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Woman leaves wheelchair as Jesus touches her legs!

August 30, 2008

Today I was blessed to go into a nearby shopping mall with some friends for coffee, but God opened up opportunities for us to talk to people individually, and ultimately share the love and healing and saving power of Jesus. After chatting with a lady in a wheelchair, I mentioned arthritis, and she confirmed that that was the reason she had been in a wheelchair, and said she had been unable to walk for at least 12 months. She was happy to receive healing prayer. As I prayed for her she felt warmth on her legs. God was clearly touching her. I asked her as a step of faith to try walking out of her wheelchair. It has to be remembered that if someone has been confined to a wheelchair for a long time that even when they receive healing, the lack of muscle use can cause problems with walking. The lady testified to improvement in pain levels though, and then as she walked felt tangible improvement. She did say that she was not completely better, but after I prayed for her again, she said she felt better, and as you see this unfold in this video, you can see the joy on her face at the end as God has touched her. She was taking longer strides as well:

Also another friend Dan prayed for a man with partial deafness and there were indications that God had touched him too. With all the noise in the busy shopping area, it might be that he could fully know what The Lord had done as he went home.
Another in our group Emma felt led to share a word of knowledge with a waiter in a coffee bar we all went to later, and he confirmed the word was true, and she led him to Jesus Christ! I was encouraged to have been out with anointed Christians who love Jesus, and are passionate about seeing people’s lives radically transformed by The Lord!

God is moving in the UK! He is sending his healing fire and refining fire to the church to take out into the world. Special meetings are still continuing in churches in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, and people are getting saved as well as healed. The Lord spoke to me this week in a time of prayer about what has happened in the church mirroring what I believe will happen soon in our nation, genuine revival. I have been encouraged to see people healed and saved, but when true revival comes, people get more convicted about their sin so that they surrender their whole lives to Jesus, join a good church, and are less likely to backslide. Just as the healing outpourings have seen many Christians healed and God’s refining fire is now hitting the church (see Leviticus 6 verse 13), so we will see a healing revival where people not only receive miracles that touch their physical bodies, the evidence of the reality of Jesus and His love for them, but that they get truly convicted of their sin, and conversions are more durable. Yes, we can and we will have authentic revival with signs, wonders, and miracles and mass harvest of souls. Not only that, we can believe that those God harvests through us will themselves become harvesters.

Also, God clearly spoke to me this week about a verse that we can all embrace. John 20 verse 21 says: “Peace to you! As The Father has sent me, I also send you.” What an awesome promise to boost our faith! We can pray for people with confidence and authority as a result. Jesus sends us with the same Spirit that The Father sent Him to minister with!

Here’s a final thought: isn’t it time the church stopped focusing on some of the failures of our leaders, and start focusing on Jesus Christ, His unquenchable fire for worldwide harvest, and the need for us to carry all that He has given us to the lost? This is not to excuse moral failure, but it is about getting our priorities right. We must also encourage, support, and pray for restoration of those who have struggled. We should not dishonour high profile ministers whom God has used to radically impact millions of lives. We have all sinned but God desires to use us all, and He loves each one of us dearly. God sees beyond our failures. If we are to love outsiders, we must love our brothers and sisters in the church (John 13 verse 35). Can any of us qualify to be used in ministry based upon our own righteousness? No, it’s all about the love of God.

Miracle healing of Jesus , boy walks free of crutches and pain after trampolining accident!

August 23, 2008

Today the weather was better, and I went out on a twofold mission into town. 1) to share the full gospel of Jesus with a demonstration of The Spirit’s power and 2) to come back with some sweets for my children.

What really helped was that I told my kids that if I reached someone quickly and God intervened, that I would be back home quicker. This encouraged my children to pray for my swift return! I didn’t need long before The Lord gave me a divine appointment. Sometimes it can take a while before I meet someone open to prayer, but today God made it effortless.

I met a woman with her two sons, one of whom was walking slowly with the use of crutches. I approached them and asked them what the matter with him was. He had had a trampoling accident that had broken at least one bone in his foot causing him to need an X-ray which confirmed the break, and qualified him for some crutches. He confirmed he was in pain. His mother and he himself were happy for me to pray for him. As I did so, he felt heat on the affected area in his foot, and the pain left him. Glory to Jesus! Not only that, but I explained the gospel to him after he walked without the use of his crutches, and he gave his life to Jesus Christ. I believe that it will be a day he won’t forget. Please pray for this boy and his family, and see this exciting video testimony:

Miracles point to the veracity of Jesus, they give glory to Him, and they show how much He loves us all. I want to see the body of Christ run with the baton of healing anointing and revival fire that God has graciously given to us. Yes we can all move in miracles if we know Jesus providing we are prepared to step out in faith and take a risk.

I also want to emphasise again that The Dudley outpouring and Lakeland revival are far from over, but the end time world revival that The Lord wants to bring is bigger than any one person and one place. God is taking His church through a season of refining, drawing us to live uncompromising lives rooted and grounded in the purity of His Word. He wants to draw us into deeper relationship with Him, and remove anything that would be an obstacle for Him to work through us fully. As we pursue intimacy with Him, so we must pursue holiness and righteousness. However, even as the body of Christ might be taking a step back from using the fresh anointing and fire given to us for ministry, we should not neglect the harvest of lost souls. The eternal destiny of many is at stake.

Coming soon: Discover how my wife Sasha visited Heaven and met The Lord Jesus Christ after she stopped breathing before God raised her from clinical death!

Miracle healing of arthritis in Dudley England

August 20, 2008

1) Report 2) Video testimony of miracle healing in Dudley 3) Comment

1) Today I was expecting The Lord to do wonderful things in town, and He didn’t disappoint me! During my prayer time, God had laid on my heart what Jesus Himself had prayed in John 17 verse 18: “As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.” When Jesus commissioned the disciples in John 20 he said in verse 21 “Peace to you. As The Father has sent Me, I also send you.” What an amazing revelation and promise! This is available for each of us so we can show people how real Jesus is. Look at John 14 verse 12: “Most assuredly I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.” The ultimate purpose for this Jesus states in verse 13: “that The Father may be glorified in The Son.”
Today I prayed for a man who had recently converted to the Mormon church. He was suffering from psoriasis, and chronic eczema. As I have been healed of eczema many years ago after a word of knowledge from Benny Hinn I always pray with confidence when I pray for someone with skin conditions. As I prayed laying my hands on his hands he felt heat on his legs and told me he also had the condition on his legs which I hadn’t known before. My prayer is that he would discover the true Jesus of the Bible, and not the deception of Mormonism. I prayed for a lady with high blood pressure and a hip problem. After I had done this, a couple approached me asking if I could help them. They had seen me pray for the other lady. This encouraged me because I had prayed for people to approach me and also it meant they must have some faith too to believe for miracles. I could see that the lady was in much pain. She had been suffering with arthritis, particularly in her left leg. I asked her to bend her leg. She could hardly bend it at all without pain. I prayed for her, and the pain left her completely as she felt “the presence of someone else” touch her, and freedom of movement returned! She was amazed as she told her husband how the pain had gone! They both got born again as well praying the prayer of salvation, removing doubt about where they will go when they die. The lady shares her miracle here. See this:

3) The move of God’s Spirit that started in Lakeland Florida and has come here to England and other parts of the world seems to show no signs of stopping. In fact, revival is coming to the UK, and clearly healings, signs, wonders, and miracles will be an important part of it. I want to take time to personally honour my pastor Trevor Baker for his input into my life, and also Todd Bentley of Fresh Fire Ministries who came here while I was on The School of the Supernatural in October 2007, and who God has used so mightily in this current revival. The wonderful thing about the worldwide outpouring and revival is that it is not about any one individual though, but The Lord Jesus Christ building His Kingdom through the body of Christ. Today I watched The Olympics where the Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt broke the 200m world record by running to gold in a time of 19.3 seconds. He had previously won gold in the 100m breaking the world record but what was interesting about this race was that he was focused on the winning line, did not look to the left and the right to his other competitors, and ran flat out to achieve the record. In the same way we are called to surrender everything to Jesus, and as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 9 verse 24: “Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.” Does that involve pointing the finger at others? No, we must “press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3 verse 14)

God touches man with arthritis in Dudley

August 19, 2008

I went out into Dudley town centre briefly today, and met a couple who were on holiday for a short time here in the West Midlands. They actually live near the coast in a beautiful part of Wales, The Gower Pensinsula, a place I’d be very happy to go on holiday which in fact I did at the time of my wife and my fifth wedding anniversary five years ago! It turned out that the man had been suffering for some time with a number of physical ailments, including a hiatus hernia, a heart condition, and arthritis in his legs. It isn’t always easy to ascertain whether certain conditions have been healed, but he testified to feeling the power of God, the pain diminishing, and more. See this:

As I haven’t been available to go out on the streets for a while now, this was an encouragement to me. Also, I believe that God gave me a word of knowledge as I called out that the man had been part of a ramblers group. He confirmed this, and this encouraged us to believe that he would soon return to this major interest of his.
The Lakeland revival has undoubtedly focused on miracle healings, and the potential for the whole body of Christ to move like the early church in the book of Acts to spread the gospel through a supernatural demonstration. This is not a time for the church to back away but to press in to our mandate, revealing the love and power of Jesus Christ to everyone within our sphere of influence whatever that may be. If you’ve been reading this blog and just need the opportunities and the boldness to pray for people then let me pray for you now:
“Father let the person reading this now receive a fresh impartation of Your Spirit to share Your love and power with the lost and those who need Your touch. Let them have divine appointments, and the faith and boldness rooted in love to see people’s lives transformed by You for Your glory in Jesus name Amen.”
Let me know how you get on as you share Christ. My email is
God bless you.

Florida healing outpouring revival is for global evangelism

August 16, 2008

Many people are asking whether the outpouring that has hit Florida will continue. The short answer is yes because just as it broke out in Ignited Church Lakeland in early April 2008 so it will continue there, and continue to go around the world. It is important to remember that this has been a sovereign move of God, and not about any one person. It’s not about Todd Bentley, Pastor Stephen Strader or anyone else but about the Lord Jesus Christ visiting the body of Christ, equipping the saints to build His Kingdom through them, and to Him alone be all the glory. In my opinion, there has been too much emphasis placed upon the vessels of His presence and power, and not enough on the author of all creation, God Himself. When that happens, there can be adverse consequences. History has shown that.
However, as people press in to God, seek His face, and don’t get distracted by people and events, then I believe He will continue to pour out His Spirit sovereignly, and we will see His love and power heal, deliver, and save the lost. Let’s focus on The Lord, and the great end time mandate, evangelism for global harvest.
After a short holiday in Cornwall, my wife fell ill with suspected meningitis, and was taken to hospital. She may not have had meningitis, but she is much better now. It has not been an easy few weeks, but I recognise that God is still in the process of allowing His body to go through some trials to refine them, and I have not been exempt from that myself. We should be excited though, about the greater glory of God’s presence coming to the church, and the increase in signs, wonders and miracles to reach the lost. We must press in to see full scale revival. I have felt the need to spend more time with my family, and more time with God in the secret place. I don’t want to get too busy “doing God’s work” because when that happens we can lose intimacy, fire and passion and get physically and spiritually tired.
I have had a few divine appointments, and seen God’s power touch people though. One young man felt God touch his broken leg, started walking without his crutch and believed he was enjoying a healing. I shared the gospel with him more fully, inviting him to give his life to Jesus. He told me that that didn’t fit in with his life plans as a 16 year old, and sadly at that point he said the leg condition came back, although he hadn’t been in pain previously, just restriction of movement, so without him walking I’m not sure how he could have sensed that it had come back. What I do believe is that when we see people healed and share the gospel it is down to the individual to make their choice, and yes, people can lose their healing, particularly if they don’t give glory to Jesus.

One on occasion when I was visiting my wife in hospital, I saw a young man who I had ministered to previously come out of hospital with a broken finger and had had an X-ray done. I prayed for him and he felt tingling in his finger which I believe was God’s power touching him. I also spoke to a lady sitting just outside the hospital who told me that she was struggling with giving up alcohol, and she was bruised on her face. I suspect there was more to her story, but she wanted prayer. When I prayed for her she tangibly felt God’s presence flow in to her which I told her was the love of Jesus Christ. She wasn’t ready to accept Christ at that moment saying she wanted to do things one step at a time, but I believe it was a divine appointment. What I didn’t know was that my wife’s room was literally directly above, and she had seen me and took a picture of me ministering:

I also prayed for a Christian from another local church in Dudley in town with a leg problem. He told me he felt like the Holy Spirit was massaging his leg, and when I saw him a few minutes later, he said he was moving much better with no pain. I also saw a man handing out cards for his wife who is a psychic, and invited them both to attend our meetings and see the supernatural for themselves.
Also, our church went out corporately on the streets of Dudley during the Joel’s Army conference last week with Brian Johnson ministering in the meetings. In town, people got healed and saved. Please pray for us as we continue to carry God’s love, fire and healing anointing outside the church. Pray for divine appointments, miracles, salvations, and those who do accept Christ to become radical disciples for Him. This is a time to seek God more fervently, while at the same time not neglect the harvest fields.