happy for me to pray for him after we had chatted briefly, but it is inevitable that anything like this will arouse scepticism. One man threatened physical violence. Persecution has often followed this kind of thing, but what God does makes it worthwhile:

Earlier I led two women to Christ, one after she felt God’s presence touch her through laying on of hands prayer for stress, and the other after testifying of receiving improvement in her ankles. She felt warmth as God touched her. Also a Christian believer, Ian received prayer from a long term condition where he struggles to hear low frequencies without pain and poor hearing. Jesus took the pain away as he listened to low frequencies, and he was able to distinguish them much better. He shares his testimony here:

Another lady received immediate healing from pain following an operation. See this footage:

Please pray that this lady will accept Christ. I also prayed for a lady in a motorized cart with spondilitis. She testified of improvement in pain levels, walked somewhat (she had been able to do this before a little bit though), and I also had a word of knowledge to encourage her that she confirmed. All the glory to God for an awesome day in town! Have you been to Revival Fires Church to get an impartation to move in signs, wonders, and miracles yet? Do you need a miracle healing? There are still regular evening meetings at 7.30pm until further notice, and they are free of charge. Come and get some in Dudley, England! Go to Revival Fires for more details including video testimonies of miracles within the meetings!