Miracle breakout in Dudley town centre!

1) 27th September 2008 2) 29th September 2008 3) Video of miracle testimonies

1) I went into Dudley last Saturday and prayed for a woman with her arm in a sling. She felt heat and the pain left her. She prayed the prayer of salvation. She told me her husband is not a believer so my prayer was that this would be a powerful witness to him. She said about her healing that something real had happened, and it was “not all in the mind!”

2) Today I went into Dudley, and found it a bit difficult to start with in terms of finding people that wanted prayer, but after I called my wife Sasha to pray for me not to feel so discouraged, God blessed the last half an hour of my time there with some divine appointments for His miracle working power to touch people’s lives. To be honest this kind of ministry can be difficult at times, but with persistence it really is worth it when you see God intervene in people’s lives.

I spoke to a couple, both believers who needed prayer for various conditions. The man had diabetes. The woman was suffering from arthritis in both her legs. As I prayed not much seemed to be happening, but suddenly the power of God touched her, she felt it, and God healed her legs. Her left leg was the first to be healed, but after she had been shopping she came back to tell me that her right leg was much better as well. She could hardly believe it. I also prayed for a woman, another Christian believer who could barely see anything out of her left eye because of cataracts. I usually test where people are at before I pray so I can know the difference. I might ask people how bad the pain is out of 10, or get them to move an arm or a leg and see if there is any pain. In this lady’s case I asked her to cover her left eye and tell me what she could see and it was very poor. After prayer, I tested her vision and both her and her husband testified to significant improvement! Not only that, but the woman who had received improvement from arthritis came back with her husband to tell me of her miracle healing. A number of people were able to see these women share how Jesus had visited them with His love and power. See this video as both ladies testify to their healings:

I mentioned on the video about revival coming to the UK, but I believe it is also for wherever you reside too if you’re outside the UK. 2008 has seen a tangible transferable healing anointing become available for the church. It’s time for harvest!

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