The marriage of mercy and miracle ministry

Acts 10 verse 38 “God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with The Holy Spirit and with power who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.”

It is certainly true that the body of Christ have not walked in their full inheritance in the last two thousand years ago in proclaiming and demonstrating the full gospel of Jesus Christ in Kingdom power, and yet God has used many to reach people with the love of Christ through doing good, through compassionate and merciful acts of kindness. Recently I heard a friend refer to an unnamed church in America that operates in prophetic and healing evangelism but feels led to leave other churches to feed the hungry, and provide material help for those suffering in poverty in the local community. In other words those other churches will be the “do gooders” but that church will distinguish themselves as being the ones that operate in the supernatural.
I had to ask myself, is that kind of separation biblical?

God has been speaking to me about convergence and fulness coming to the body of Christ where there isn’t an apparent excessive emphasis on one area of who The Lord is as in previous outpourings of The Spirit, and how He desires to minister through His body The Church. One example of healthy fulness is when prominence is given to The Word and The Spirit together. There can then be a move away from meetings becoming too information or experience driven, and the very “zoe” life of God can thereby infuse hearts and minds. Our experiences must never contravene The Word so we should be rooted and grounded so as to avoid opening ourselves up to deception, yet we mustn’t shy away from the new thing that The Lord wants to do in The Spirit because of sterile religious tradition, and a fear of the manifestation of His glory if it is “out of the box.”

When we are ministering to someone, The Word tells us about sacrificial giving and serving to meet a person’s needs, but The Spirit gives us specific strategies in how best to implement that. People need to know about the kindness and goodness of The Lord through our love for them (Romans 2 verse 4) , yet through a tangible encounter with His manifest presence they can get divine revelation to the reality of Jesus that can change them forever.

The Word and The Spirit together release mercy and miracle ministry to work harmoniously in tandem. About two years ago in the early days of going out on the streets wanting to share the gospel through prophetic and healing evangelism, The Lord spoke to me of the importance of compassion. Matthew 14 verse 14 says that “Jesus went out and He saw a great multitude, and He was moved with compassion for them, and healed their sick.” We need to find out what people need. James 2 verse 19 tells us to be “swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.” We need to listen to God as we listen to people with compassion rather than preach at them. Some people might be hungry and need a meal, or a cup of coffee and someone to talk to, or a physical healing. We can get information by asking people what they need, but also The Holy Spirit can give us words of knowledge to reveal Jesus to them. I truly believe that mercy ministry can be the breeding ground for the miraculous. You only have to look at people like Roland and Heidi Baker in Mozambique adopting many orphans, yet seeing The Lord work through them in great acts of Kingdom power such as the blind getting their sight and even the dead raised. Moreover, testimonies of miraculous multiplication of food confirm how The Lord desires to do today what He did in His life on Earth, and even greater (John 14 verse 12) through His church.

There is a danger of compartmentalizing mercy and miracle ministry as being wholly separate. In Jesus’ parable of The Good Samaritan in Luke 10 we read that the Samaritan expressed his compassion for the man who had been attacked, left for dead on the side of the road, practically. In verse 34 it states that “He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine, and he set him on his animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him.” It goes on to say that he gave the man money. Clearly this parable talks about mercy ministry, and yet I believe the reference to the oil and wine ministered to the man goes deeper than natural medicine but can be seen as referring to the healing anointing that Jesus operated in that is available to all born again believers. Mark 6:13 says that the disciples “anointed many sick people with oil and healed them”. The Greek word for anoint is aleipho which literally means to rub, to cover over. He is covering over and filling His body the church with all His attributes, His very DNA for this hour in history so He will be glorified as His Kingdom comes on Earth as it is in Heaven. (see Ephesians 1 22-23 and Ephesians 3 17-19) I believe the day is coming where it will be just as natural for The Church to pray for the sick and see signs wonders and miracles as it is to do good to people through providing for their material needs and befriending them. We need to press in to function in the fullest expression of God’s love that we can. I believe we will see The Lord ignite churches with a fresh passion for souls and compassion for the poor birthed through intimacy with The bridegroom Jesus Christ where mercy ministry and prophetic and healing evangelism will flow together to see a mighty end time harvest of souls. Let’s not miss what The Father is doing, but embrace the exceptional privilege that has been granted to each one of us to be fruitful carriers of His love, His mercy, and His glory.

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6 Comments on “The marriage of mercy and miracle ministry”

  1. pastor wisdom mensah Says:

    Dear Brothers in Christ,
    lam pastor Wisdom Mensah. lam a senior pastor in the
    church of Jesus is the power Miracle Ministries. l
    love to have as fellow christian brothers in Christ.
    l know very well you are devoted christian therefore l
    will love your church to have inter-church
    relationship with us here in Ghana west Africa. l hope
    this friendly initiatives will not be despite since
    God is concern with Faithfulness. l wish you all the
    best in the name of our good Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
    l will be very glad if you could send me your church programmers , cassette and other necessary materials to
    reading your teaching. God bless you !!!.
    Yours brother in Christ,
    Pastor Wisdom Mensah kaosa Accra

  2. john babu rao ganta Says:

    Dear Beloved in Christ

    Greetings from True Vine Prayer Fellowship and my family. My name is Pastor John.B.R.Ganta, Andhra Pradesh, India. I am spreading
    the Lord’s Gospel in villages and towns of AP to the people who do
    not know about Jesus gospel .
    At the outset I deeply thank for His blessing to gift one another.I am glad to insinuate to your good graces as a poor and humble servant of our Lord Jesus. It is good to hear your work. For the least of these we are doing and we are approaching to you for your guidance, encouragement, and furtherance of support for our ministry for which our Lord Jesus will bless you richly in this world and the world to come. I would like to briefly describe our ministry and about our orphan children.

    India is bounded by 330 million pagan Gods in India. There are more than 780000 villages in India where people still do not know Jesus. Our True Vine Prayer Felloship Team goes to such villages and preach the gospel and stay up there and plant a new church and appoint a new Pastor over there for new work and continue the process in the next unreached village. We go up as a team with rented vehicle, portable soundsystem, generator and rented projectors to the village. God had been faithful to provide us the resources whenever needed. Our vision is to plant 100 churches in villages and the harvest is plenty and we request you to please pray and encourage and even visit as a team for a missions trip to India. It will be a blessing to India as you will be the seed for new souls into His Kingdom.

    God is giving opportunities to conduct Crusades for the new people who never heard the gospel to win their souls for the Lord’s kingdom. If you are interested in making Crusades and Pastors Conferences you can ask us for more details.

    Here people are very poor and do not have sufficient food, necessary cloth and shelter and proper medical facilities, the children do not have proper nutrition and health .
    Please also refer the verses James 1:27, Matt 25:31-46

    Brother I am helping to some orphan children and widows with local funds. Please pray for us; so that our lord provides us our needs please wipe the tears of these poor orphans and the widows. We will pray for you and all your family members and friends and for all your ministry . Please send us your gospel materials which will be usefull to us in the gospel outreach. We are praying for you and your ministry.I look forward to hear from you. Please pray for our ministry activities and ministry needs.

    Our Ministry Activities

    1. Church Planting

    2. Feeding Orphan Children

    3. Evangelism

    4. Leadership Seminars

    5. Help to needy people

    6. Crusades

    7. True Vine Spiritual Magazine

    8. True Vine Prayer Tower

    Our Needs:

    1. We have to build church buildings in various places.

    2. Help for Orphan Children and widows

    3. Bible training School

    4. Medical camps

    5. Financial support for 50 pastors those who are working in remote areas.

    In Christ Love
    Pastor. John.B.R.Ganta,True Vine Prayer Fellowship
    Gandhi Nagar 1, Narsapur-534275,W.G.Dt, A.P, S.India

  3. john.N Says:

    dear brother in Christ
    i am poor pastor in india. i request you please pray for me and my family. and give me your kind helping hands.
    thanking you

  4. Rev.Isacc dhas
    Mahanaim bible school
    Thomas cottage
    Poonchery post
    Phone 00919965450250

    Beloved brothers and sister in christ.Greeings to you all in the sweet name of our lord jesus christ.We are very glad to meet you through this e-mailand introduce about MAHANAIM THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY IN IDIA.People from various part of the world are commig to india to hear the ancient of theology .Indian philosophy and theology.such people from abroad are mistead from christ for enternity through christless communities therefore we planned to offer study on India christian theology and philosophe specificelly for the people from abroad.this year we are looking for more students the coursewould be start augst please write to us for application form.Best boarding and lodging would be provided for the student.Please intrduce about our bible collage to your church members and friends .We are hardly praying for Good teacher and missionarys and supporters and partners from abroad for our bible school in india.We are looking some supporters for building .Any pastors or church leaders would love to visite us and partners with us please kindly send mail to us please.We are looking up your prayer and kind visite to India.We will arrange special meetings and crusades and conferences.You are most welcome in christ.We are praying for your ministry and famil.May god bless you.
    During our annual convention meetings I was staying in a lodge in Rapelli,Guntur District AP. From the balcony I just peeped down the street, here I saw two little girls dirty and barely clothed searching for food in the gutter waters of the lodge. This water was an open drainage for the entire street. Such was their hunger and desperate need; these girls were searching for something to eat in black gutter waters. To my anguish I saw one of the girls find a gooseberry from those dirty gutters. She just wiped it in her clothing and started to eat. Latter these children moved to a near by open trash can where there were some pigs searching for food. These girls also joined along with them searching something to eat. My heart was broken and burdened for these children. I enquired about them from the lodge manager and found out that they belong to a particular community called Yanadhi community. Immediately I sent my assistant to get more details of this community. I also personally went to the hamlets where they lived.

    In twenty First century in modern era where India is marching towards great economical freedom this community people have never been to school. They live on the river banks and canals of Andhra. They hunt rats and fish for survival. The male folk plant coconut trees for rich landlords. They live in a very unhealthy and unhygienic situation. Pigs and people live together. And they are treated as untouchables in the community. Most of the children had sores and unhealed wounds in their body. Immediately we went village after village talking to the village heads to send their children to school. Some of the village heads refused to send them to school saying if their children went to school instead of catching rats it will be a curse on the community. We started a home with a passion for these children and to see their lives transformed, now there are more than 25 children in this home under the care OF US.

    For the first time this children sleep on mats, have pillows, use tooth brushed, wear slippers, watch television, drink safe water, wear good clothes, go to school in dignity and above all get to know there is a loving Savoir behind.Please pray for this kids and our good work for the lord.Brothers and sisters Please tell to your friends and family about this home.We are looking up your prayer and kind visite with mercy help in christ.May the blessings of the lord be with you all allways Aman Aman Aman
    Yours brotherly
    in christ
    Rev.Isacc dhas
    How best you can help this ministry?
    10 ways out of many ways…
    1. Organize a fundraising walk, run, bike or cycle rally for orphan children.

    2. Form a house group and start praying for us, Invite guests for an Indian night and share some Indian recipes and your cooking skills.

    3. Give a reference to other organizations, matching grants and charities

    4. Start a charity shop and register with your government for tax exempted donations

    5. Keep a small collection box for Indian orphan children on your business table. Write to us and we will send you printed literature to keep near your donation box.

    6. Invite us to come and share in your church/ house group/ school/ college/ office

    7. As a church Dedicate one Sunday offering, or a periodical monthly/ quarterly/ half yearly donation to the our ministry work in india

    8. Donate a feast for all the children on your dear loved ones birthday/wedding anniversary. All our children will pray for their welfare, Our ministry will call on that day and wish them and tell him/her that you gave a feast for 100 poor children on that special day. See the tears of joy rolling down her/his cheeks for sure

    9. Auction talents in the church such as beauticians, electricians, plumbers, handy man, moving, car wash, and baby sitting etc Dedicate your Garage Sale.

    10. Leave a legacy for generations
    Please send your loving offering or donation bellow bank account please
    Name Isacc manuvel dass
    Bank name ICICI BANK
    Bank account
    number 615201512296
    Bank address ICICI BANK LIMITED

  5. elisha shaik Says:

    dear brother in Christ, Iam serving the lord, in remote area of andhra pradesh. I need economical support to run my church. Please pray for my ministry.Iam a muslim convert christian and facing so many problems from my comunity. please pray for me and my people to be saved.Your brother in christ Elisha.

  6. Sahir Anum Says:

    Peace to you,
    We are pleased to introduce “Biblical Educational Ministry of Pakistan” who is headed by Evangelist Dr. Razia Yaqoob. Her ministry is registered and approved by the government of Pakistan under Reg. # RJSC/Fsd/53 and a Church named S&Y Prayer House who are serving the Lord in the poor Muslim country Pakistan . We are not affiliated with any organization or Church, mean we are working on self-supporting basis.
    For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
    Its honor for our ministry that you join us for revival of Pakistan , and we hope our people will also be blessed from our fellowship.
    Bible Says:
    “And now I have heard the groanings of the people of Israel , in slavery now to the Egyptians, and I remember my promise.” (Exodus 6:5)
    Praise the Lord! that we are serving the same Lord of Israel and we believe that He will also save our people. Its very easy for you to minister, because this is not a new thing for you to ministering the people.
    Bible says:
    “Because people who are well don’t need a doctor! Its the sick people who do!” Was Jesus’ reply.” (Matthew 9:12)
    Moses & Jonah don’t want to go there, but our mighty Lord uses them to serve His kingdom.
    Our Boss (Lord) is same, but only difference is that you are serving Him there and we are serving Him in Pakistan . Where Christian being a poor community has to face lot of difficulties, majority of Christian men are addicted or jobless and their wives are compel to work in Muslims houses to earn something for their children due to un skillness they work as a housemaid. Unfortunately their pay is not sufficient to meet their needs but most of them become victim of Muslims sexuality some time they lost their life by denying to do so.
    As other third world countries mostly people are poor, so firstly they want to fulfill their daily needs and then they are ready to hear the word of God. In Pakistan 60% of the population is jobless. Many of the younger generation are unemployment due to a lack of skills and they easily become involved with bad people. They are compel to do so because they don’t have enough sources and facilities to get good skill or high tech for better job to make their future bright. This is militating on their future. Consequently they are adopting evil ways. That’s the reason our people produces and helps the terrorists.
    Revival Crusades and Seminars are one of the best and effective way to teach the people. We can easily teach Christians among Muslims in these types of meetings.
    Now who have burden to teach & preach in the depressed & needy people?
    If you are able to help our people in anyway please do not hesitate to sown a seed and do it for the work of God and join us for revival in Pakistan .
    If you are unable to come than how you can help us?
    ·Through Prayer Support.
    · Send your friends for Revival Crusades & Seminars
    · Through Financial & Moral support
    · Through religious materials or other things as you like.
    We can’t give you any reward for your help, we can only pray for you, but we believe that our Lord will give you reward from the doors of haven.
    God blesses you, empower you, strengthen you and encourage you with Holy Spirit so that you may help the needy people more effectively.
    Thanks and God bless you all,
    Sahir Anum
    National Coordinator

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