Video testimony of healing in the streets

Report on street evangelism with video testimony

I’ve had some good contact with people recently. In some cases I’ve been on my own, and also with friends. On Thursday last week (27/11/08) I prayed for one man who was struggling with his walking, and had a problem with his leg and ankle. Although he still had some pain in his leg, his ankle got healed, and he was able to walk away with significant improvement. He shares his testimony here:

The following day I went out with a friend, Richard. One woman we prayed for with her leg in plaster and crutches testified of feeling a heat all over, clearly the presence of The Holy Spirit on what was a cold day, and then she started to feel tingling in her damaged leg, and dramatic improvement.

We then went into a local cafe, and my friend had the audacity to ask if any of their staff needed healing prayer! Initially no one said they did, but after Richard had sat down, one young lady requested prayer for a stomach ache. Over the counter I prayed for her aware that there was nowhere for me to hide! She testified that the pain left her instantly, so I prayed for her friend another member of staff who testified of improvement in her sore throat. The manager was interested, and we got to have a meaningful conversation with him too.

I love praying for people who work in town because as God touches them, they are uniquely placed to testify to others. I believe we can see whole towns and cities turned upside down as God’s people take risks and pray for people demonstrating the reality of Jesus Christ. We must also remember that God’s delays are not his denials, and persistent faith will achieve much in The Kingdom.

COMING SOON: A review of the year, and the challenge for the body of Christ in 2009.

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One Comment on “Video testimony of healing in the streets”

  1. Ruth Reid Says:

    Thanks for commenting on our u tube contribution. We are thrilled to hear of the many miracles in Dudley that you have been publishing.

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