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Miracle breakout in Dudley town centre!

September 29, 2008

1) 27th September 2008 2) 29th September 2008 3) Video of miracle testimonies

1) I went into Dudley last Saturday and prayed for a woman with her arm in a sling. She felt heat and the pain left her. She prayed the prayer of salvation. She told me her husband is not a believer so my prayer was that this would be a powerful witness to him. She said about her healing that something real had happened, and it was “not all in the mind!”

2) Today I went into Dudley, and found it a bit difficult to start with in terms of finding people that wanted prayer, but after I called my wife Sasha to pray for me not to feel so discouraged, God blessed the last half an hour of my time there with some divine appointments for His miracle working power to touch people’s lives. To be honest this kind of ministry can be difficult at times, but with persistence it really is worth it when you see God intervene in people’s lives.

I spoke to a couple, both believers who needed prayer for various conditions. The man had diabetes. The woman was suffering from arthritis in both her legs. As I prayed not much seemed to be happening, but suddenly the power of God touched her, she felt it, and God healed her legs. Her left leg was the first to be healed, but after she had been shopping she came back to tell me that her right leg was much better as well. She could hardly believe it. I also prayed for a woman, another Christian believer who could barely see anything out of her left eye because of cataracts. I usually test where people are at before I pray so I can know the difference. I might ask people how bad the pain is out of 10, or get them to move an arm or a leg and see if there is any pain. In this lady’s case I asked her to cover her left eye and tell me what she could see and it was very poor. After prayer, I tested her vision and both her and her husband testified to significant improvement! Not only that, but the woman who had received improvement from arthritis came back with her husband to tell me of her miracle healing. A number of people were able to see these women share how Jesus had visited them with His love and power. See this video as both ladies testify to their healings:

I mentioned on the video about revival coming to the UK, but I believe it is also for wherever you reside too if you’re outside the UK. 2008 has seen a tangible transferable healing anointing become available for the church. It’s time for harvest!

The next great outpouring and revival : let it be you!

September 28, 2008

It is right that we go and drink from the well where God is pouring out His Spirit. Isaiah 55 verse 1 says “he that thirsts come to the waters.” We can get refreshed, touched by God, healed, sanctified, drawn closer to Him, and receive a fresh impartation to carry away. TACF Toronto Canada, Ignited Church Lakeland USA and Revival Fires Dudley England are all places where God is still pouring out His Spirit powerfully and I would highly recommend going to meetings there. What we have to avoid though is just going from conference to conference, church to church, one location to another, and wait for the “next big thing” that we can all get excited about, and even the next great high profile charismatic leader that we can all follow passively.

What if the next big thing to hit the church is the body of Christ rising up to take dominion over the kingdom of darkness, pursuing God passionately, and bringing God’s Kingdom and glory to the unsaved to see mass worldwide harvest. This might not get much media interest initially. It might not even involve much of the well known high profile names. It may not even be focused in one church, one city, one region or even one nation. Could it be that what God has poured out over the last fifteen years he wants the church to do something with now? Can we be so sure that we still have decades left before Jesus calls His church home with so many end time prophetic signs in place now (see Matthew 24)? Romans 8 verse 19 says “For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.” The well known evangelists and high profile churches cannot save the whole world on their own! Is moving in signs wonders and miracles limited to the likes of Todd Bentley and Benny Hinn? No, it is for us all. We can all experience personal revival as God consumes our hearts with His fire, we can all drink from His river, we can all pray for the sick and expect to see miracles, and we can all share the gospel. Moreover, Jesus commands us to do so in Matthew 10 verses 7-8.

This blog with its video footage of healings, miracles and testimonies is here to show you that you don’t have to be anybody special to adminster The Kingdom. I’m just a member of a church, I haven’t preached to crowds in crusades, I just go out and share my faith one to one because I love Jesus, and I love seeing people get set free by The Lord, and ultimately come into relationship with Him that will transform their lives so positively, and shape their eternal destiny. If I can do it, you can too. Each one of us has a different sphere of influence, but we can all make a difference. This blog is not really about me so much as its about The Lord Jesus Christ and what He wants to do in the coming days throughout the world through His body on the earth today, the church. He wants to use every one of us to be “a history maker” as the song says! We can be nation changers for Christ. That starts through personal transformation as we yield our hearts to God, and then allowing Him to use us as vessels to touch people’s lives. God’s looking for an end-time army of laid down lovers with a passion for Jesus and for the lost who will be overcomers, laying down their lives, their own ambitions and agendas for the cause of Christ.

In Matthew 9 verses 37-38 Jesus says “The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few; pray ye therefore The Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth labourers into His harvest.” Who are those labourers? You and I! If you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, if you are born again you already qualify to be used to bring people to Christ through a demonstration of The Spirit’s power. Of course there are keys to grow in the anointing which I touched in my article last week, but no one should disqualify themselves, God wants to use us all! Remember that as born again believers we carry the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead (Romans 8 verse 11), and Christ in us the hope of glory (Colossians 1 verse 27). As we lay down our lives at the feet of The Master and become fully immersed in Him, so like costly alabaster He can pour us out because His fragrance, His oil will impact people. In a very real sense we then become God’s outpouring to touch the world. Consequently we then carry the spirit of revival, His very glory to release revival wherever we go. Let’s look for divine appointments to share God’s love and power with people, and not doubt what He wants to do through each one of us!

Lady receives healing from arthritis in Dudley town centre

September 25, 2008

1) Report 2) See Video testimony of lady who received healing

Today I went out with other church members as part of our official lifegroup to minister to people in the marketplace. We only pray for those who genuinely want prayer, and most of all we only talk to people who have the time and the inclination to do so. What is striking is how hungry people are these days for spiritual matters. Most of us have a view about God and the afterlife, and a lot of people love sharing their beliefs. God is opening hearts to the reality of Jesus Christ. At our church we have just finished the Firestorm Gathering televised by God TV, and there is no doubt that that firestorm is going to go around the UK, and the world. Our senior pastor Trevor Baker said on the final evening of the Firestorm Gathering that we should press in for the rain of His presence for harvest as well as the refining fire. We need the refining fire so that we become increasingly pure vessels for The Lord to pour in more of Himself into. Secure in His love, and sanctified by His Spirit, we can believe that He will use us even more for His glory to touch individual lives, and nations can be changed.

It was a fruitful morning, even though there weren’t many of us available today, perhaps some were resting up after an amazing six days of The Firestorm Gathering! We got to share and pray with several people. We met a group of four young men training to be car mechanics as we walked into the town centre. I had a word about separation of the parents for one young man. He told us how at one time in his life he had encountered the supernatural where he had felt an evil presence which he called a poltergeist, but as Christians we know that to be demonic. I felt God telling me to ask him if he had ever felt the presence of God. He said he hadn’t. As we prayed for him, he told us he was feeling a warmth, and we told him that that was Jesus touching him. He had to leave very soon before we had a real chance to pray for him more, but we did get to share the gospel. My prayer is that this encounter with God will lead him to give his life to Christ.

We prayed for people with a number of serious conditions like diabetes. With that kind of condition you can only know if you have been healed when it is tested back at home, however we did get to pray for a lady with arthritis in her knees. She received healing, walked without the use of her walking stick, and ultimately prayed the prayer of salvation after we got to have a meaningful conversation with her where we told her about the simplicity of the gospel. See this video testimony of her sharing how she has been touched:

I have found that a lot of people believe they are going to Heaven based upon their good works. Many people are only to happy to get born again when they hear how easy it is to get saved! Why not ask someone today if they are ready for Heaven. For example, you might meet an elderly person who even goes to church and prays, but has never understood what it means to be born again. Jesus is building His Kingdom, and amazingly He wants to use regular people like you and me to manifest His love, His life, and His glory presence.

Dudley outpouring meetings continue, for more details about these and our live webcasts see my church website and come and get some in Dudley to take back to your locality, and nation!

Firestorm hits Revival Fires Dudley , God TV, and touches the nations

September 24, 2008

1) Street evangelism in Dudley September 18th 2008
2) The Firestorm Gathering Revival Fires Dudley September 18th-23rd 2008
3) Street evangelism in Dudley September 23rd 2008

1) September 18th: It’s been long overdue, but the sun came out, and just before the first session of the Firestorm Gathering I went into town to pray and share Jesus Christ with people. Prophetic and presence evangelism helped me to lead two young men through the prayer of salvation. In other words, God gave me information that I couldn’t have known in the natural, and as I laid my hands on them they felt the tangible presence of God. This softened their hearts to The Lord to receive Him into their lives. I also had the opportunity to tell people about the God TV broadcasts of The Dudley outpouring from our church. I saw a group of young people sitting on a bench in the middle of town, and asked them if any of them wanted prayer. Most of them were very sceptical about God. It was challenging because the young people were asking a lot of difficult questions. Through the prophetic I was able to get their attention. Also I told them that if they gave me the opportunity to pray for them, that at least some of them would tangibly feel God’s presence. Sometimes you have to take a risk, God will reward your step of faith!

Also, one young man had a problem with his hand. He challenged me about whether God is real. My concern was that he wasn’t open enough to receive prayer, and God wouldn’t do anything. How wrong I was! God is sovereign and he will break through when he wants to without anyone’s help or hindrance! His love and power touched the young man and healed his hand. I saw that one young woman was an artist and spoke that out. While I didn’t lead any of that group to Christ, I believe I sowed enough seeds for those hungry to pursue God more, and I hope and pray that they will go to our church or another good church in due time. One thing I will say is that I detected a shift in the atmosphere, and it wasn’t just because of the weather. I believe that in Dudley God is softening the spiritual ground, hearts are opening up, and I believe that we will see more miracles on the streets, including salvations, but more than that there will be significant church growth as the harvest of souls are gathered in. You can believe that for your town as well.

2) The Firestorm Gathering Revival Fires Church Dudley September 18th-23rd 2008

It might not be easy to summarize this tumultuous event, other than to say that The Lord is breathing on His church, the igniting and refining fires are cleansing the body of Christ, signs wonders and miracles are returning, and the rain is now going to fall for mass harvest.

The meetings opened with Kevin Prosch leading a time of powerful prophetic worship. Trevor Baker, senior leader of my church had a word about biopsies, and one viewer emailed in to say that that word of knowledge was for them, a lump just disappeared, and they got miraculously healed! People watched the meetings from many nations including countries in continental Africa, Europe, New Zealand, India, Japan, Kuwait, USA, and many more! On the second night during the worship a powerful drumbeat ushered in a time of warfare type worship, and I felt that something had broken in The Spirit. The glory fell, and there were some glorious miracle healings that night and the following night including freedom from eyesight defects, tinnitus, arthritis, leg pain, and a number of other serious conditions. Keith Miller spoke during these meetings about the fire for harvest, and it really felt like Lakeland had broken out all over again! Keith moved powerfully in the prophetic and in the gift of healing, and as well as inspiring many viewers and delegates, he imparted the fire that we all need to carry the gospel to the lost. It really was a blessing to have Kevin and Keith minister during the first half of the Firestorm Gathering.

Many people received healing during the Gathering. Here is just one of the many testimonies of healing miracles on video, an excerpt from one of the God TV broadcasts:

I also want to say that there were awesome times of worship lead by Sharon Baker, and Ryan Baker-Barnes that helped lead people into God’s glory presence. Both Sharon and Ryan are excellent songwriters, and I highly recommend their anointed worship songs for your church. You can get more details on youtube, The God TV broadcasts and the church website You can also purchase songbooks with these worship songs.

On Sunday morning Trevor stated that signs, wonders, and miracles are needed for great harvest in our nation of the UK. People are tired of sterile religion, and they want something real. He also emphasised the importance of character and integrity . In the evening it was Ken Gott’s turn to speak, and the emphasis was on the importance of prayer and no compromise. Ken’s church in Sunderland has a 24-7 prayer facility.

On Monday Mark Stibbe gave an excellent talk from Mark 1 9-15 drawing parallels between what Jesus experienced at the start of his earthly ministry, and the church has in the past 14 years. Verse 11 contains the words of The Father to Jesus as he has got baptised in the Jordan “You are My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Mark described this as the revelation in the river which he likened to 1994 when The Father’s blessing hit Toronto and moved around the world. In other words, before anything else, the church needed to know how much God loved them. We can only give away what we ourselves have first received. What is important to remember though is that moving away from performance mentality to having true identity as a child of God takes time, and I believe that all of us can go deeper in that wonderful revelation of sonship.

Secondly, Mark talked about Jesus’s temptation in the wilderness (verses 13-14). In the wilderness our character is defined. We can allow God to refine our hearts through trials. Mark spoke very candidly about this period of his life. This church phase he said was the “devil in the desert.” Finally, the third phase is “the glory in Galilee.” In verse 14 we read that Jesus started his ministry in Galilee, preaching the gospel, and declaring The Kingdom of God. Mark said that with the Lakeland revival having an emphasis on imparting the fire for power evangelism and souls and going around the world it was time for breakout now! If you read my article just before this one, you’ll be able to appreciate that I agree with Mark, we still need the revelation in the river and the refining of our character even as we reach out to the lost.

On the final morning, Ken Gott talked about the need for the whole of the body of Christ to be released into ministering the gospel to the unsaved. He referred to healing on the streets, and even special meetings at people’s houses where people can get healed and saved. One example of this was a brain tumour healed at an elderly couple’s house. If you read this blog and see the video testimonies of healings and miracles you will know that I have a passionate heart for healing on the streets as a very important tool in evangelism. I like the idea of an official council sanctioned regular healing on the streets event in town, taking the full gospel out there for the purpose of showing people how much Jesus loves them through the demonstration of The Spirit’s power. We also need God to use us to touch our unsaved family members and friends, workplace colleagues, and others in our sphere of influence.

The very last session saw intimate worship again lead into a time of miracle healings. Trevor talked about the importance of relationship and friendship to carry the anointing, and said that Lakeland had not finished properly, and the firestorm that has come to Dudley is for Europe and the world, and ultimately we need the rain now for harvest. Trevor referred to Joshua 3 verse 15 with The “Jordan overflowing all its banks during the whole time of harvest.” This scripture has been close to my heart for a long time now, and I believe it is prophetic for the future of my own life, my wife, and our children, but also the body of Christ. In Exodus 33 verse 15 Moses says “If Your presence does not go with us, do not bring us up from here.” As I go to the streets that is my cry: “Lord, without You, without Your presence I can achieve nothing so fill me with more of You!” In John 15 verse 5 Jesus says ” I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” His presence, His glory changes everything. Our own strength, our own resources are useless to change communities and nations for the glory of God. The good news is that God is pouring out His Spirit in these days, and I believe that we will see more miracles and mass harvest as a result!

3) On the final afternoon of the Firestorm Gathering, September 23rd, I went out into Dudley to minister to people. I approached one young man, and The Lord told me he was a musician who has struggled with a number of issues. I spoke into his life. It turned out that he had a problem with his legs as a result of a car accident a number of years ago. Not only that, but he has suffered with M.S. for a while now. Two french men who had been attending The Firestorm were there, and we all prayed for this young man. He felt the healing presence of God upon him, but most of all the tangible presence of the love of God. I invited him to have coffee in our church coffee shop. He had a few errands to do, but called me later, and we met just outside the church. A friend ran into him, and I spoke prophetic destiny into that young man too. The reality is that both of them have been struggling with addiction. I was able to pray for his friend, and as I did so he felt the manifest presence of God. This is such a key. Wouldn’t it be great if we carried so much of God that even just shaking the hand of an unbeliever caused them to experience God’s glory. It can get even better than that. The very shadow of Peter’s presence caused people to be healed. We can believe for those realms to open up for us in these end days if we really press into God!

The first young man and his friend came into the coffee shop and we had a drink there and I prayed for them again. I lead them both through the prayer of salvation. This was an encouragement, because my prayer has been that people won’t just get an encounter outside the church, but inside! Pray that these two young men would come back, their lives will be transformed, and they will both be free of their addictions.

What a time to press deeper into God, and share the gospel with people in all its fullness. I want to give three quick keys to move in miracles:

1) Intimacy with God in the secret place as we allow Him to touch our hearts.

2) Receiving impartation where God’s glory is, and being in relationship with someone who carries the anointing for miracles.

3) Stepping out in faith and praying for many people who are in need of healing. I believe that as we pray for the unsaved especially, God loves to back up His Word with a demonstration of His manifest power.

Revivals and Outpourings : Toronto , Pensecola , Lakeland , Dudley , what now? Firestorm for the UK , and the world!

September 19, 2008

1) Revivals and outpourings : what is to come? 2) See video of one recent miracle healing taking place in Dudley town centre.

1) There is a firestorm coming to the UK, and there is revival. Smith Wigglesworth prophecied in 1947 that when The Word and The Spirit operate together in the church there will be revival. This marriage between Word and Spirit is happening increasingly now. Jean Darnall prophecied in 1967 about fires burning in different parts of the UK. We have been seeing this already in 2008, but it is increasing, and I believe will continue to do so. Ultimately though, God will bring global revival. The prophecy attributed to Smith Wigglesworth concludes: “The outpouring of God’s Spirit will flow over from the United Kingdom to mainland Europe, and from there, will begin a missionary move to the ends of the earth.”

I believe that The Lord has impressed upon me that all that He has poured out at Toronto, Pensecola and Lakeland are for now, and not only that but there is new wine! It is too easy to compartmentalise what God does, and leave other moves of The Spirit behind as being “irrelevant to today” but let me throw something out for due consideration. Hosea 6 verse 3 says “He will come to us like the rain, like the latter rain and the former rain to the earth.” While it is right to pray for latter rain, we shouldn’t neglect the former rain as well. Of course God emphasises different aspects of who He is and what He wants to do in each move of His Spirit, but why do we neglect important things with each fresh wave? Was there a point that the church reached full maturity in the revelation of The Father’s love? Was there a moment that the church didn’t need any more refining fire to bring holiness and purity? I believe that we constantly need to draw on all aspects of the outpouring of God’s Spirit so we deepen our relationship with The Lord, receive refining so we walk with high integrity, while taking out the prophetic healing anointing fire and glory for souls because as every minute passes, sadly many still die without Jesus Christ but it doesn’t have to be like that. We simply need more of Him, and less of us! We need hearts surrendered wholly to Him and His sovereign purposes.

Romans 8 verse 19 says “For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God.” God is maturing the church so that what the world will see will be a body of believers filled with His His love, His righteousness, His purity, and His miracle working presence and power. It is no longer just about the big names, the high profile ministers, but God is calling ALL Christians to live set aside lives to His glory, filled with His love for people, and operate in the prophetic, and signs wonders and miracles! Just imagine an army of believers accessing the revelatory realms of Heaven, hearing God’s voice clearly, having angelic visitations and third Heaven experiences, and ministering under an open Heaven. In uncertain economic times we need to contend too for the wealth transfer to the body of Christ too. (Proverbs 13 verse 22).

I believe that this fulness will usher in the culmination of this dispensation, the end time revival that will not only bring a harvest of souls into The Kingdom, but an unspotted intimate bride ready to take her place at the marriage supper of The Lamb. This really is an exciting time to be alive as a believer if we choose run with what He has given us to use for His glory! You may have seen the recent broadcasts of The Firestorm gathering on God TV, part of The Dudley outpouring at my church Revival Fires, lead by Trevor and Sharon Baker. As God’s glory has touched meetings with many miracles of healing such as eyesight, tinnitus, arthritis and serious conditions through the power of God, I love the fact that this move of The Spirit has an emphasis on The Father’s love, intimate worship, the lordship of Jesus Christ, the presence and power of The Holy Spirit, the refiner’s fire for holiness, the glory of God, and the transferable healing anointing to share the gospel with the lost, the fulness of God that we all need.

2) I’ve just edited the video of one of the miracle healings that took place recently on the streets here in Dudley caught live from start to finish! If you haven’t seen the initial version, this shows how God can break in to our world with His love, compassion, and awesome power, and use regular people like you and me to accomplish his purposes. He wants to build a secure foundation in our hearts though, so we are not just clanging cymbals operating powerfully in the gifts of The Spirit but buckling when the vicissitudes of life come. I believe we can look confidently toward the future and believe that God will pour His greater glory presence upon us. Also, the body of Christ will rise up and take her place dispelling darkness, loving people, and demonstrating The Spirit’s power for evangelism. We will see a worldwide harvest of souls as The Lord convicts non-believers to give their lives fully to Jesus Christ. As they discover the reality of who He is this will happen, and He’s looking to you and me to make His name and His glory known!

This will be more than a sovereign visitation in churches, but entire towns, cities, regions and even nations will be transformed by the glory of God. Does that seem too good to be true? No, but worship and intercessory prayer will continue to be essential keys. We need to remember that we “wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6 : 12) In this move of The Spirit I believe that some people will get convicted of sin as they did in the Welsh revival when people flocked to churches without an invitation, but we ourselves must also take out the full gospel so that people see that Jesus Christ is real! We’ve been doing this recently in Dudley, giving many people an opportunity to encounter the living God, and His love for them. For example, we met one young woman who we had never met before who told us she was not a believer, and not from a Christian background. See this, and let’s get excited that nothing is impossible for God as you see this young woman healed of long term arthritis in Dudley town centre through the love and power of Jesus Christ:

Miracle healing in Dudley town centre: man removes bandage!

September 17, 2008

1) Report 2) Video Footage

Today I went out into Dudley town centre with a friend from my church Richard who happens to be a doctor. I’m a great believer in the medical profession, but while I have little doubt that Richard is an excellent doctor, I’m sure he will agree with me that no one surpasses The Great Physician, Jesus Christ.
I felt led to approach one young man as The Lord gave me a word of knowledge to share with him. As I did so God gave me more to share, and he was open to receive prayer. As we prayed for him, he tangibly felt The Lord’s manifest presence. I also had words of knowledge for his friend too. They both gave their lives to Jesus as his friend shared that he too felt God’s presence. Please pray that they would become radical disciples of Christ. While I have seen people touched and saved come to our church and get grounded in fellowship through this ministry, I would like to see many more, even though some may well have gone to churches closer to their locality that I don’t know about. God has often lead people to come to Dudley town centre to receive prayer who live miles away from Dudley! Divine appointments really can and do happen when we ask for them!

Richard was also moving in the prophetic as he shared a very detailed word of knowledge with one person and prayed for her sister.

Next I saw a young man with his left hand heavily bandaged talking to an older man I can assume was his father. I asked him if he wanted prayer for his hand. He told me he was in pain, and had broken his thumb. I took his injured hand and Richard and me prayed for him. He testified that his hand was hot as God’s power touched him. The pain left him as he received healing. Not only that, but he removed his bandage to confirm the miracle healing. See this:

It’s Jesus that brings freedom from bondage!

Dudley healing outpouring on the streets as firestorm looms!

September 13, 2008

1) Report 2) Video footage of Miracle healing testimony in Dudley town centre 3) Firestorm information

Today Saturday September 13th I went into Dudley and for once it was dry! I didn’t have much time to be witnessing to people so I asked The Lord to give me a swift divine appointment. Whereas before it might have taken 45 minutes before someone wanted prayer, I just saw a young man with crutches and felt led to approach him, and he was happy for me to pray for him. First of all I called out that he had been injured playing football. The prophetic truth that God gave me opened his heart to receive healing prayer. He felt heat on his leg as Jesus touched him. I asked him to walk without his crutches , and he could! He testified that there was no more pain, and significant improvement. He gave his life to Jesus. God showed me that he is into boxing as well, and the young man confirmed that as I called that out. His friend who held his crutches for him clearly saw that God is real, and he too gave his life to The Lord! I also asked him if he liked science fiction, and he told me he did. See this exciting video testimony of what happened, and let’s give all the glory to God:

At the time of writing, we are only days away from The Firestorm conference here at Revival Fires Dudley with Ken Gott, Mark Stibbe, Keith Miller and Kevin Prosch. Each night from September 18th-23rd 2008 will be televised by God TV. It has prophecied that revival will hit Dudley and the UK, and I believe this firestorm that God is bringing will do the following:

1) Ignite a fresh passion for Jesus Christ

2) Draw the church into pursuing holiness and righteousness more fervently

3) Equip the body of Christ with more of God’s miracle working power for evangelism

4) Accompany revival outside the church, and this will bring a harvest of souls into the church, and most of all to a saving faith in Jesus Christ!

Raised from the dead! Testimony from The Dudley Outpouring

September 7, 2008

In this post you can view an awesome video of a man sharing how God used him to raise someone from the dead!

Last night September 6th I attended the Dudley outpouring and God visited us in an awesome way again. One of the most remarkable events occured when one man who has regularly attended the outpouring shared something amazing that happened within the last two weeks. God used him to raise someone from the dead here in the UK! See this:

My pastor Trevor Baker also announced that the upcoming Firestorm conference here at Revival Fires Church Dudley with Kevin Prosch, Keith Miller, Mark Stibbe and Ken Gott scheduled for September 18th-23rd has interested GOD TV, and currently they are planning to televise it. On our church website he says “God TV have also asked to carry the FireStorm gathering by broadcasting it LIVE each day. This will have an impact beyond anything we have known for the Outpouring in the UK.” For more information about the conference see God is moving powerfully in the UK, and revival has been prophecied to hit our nation this year!

You may recall that in an earlier post I’d said that I would discuss my wife Sasha’s experiences of being raised from clinical death having visited Heaven and Hell a few years ago. Although you can expect more on this subject, there’s a link to visit that offers an initial summary of her experiences in her own words here

Atheist turns to Christ within minutes in prophetic evangelism

September 4, 2008

Last Sunday I had an unexpected phone call from a church member telling me that there was someone who had been attending the outpouring meetings here in Dudley who wanted to go out on the streets to share the gospel with us. I hadn’t planned to go out that day, but The Lord led me to go into town, even though the weather was atrocious, and there were not likely to be many people about! I met Neil, a pastor from Oxfordshire, and we started to talk to people at the bus shelter as it was pelting down with rain outside. After some meaningful contacts we found a young man, and immediately The Lord downloaded some words of knowledge for me to share with him which related to his interests and abilities, what he was currently doing, and something significant in his past. He told us he was an atheist. It was going to take more than a theological discussion to interest him in Christ. I shared the words of knowledge with him, and their accuracy surprised him. One of them was that The Lord had given me “sports” and it turned out he was involved with physical education. He was open for us to pray for him. As we did so, Neil prayed something about the Father’s love. This really touched his spirit, and he testified to tangibly experiencing God’s presence. He made a decision to give his life to Jesus Christ. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith in sharing prophetic words with people. You might be thinking what if I get it wrong? Well at least you took a risk. That isn’t to say that we should excessively fish for prophetic words or try to drum them up in our own strength because if we do, then they will not have been from God, and most likely inaccurate. Sometimes just telling someone that Jesus loves them is the greatest prophetic word anyone can give, but if we are open to The Spirit, then we will increasingly learn to hear the voice of God.

As we were walking to the shop having thought that we might have finished, a noticed a young woman with a crutch. I asked her if she wanted prayer. It turned out she was a Christian. As we prayed she felt heat on her leg, and noticeable improvement as I asked her to do something she couldn’t have done before without pain.

Lakeland and Dudley outpouring : meetings continue as God’s glory touches lives

September 4, 2008

Many people are asking about whether God is still moving in Lakeland, Dudley, and elsewhere around the world. The answer is unequivocally yes. While people are still hungry it is apparent that the ark of His presence will continue to touch people physically and spiritually. Incidences of gold and precious jewels turning up in meetings as signs and wonders are occuring to accompany the healing miracles and salvations. What is clear at the moment is that there is an emphasis on refining fire and holiness as the cloud of God’s glory increases. There are biblical examples of this. I want to recommend an article I found on the internet posted on August 17th by Donna Diorio posted at Francis Frangipane’s website entitled “Where Do We Go From Here? To Greater Measures of the Glory” at The article is both sobering and inspiring.

Live webcasts of the Lakeland and Dudley meetings continue with details of speakers and upcoming conferences available too at the respective websites of Revival Fires and Ignited Churches. Go to and for more details. It comes down to this, there are no limits to how much of God people can continue to experience and enjoy, but it is vital not to focus on the ministers with all their earthly and fleshly limitations, but on The Lord. It is Him alone that can truly transform us.