HIV now undetected after encounter with Jesus on the streets!

It’s been a while since my last entry. I’ve been focusing on building relationships with those I have already prayed for on the streets but have still had time to pray for people and see The Lord break in to their lives. About a month ago I prayed for a man who had some pain but also told me he was HIV positive and needed prayer for that. I had to remember that regardless of the scale of the problem, no mountain is too big for God. We mustn’t focus so much on the level of anointing we operate in, we must focus on The Anointed One who breaks yokes, sets captives free and reigns as King Eternal, Jesus Christ!

As I prayed for him Holy Spirit touched him tangibly and pain left him. This built faith in both of us to agree that HIV must bow the knee to Jesus and leave him. As I prayed for the HIV to go, he told me that he felt electricity touch him, he was truly encountering the glory of God. I felt humbled as The Lord broke in by the shopping mall. We believed that God had done something in his body. He told me when he was getting retested to check for HIV in the blood and I took his number. I wanted to know how the test went. A few weeks past, and I spoke to him on the phone. He told me that the result of the test was that the doctors could not detect HIV in his blood! Understandably they aired on the side of caution and told him to keep taking his medicine which I agree is sensible, but it would appear that The Lord has done something. What impressed me was that this man believed The Lord had healed him that day. It’s easy to pray for people who have faith. He did tell me that there had been encouraging signs before I had prayed for him, and as a Christian he has had other people pray for him too. On that basis it can’t be ruled out that he could have been partially or fully healed even before I prayed for him, and even if he was healed or the healing was completed when I prayed for him, I might well have been reaping where other people had sown by praying in tears. The point is that JESUS healed him, but what is encouraging is that The Lord can use you and me in conjunction with others to fulfil His glorious plan in people’s lives in setting them free.

Jesus tells us in Mark 11 22-24 ” Have faith in God. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”

This is a challenge to me to take to heart. Just recently my daughter’s 4th finger on her left hand suffered a severe laceration as it was trapped in a door at school after another child slammed the door shut accidently. The worst case scenario was not good, however my wonderful church started praying, and God, through all the prayers and the medical profession did something amazing in restoring her finger with sensation coming back despite a gloomy prognosis.

As I write there is a glorious outpouring of God’s Spirit at The International House of Prayer in Kansas City. God is pouring out His new wine. Let’s pray it goes around the world.

Whatever you’re going through, whatever dreams seem like they’re dead in the ground in your life, I want you to know that you can trust God. You can trust in His unfailing love for you. What you’re going through may be tough, you may be asking questions, but hold on to God, He will see you through to Your promised land. Have you given your life to Jesus? You can ask Him in right now to be your Lord and Saviour, repent of your sins, and thank Him for all He’s done for you.

UPDATE 29/11/09 You can see Victor’s testimony in the next article on video as The Lord touches him again, this time it’s his left leg being prayed for and on video you can see what happens!

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23 Comments on “HIV now undetected after encounter with Jesus on the streets!”

  1. Acidri Says:

    Thanks for this article. Feel free to read about evangelism on my blog and please leave a comment

  2. Mark Says:

    What a wonderful testimony! Yes, all diseases, sickness, sorrow, etc Christ bore on the cross. He so desires (even much more than ourselves) to heal, restore and deliver! I believe God has healed me of HIV and much like the man in this testimony, I too will be checking in January for the evidence (I’m not taking medication at this time). Brother, stand with me, please in this hour…soon, I believe God is about to make a powerful and mighty break through with this healing for my church and the Pacific Northwest, which so desperately needs to see a move of God!

  3. pachalo Says:

    l need that kind of a touch am hiv positive and am in need of Gods touch and healing am tired of taking the drugs and suffuring from all the side effects of the drugs

  4. rajesh Says:

    Jesus healed me too by his stipes.
    By His stripes I am healed!!

  5. Victoria Says:

    Jesus is the same yesterday,today and forever,no sickness or disease is too big for our his stripes i am healed

  6. Joyce Says:

    I was so encouraged by the prayer of a man made well from HIV. I know Jesus is able to heal. Am trusting Him for healing.

  7. Patrick Says:

    I am trusting God for my healing. I will be taking an HIV test in 2 weeks and I know that He has healed me already. Amen

    • Joel Luther Says:

      I prayed for you Patrick. Please pray for me. I’m Joel from Southern California, and I’ve been HIV positive for three years now. The HIV virus is undetectable in my immune system now thanks be to God. Please pray to God for me Patrick for a full body heal. Please give me a call, I would love to share my testimony with you Patrick. My cellphone number is (760) 953-2825

  8. akinyi Says:

    I trust that the Lord is a healer…He is healing me..

  9. akinyi Says:

    Pray with me Pastor…I need to be free from hiv

  10. me waiting for my results 2moro hoping things wil be different. Says:

    i bilieve anly God has the cure for hiv n if we have faith and we believe everything is possible.

  11. julie Says:

    am very strengthed by the miraculous healing of the man on the street-am 25-born with hiv -it has been such a hard transition-i have more or less lost my boyfriend -we were to be married this year-please agree with me in prayer and faith that my health and relationship will be restored in Jesus name

  12. THABANG Says:

    who are the doctors to tell us we are sick?While god is there for us i trully believe that god heals every deases what is impossible is simply possible throuth god oa all mighty

  13. Blesson Says:

    bible says.. all doctors are foolish….

  14. Susan akinyi Says:

    Pliz pray for also hiv positive

  15. Tina brown Says:

    It was after suffering for 3 years of mighty pain and discouragement in life. Doctors said that I was suffering from HIV/AIDS sickness in the body. I was admitted to hospital for the period of 2 mouths and even when you see on the picture my hands were very weak. Pastor Daniel got me when I was from the hospital the same week. My wife and I were tested and proved that my wife was free from the H.I.V. but me and my little Boy were possessed by the HIV virus in our blood. It was tears and sorrow for knowing that our life is short and we will die soon.
    We have done all we can but my body was coming down weak always and I had in my heart cry for having to leave behind my only boy and wife but as well my boy will not stay long. We were free treated by one of The NGOS and and we were given drugs and food but for short period and there was no hope of healing so a friend of mine came to see me and told me of a man call dr.saba how help me to cure my HIV sickness just in 3day i contacted him in his email address:

  16. Maggie Says:

    From Kenya- Very inspiring testimony lm really encouraged. I was hiv+ but lm soon going 4 a test to confirm my healing. Glory and honour belong 2 Jesus. Pastor pray for my good report- by the stripes of Jesus lm healed AMEN

  17. Men Mao Says:

    I am going to do a blood test for screening HIV. I strongly hoped that God healed me and moved away the deadly diseases from my life. Amen!

  18. Maria Albert Says:

    I was reading the news this morning and I came across a story that indicated no one in the history of the world has ever been cured of HIV/AIDS. The ABC news story highlighted a man who had a bone marrow transplant which left no traces of the disease in his body, and therefore he was the first in the world to have been healed of the disease. Yet I have heard many testimonies of people being healed of this disease by the power of God, so I finally decided to finally post one of the stories. God is a healer, and it does not matter what the disease is, HE is able. Every name must bow to the name of Jesus. Don’t be fooled by the media which will tell you that ‘some’ diseases are not now at ;

  19. Theo Lukas Says:

    Hi 2 jesus, i have seen the testimonies and i believe am also going to healed in Jesus name. infact i feel that am already healed because i have confidence and faith in God. I tested hiv positive in october 2014. since then i have never accepted that jesus wl let me lose all the good like getting married, having children and growing in church. i still look healthy and my immune system is aweseme i was not put in medication. i asked that i will want to take arvs. and am asking him to forgive me and i believe am healed. i will go for another test and it will come out negative. In God’s name, my boyfriend still loves me very much and he is negative. Heal me God. Thank you.

  20. Thelu Says:

    please pray for me to heal of hiv virus. i believe ts not going to be detected in jesus name. Amen.

  21. Thelu Says:

    hi 2jesus pray for me to heal of hiv virus in my body. i believe am going to be healed.

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