My first book “The Evidence For Jesus” out now

My new book “The Evidence For Jesus” is out now in paperback form. I present evidence that Jesus is who He claimed to be, the Son of God for the unbeliever and the seeker, but also to encourage you in your faith if you are a believer, and to give you a tool for soul winning.

I explore healing miracles as you might expect if you’ve been reading this blog regularly, but also many other subjects such as The Shroud of Turin, experiences of those who have visited Heaven and Hell and met Jesus including my wife Sasha Steel who faced clinical death while giving birth before coming back , the Resurrection, the gospels from a historical perspective, the confirmation that not just from the Bible Jesus existed as a significant historical figure, Old Testament prophecies, and the Bible Codes that are embedded in Isaiah 53 and elsewhere that prophecy Jesus. There is an invitation at the end to receive salvation.

This book is ideal not to just to read and be uplifted, but also to give away to someone afterwards. It does not just aim to be a book of fascinating information, but reveals our awesome Jesus and how much He loves and yearns for His lost sheep. This is the front and back cover:

For more information about the book, and if you would like to obtain a copy go to

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One Comment on “My first book “The Evidence For Jesus” out now”

  1. McTally Tarcheon Says:

    I was told by one of my pastor’s friend about miracle in the market places. On November 5, 2015 my family and I visited the church that evening. The pastor prayed for me and family and prophesied in our lives.

    After that anointing service, I came across the information about the book pastor Jim had written. I would like to obtain a copy and also I am planning to attend the conference in January 2016. Please let me hear from you to know the cost of the book and how delivery will be.
    God bless you.
    McTally Tarcheon

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