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Sasha Steel’s near death experience of Jesus Christ and Heaven

July 26, 2009

I want to share with you a short video where my wife Sasha shares her near death experience of where she literally met Jesus and went to Heaven. I pray this will encourage you and stir your faith. Because of medical complications, Sasha faced clinical death not once but twice while giving birth. The first time her heart stopped and her breathing stopped for a brief period, and the second time her breathing stopped at the very least. With signs of life all but gone, her spirit came out of her body and she literally met Jesus Christ, and went to Heaven before coming back. God spared her, and only after many years does she now believe that God has released her to share this truly awesome testimony publicly on the video you will see at the end of this post.
Sasha has been involved in one to one evangelism whether it be going out with me, praying at home, but she also places a strong emphasis on building relationships with non-believers. Heaven and Hell are real and Sasha has seen both. This is what is at stake when we share the gospel. There is nothing more important than where we will spend eternity. The only way we can get to Heaven is through accepting Jesus Christ as our Saviour and Lord, repenting of our sin and following Him for the rest of our lives. He died for our sins and made a way for the veil of separation between us and The Father to be torn in two, so great is His love. Because The Kingdom of Heaven is within us (Luke 17 verse 21) if we are born again knowing Jesus Christ, we are gateways to Heaven where people can literally encounter The Lord through us. Holy Spirit lives in us. That is why people can experience His love and compassion, and His miracle working power that will change them forever. If we can allow people that we are already in relationship with to experience The Lord in this way, all the better. If we don’t believe in miracles then we need to look at His Word again. We want to see Heaven heavily populated. I recognise that sadly not all will be saved, but my prayer is that as many as possible will be saved in line with what God’s Word says. The end goal of our lives must be to glorify God and enjoy intimacy with Him because that is why we were created. When Sasha was in Heaven she encountered its beauty which is beyond human description yet her eyes were focused on Jesus Christ for nothing in all creation is more beautiful than The Lord Himself. He is the end of our searching and the longing we have in our hearts and souls that can only be filled with Him, with His love and His very nature transforming us forever, defining us as our Father’s children. If you would like Sasha to share more about her experiences at your church email us here

See this video as Sasha shares what happened to her, and be blessed:

Read a slightly more detailed account here:

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