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How big is the universe? The awesome glory of God revealed.

October 22, 2008

This picture taken by NASA is of the Eagle Nebula. Can you see Jesus Christ in it? What about the core of this galaxy M51 1100 light years away taken by the hubble telescope and below that the cone nebula? These are actual photographs taken from outer space:

Psalm 19 verse 1: “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork.”

As we enter the last days before the return of Jesus Christ, God is speaking to us through signs, wonders, and miracles. He is revealing something of His majesty and glory to us, and the reality of who He truly is. Through modern technology we are able to glimpse further into the cosmos and make startling new discoveries, and see formations of indescribable awe and beauty. Sometimes we need to be reminded how amazing, awesome, uncontainable, indescribable, all powerful, supreme, sovereign, and truly wonderful beyond human imagination our God is!

Let’s consider the known universe. The distance from Earth to Pluto is approximately 4,000,000,000 miles. It takes about five hours for Pluto’s light to travel to Earth. Our nearest star Alpha Centauri is over 4 light years away! In other words, if we travelled in a hypothetical light rocket next year at midnight January 1st, we would reach Pluto by about 5am the same day. We wouldn’t get to our nearest star until April 19th over four years later! It is estimated that our own galaxy The Milky Way contains at least 200 billion stars! Our nearest galaxy the Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million light years away and estimated to contain about one trillion stars! We can even see the Andromeda galaxy with the naked eye on a clear night, a faint small blur to us here, but its sheer vastness can barely be put into words.

In fact there are countless galaxies out there, whole clusters of galaxies literally millions of light years across in diameter have been discovered. 1 Corinthians 15 verse 41 says: “There is one glory of the sun, another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for one star differs from another in glory.” We cannot begin to imagine the size of the known universe. In 1999 the Hubble Space Telescope estimated that there were 125 billion galaxies in the universe, but there could be many more than that. According to scientists, the visible universe is a sphere with a diameter of about 92 billion light-years! There are enough stars out there in the observable universe for each human being, all 6 billion and more of us to be assigned 2,000,000,000,000 (2 trillion) stars each! Let’s not forget too that what is observable or visible is limited currently, but with new improved technology I believe we will make new staggering discoveries!

To think that The Creator, The Supreme Being of The Universe wants to know us, loves us passionately, came into the world to die for us, gave His Word to us, and IS LOVE (1 John 4: 8). So what does this have to do with  healing miracles? The answer is Everything! Luke 1 verse 37 says “With God nothing will be impossible.” God wants to reside in you and me through His Spirit when we become born again through receiving Jesus Christ. When we do so, He deposits His glory in us, and we can have more! Do we deserve it? Of course not, but isn’t it wonderful that we can receive so much love, so much of HIM? The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead (Romans 8 verse 11) dwells in all born again believers. Is it asking too much then to believe that when we lay hands on the sick in obedience to His Word that they will recover? (Mark 16 verse 18). We have the privilege to give His love away to people who don’t know their Creator, the one who made the trillions of stars, and numerous galaxies.

Natural law is limited. His supernatural laws are not, because though He changes not, His power is unlimited. What is more, do we really know how much He loves us? The answer is more than we can imagine. Does He want to use us to pray for people so they can be miraculously healed? More than we want that ourselves. Is it because we are worthy to receive the anointing, or Jesus Christ is worthy to receive the glory and honour of His Kingdom advancing as precious souls are healed and saved? Surely the latter.

It’s not that we need to be seen, rather Jesus Christ needs to be seen, people need a revelation of Him to touch their hearts, and become children of the most wonderful loving Father in the entire universe, the very author of life itself. We should grasp something of the awesomeness of God so we can reverentially fear Him, while at the same time know that His love for us and others knows no bounds.

Do you need healing prayer? Email me here or call (07772) 746421 if in the UK  or outside of the UK : (international dialling code) + 44 1 7772 746421

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Heaven invades Dudley after Bill Johnson teaching impacts

October 18, 2008

1) Report on week’s evangelism, and how God broke through after initial discouragement.

2) Video of lady testifying of double miracle healing, and demonstrating new pain-free movement!

October 13th-18th 2008: This has been some week, and it’s difficult to know where to start! On Monday I went into Dudley to share Jesus, and bumped into the resident and care manager of a sheltered home that God had used me to lead to salvation after the resident had received healing on the streets (see entry May 30th 2008). They invited me to the home where I had a cup of tea with them. The manager introduced me to two ladies who wanted prayer for healing. I prayed for one of them, and she testified of receiving partial improvement from arthritis. I had a word of knowledge for the other lady about her neck, and God healed her. I then went back to the first lady who told me she had been suffering from partial deafness in her right ear, and was concerned about having to pay a lot of money for a hearing aid. As I prayed, she felt something tangibly happen in her ear, and God healed her! She got quite emotional, and to be honest I started to as well.

They invited me back the next day, and I was pleased to find out that the lady had retained her healing. I prayed for a few others, but with no immediate manifestation of healing from anyone. Never mind! On Wednesday I was able to lead an elderly man to the Lord after praying for his terminal illness. Praying for people with life threatening illnesses can be a route into sharing the gospel with them whether they get healed or not because the very act of praying for someone can help them know the compassion of Jesus.

The next day Thursday I went into town to witness and frankly it was discouraging with a number of people not open to receiving prayer, and those that did get prayer really didn’t feel God touch them, and their conditions didn’t immediately improve. I talked with my co-leader of our church evangelism group Joyce who told me about Bill Johnson’s teaching on enduring faith. When we don’t see results, how can we avoid getting discouraged? In his book “When Heaven invades Earth : a practical guide to a life of miracles” (Destiny Image) Bill Johnson says wisely that we can’t lower the standard of the Bible to our level of experience. We need to contend and persist for breakthrough, but from a place of resting in God, trusting in Him completely, and agreeing with every good promise in His Word, even if we don’t see the manifestation and fruit immediately.

The next day I spent much time in prayer, and resolved that what is most important is to develop a deeper relationship with The Lord that will help me withstand disappointments. Paul was used greatly in winning people to Christ through the demonstration of the miraculous, and went through many highs and lows, yet above all else he desired to know Christ intimately (Philippians 3 verses 9-10). That should always be our highest goal.

Later I went into town and met a young man who was similar to a picture I believe The Lord had given me. I spoke words of knowledge into his life that surprised him, and this opened his heart to God. I didn’t feel it was the right timing to invite him to receive Christ, but he wants to come to our church, and apparently knows someone in our church!

On Saturday I decided to put my disappointment about Tuesday and Thursday behind me, and believe that I would see breakthrough. It turned out to be one of the best days of the year so far. I met a friend Tony. When I prayed for his head pains which were severe, he felt the power of God touch him, got drunk in the Spirit and the pain left him. He prayed for me too, and I felt that it was going to be a great afternoon. I was able to pray for a number of people with arthritis who tangibly felt God’s presence, and testified to being healed. I prayed for a lady with partial deafness who testifed to feeling heat in her ears, and improved hearing! Also, I met a teenage young man with a painful right foot. I prayed for him, he felt heat on his foot, God’s healing presence, and the pain left him totally! He and his friend gave their lives to Jesus Christ! I had a word of knowledge for one person which opened their heart to God too. It was amazing the transformation from Thursday. It felt like I was ministering under an open Heaven this time. The lesson has to be this: never give up, and stand in faith believing that God’s Word is the truth! As the saying goes, quitters never win, and winners never quit. If we pray for a few people, or many, and don’t see them healed should we give up and think that God doesn’t want to use us? Absolutely not, but sometimes we need to go back to the secret place of prayer, and use each disappointment as an opportunity for our faith to grow. See this video as one lady shares her miracle breakthrough after God touched her in town. I prayed for a mouth complaint, but unbeknown to me, God was also setting her free from another condition too:

I want to talk soon about how God uses angels in healing miracles, how they can help us, and their role in gathering the end time harvest of souls.

Worship, intimacy, and the levitical inheritance

October 10, 2008

Today I want to look at the single most important key to seeing miracles, intimacy with God. James 4 verse 8 says “Draw near to me, and I will draw near to you.” What attracts God to us most? I believe it is praise and worship. I’m not just talking about the songs we sing on a Sunday, important as that is, but a whole lifestyle of worshipful consecration unto The Lord. 1 Peter 2 verse 9 says “but you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvellous light.” I want to talk first about how praise and worship can release the atmospheric realm of God’s glory where sickness and disease have to flee in His Holy presence, and then the whole area of consecration where we as part of the royal priesthood live for Him alone where like the levitical priests, HE alone is our inheritance.

Psalm 22 verse 3 says “But You are Holy, enthroned in the praises of Israel.” God inhabits the praises of His people. We are to worship Him “in Spirit and truth” (John 4: 23-24). We cannot do that without the precious presence of The Holy Spirit. As we honor Him, give Him the glory due to His name so we forget about ourselves, even who’s ministering in music or who wrote the song we’re singing but we just focus on the beauty majesty and glory of Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and The Father, we surrender our hearts and our whole being to God. As we love upon Him, there is wonderful divine exchange that comes where He comes and touches us. Andy Park, worship leader and songwriter once said that we don’t worship Him to drum up His presence, we worship Him for who He is, but God is attracted to our praise and worship. Benny Hinn has learnt this, and that is why worship is so important in his miracle service meetings, and why many people get healed during worship without anyone laying a finger on someone sick to pray for them. Likewise many people got healed in the atmosphere of worship in Lakeland Florida without the leader praying for someone. So too at Revival Fires Church Dudley, my home church many people have been healed in the atmospheric realm of His glory during the worship time and signs and wonders have happened too as gold dust and precious jewels have manifested. Worship releases angels into the atmosphere too, and God uses these angels as “ministering spirits” (Hebrews 1: 14) to bring His healing and deliverance to people. Recently my pastor Trevor Baker interviewed our worship leader Ryan Baker-Barnes about how important worship has been recently during the Dudley outpouring which is still going. See this:

I also want to highly recommend a new CD to you of live worship from the recent Firestorm Gathering which was broadcast internationally through God TV which features original songs by Sharon Baker and Ryan Baker-Barnes. You can get more details about this and information about upcoming outpouring meetings and conferences at

Before I go out to the streets to minister I like to spend some time in praise and worship, and even when I’m there in town I start quietly praising God as well as praying because I believe that this can and does release more of Him, and therefore more of Heaven into the atmosphere. Sometimes when the outreach has been tough going and I’ve starting thinking negatively, I will start praising Jesus and declaring His Lordship and His victory over darkness and disease. We must never forget that miracles point to Him, and they are for His glory alone. God wants us to love Him first and firemost, more than miracles, more than ministry, more than anything He must take first place in our lives. If we focus too much on what comes from His hand, and even the vessels He uses we will miss it in God.

Worship and intimacy go hand in hand because they are about close relationship. Good relationships take time. Like seeds sown into good soil, they need to be cultivated. As we spend time with The Lord we get to know Him, and His oil can come to saturate us. When we minister out of the overflow of being with Him, the wineskin of our characters become strengthened so we can contain more of His new wine, more of His glory to touch people’s lives. We become purer vessels for Him to work through us as He refines us and burns away the dross out of our lives. Deuteronomy 10 8-9 says “The LORD set apart the tribe of Levi to carry the ark of the covenant of the LORD, to stand before the LORD to minister and to pronounce blessings in his name, as they still do today. 9 That is why the Levites have no share or inheritance among their brothers; the LORD is their inheritance, as the LORD your God told them.” Just as The Levites were consecrated to The Lord, so He wants us to be consecrated to Him, but we obtain the fullness of our inheritance when we do! We have an even more wonderful inheritance than the Levites had though and that is Jesus Christ and His fullness in our lives. Jesus came from the tribe of Judah. Let’s look at Hebrews 7 verses 14-16 “For it is evident that our Lord arose from Judah, of which tribe Moses spoke nothing concerning priesthood.15 And it is yet far more evident if, in the likeness of Melchizedek, there arises another priest 16 who has come, not according to the law of a fleshly commandment, but according to the power of an endless life.” Is there a limit to the power that He wants to pour through us? No, but the key is intimacy and consecration. With intimacy comes trust, and trust releases faith to see The Lord break through into people’s lives. I do want to stress again though that we are all works in progress, we all fall short, I know I certainly do, but God can still use us to win the lost through His miraculous touch on people so we shouldn’t come up with excuses to not go after the great harvest of lost souls that need Jesus.

When God is our inheritance we can trust Him to meet all our needs (Philippians 4 verse 19). We have seen the global economy crash. We can’t put our trust in world systems. In fact world events point to Jesus coming soon. Those secure in God will have their needs met. Matthew 6 verse 33 says “Seek first The Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” I believe that we will soon see a wealth transfer to the body of Christ (Proverbs 13 verse 22). Tithing and giving into good soil are essential at this time therefore.

Summary: Our highest calling is to minister to Him. Ministering to people is good, but it should never compete with our ministry to Him which is worship, especially the lifestyle of worshipful consecration to Him through intimate relationship. When we put Him first we discover how much His heart beats for His lost children. With intimacy comes more of His presence in our lives. So we can expect to see an increase in signs, wonders, and miracles because The King of Kings is abiding in us, working through us, and for Him absolutely nothing is impossible!

Lady gets healed of 10 year condition then receives Jesus Christ!

October 8, 2008

1) Report 2) Video of miracle testimony

1) I was able to talk and pray with various people today in town. The warm autumn weather helped, but really it was God that opened all the doors today. One man, an ex-Christian who had got involved with the HariKrishna movement had been having problems with his legs. I asked him if he wanted prayer and he was happy to receive prayer. While he claimed that it doesn’t matter what the source is all you need is faith, I prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, and he experienced improvement, testifying of experiencing God’s power. Let’s pray this man comes back to Christ. A young woman and her mother had been watching the healing. I had felt led to go and ask them if they wanted prayer before but God’s timing is all important, and we need to be sensitive to The Holy Spirit. In fact I approached them and called out arthritis which the older of the two women, Tracey confirmed. What was good is that because they had seen the other healing take place, it released faith for them and myself. As I prayed for Tracey God gave me a prophetic word to share which she confirmed which was able to release her to receive healing from God. She felt the heat of his presence, then numbness, the pain left, and she was able to straighten her back pain-free after having been in acute pain for years! Not only that, but the demonstration of God’s love and power convicted them to give their lives to Jesus Christ. See this video as Tracey straightens her back without pain and testifies to what she experienced God do:

I want to encourage you that if you have prayed for people but not seen a healing or a miracle yet, don’t give up! God rewards persistence ( read the parable of the persistent widow in Luke 18 verses 1-8 ) We as the body of Christ have been anointed to set captives free ( Isaiah 61 ) , and we should never forget that The Lord is greater than every power of darkness, sin, sickness, and even our own doubt and unbelief! He dwells in us – see 1 John 4 : 4 and Romans 8 verse 11. Remember how much He loves you, then give His love away to someone.

Healing miracles revealing the love of Jesus again

October 3, 2008

2nd October
Yesterday I went out with our group again and many people had divine appointments and good fruit out of them. Nothing much seemed to be happening for me until near the end, and I had to keep in focus the very thing that I said to the group which is that it’s not about “results” but being faithful to what God has called us to do. I really don’t want to get into performance mode doing this. We all need a deeper revelation of The Father’s love, and I highly recommend the book I’m currently reading “Spiritual slavery to spiritual sonship” by Jack Frost (Destiny Image). Ministry should naturally be the overflow of our intimacy with God, and whatever happens in ministry is what God does through us and we must never lose focus of that. It really doesn’t matter what people think. The praise of men or vitriolic criticism don’t change what God thinks about us. His love is beyond what any of us can grasp, and in that place of security we can have peace and assurance always. When Jesus was around, His miracles would offend some people, and the same is true today. Paradoxically many Christians are the most vocal in their attack on the healing ministry. Keep in mind first and foremost that God wants us to learn to love. As we minister to Him through worship, and let Him minister to our hearts first, so we will be much more effective in loving people, and ultimately winning the lost to Christ. God challenged me that if I didn’t have any meaningful contacts with people but everyone else in the group did to rejoice about that and not be phased by it in any way!

Towards the end The Lord led me to meet a lady who had been suffering with arthritis in her wrists, and I discovered that her son had been a drug addict of 15 years. Please pray that this young man, Mark finds Jesus and is set free from the addiction. As I listened to her story, God filled my heart with compassion. I could then focus away from myself and just have one desire, to see her have an encounter with God’s love. As I prayed for her she felt His sweet presence, and He healed her wrists. Touched by His love, she was open to give her life to Jesus which she did subsequently, and I handed her a booklet, and warmly invited her to attend our church. If I’m being really honest, there had been a moment earlier in the outreach where I had thought, “I’m co-leading this group Lord, I need to see something happen personally!” The Lord gently reminded me to get a sense of perspective about ministry. Be encouraged that if you have started to reach out to people with Christ’s love and power the very fact that you are doing it counts for a lot, and remember that He is responsible for the outcome of our prayers for the sick and infirm. Yes we should have faith but even that is a gift that we can’t claim any credit for, and it is down to His faithfulness in the end.

3rd October I had to go into town to do various things anyway today, but decided to combine the trip with some outreach, especially as it was a wonderful crisp sunny Autumn day. In the morning I had gone to my daughters’ harvest festival celebrations, the first one being at the Church of England church at the top of the hill close to our house. At a time of great economic upheaval in the world, we should be thankful that we have so much more than most people in the world, and that we can expect a harvest as we sow into God’s Kingdom regardless of the economic conditions because God is faithful to His own principles as outlined in His Word.
Again I found it difficult at first to find people who wanted prayer, so I decided that I would start shopping, and I focused again on my desire that God has put into my heart to experience a greater level of intimacy with Him, to hunger and thirst for His presence, and to treasure that more than any miracle I might have seen or might see in the future on the streets or in my future ministry. As soon as I reflected on that, I saw a middle aged woman with a walking stick waiting outside a shop. From the expression on her face she was clearly in pain. As God again filled me with His compassion I approached her and she told me she had arthritis, fibromyalgia, and a terminal lung condition, COPD. I believe that at that point the gift of faith came upon me, I prayed for her, and the love and power of God touched her. She felt tingling in her legs and warmth as the arthritis left her, she felt better from the fibromyalgia condition, and also testified that her breathing was significantly better (see July 15th entry with video testimony of one man’s healing). As well as her improvement in breathing, I was really encouraged too when she told me that pain in her collar bone which I hadn’t known about had just gone under the anointing! It’s great when you can pray for one thing, and The Holy Spirit also heals another thing too without the person having even requested it in prayer! She said that she had regularly spoken to God in her life, but had never accepted Jesus in a personal way. She prayed to give her life to Jesus Christ. Please pray for this lady as well, her name is Lynn.

I really want to see breakthroughs in terminal conditions. After a few weeks of having been away from it I did the healing room in our church yesterday afternoon and everyone that came to our particular group wanted prayer for terminal cancer. I then meet someone on the streets who also wanted prayer for a condition they told me was terminal. Jesus is greater than any sickness though, and one of my favorite verses is 2 Corinthians 3 : 17 ” Where The Spirit of The Lord is there is liberty.” When Heaven invades Earth, it all changes!

Last night I read about this history of Elim Pentecostal Church in England, and the ministry of the Jeffrey brothers. What’s especially interesting is how George Jeffrey didn’t just operate in signs, wonders, and miracles and a powerful preaching anointing that lead many to Jesus, but he had a heart to see effective follow-up to the conversions, and hence a good church for people to grow in their relationship to God. As we pray for those who need a miracle in their physical body, it is very important to ask people if they would be ready to face God if they were to die, and give them an opportunity to give their life to Jesus. It can also be very helpful to keep in contact with those we pray for if possible, and give them every opportunity to know about a good church that they can attend when newly saved.