Young woman’s knee gets healed instantly, with video

I have been very busy with various projects so have not updated my blog for a while. I’ve been ministering inside the church, but still enjoy going outside the church. Jesus tells us in the gospels to feed the poor and heal the sick. Doing both together brings a fuller demonstration of who Jesus is to those outside the church. I’ve been heading up a food kitchen with my wife called The King’s Table, it’s part of our church where we feed the needy with meals. We also pray for the sick there. So far in two months amongst the patrons we’ve seen many healed, a few salvations, and some attending our main church meetings. We’re building meaningful relationships with those who have been going through hard times. We as the Church must be the very DNA of Heaven through His Spirit living in us and flowing through us. As we take risks, God comes and touches lives. It’s for all of us, for the many not just the few.

I went into Dudley today, and met a number of young men who I have got to know who struggle with various addictions, and one young man who is getting free who gave his life to Jesus last Sunday in our church. Let’s release The Kingdom, build relationships, share His love and put our trust in Him to do what only He can! This is a kairos moment for the body of Christ not just to have faith in God, but the faith of God, a gift imparted to us so we can believe for the impossible, and see Heaven manifest on Earth as our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is glorified.

I prayed for a young woman on the streets with a painful knee. She was limping. God touched her, she felt a tingling sensation as a result, and the pain went instantly. She was able to walk free of any limp. See this and be encouraged that God wants to use you to share His love to set people free:

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2 Comments on “Young woman’s knee gets healed instantly, with video”

  1. David Elsey Says:

    I am sat in a Tim Horton’s coffee shop in St. Mary’s, Ontario reading of your latest adventures on my Blackberry. I needed something uplifting to read from back home and I knew I’d find it here!

    Blessings to you all, see you next year…


    • Ian Says:

      Check also all the videos on youtube from great street healers like Todd White, Peter Cabrera, Tom Fischer, Bill Johnson, wowww u will be amazed by their vids also. i have been really really blessed by their level of authority in healing and also they teach u also how to do it, enjoy. also u can go to this website which teaches u freely on how to heal people in the name of Jesus. I bet u have heard about this kind of revelation in teaching.

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