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Lady healed of partial deafness in Dudley

July 2, 2008

I hadn’t been out on the streets since Saturday, but felt like it was a good day to go out briefly to seek opportunities to share the love of Jesus Christ. Praise God that a lady with chronic arthritis all over her body was healed as Jesus took away her pain. I then prayed for a lady who was also a believer who had a hearing aid on her left ear. I asked her to take it off before I prayed. As I prayed she felt something pop and God restored her hearing! She did not put the hearing aid back on, and told me she had received a miracle as she shared that her hearing was much improved! She shares her testimony here:

Today July 2nd is the first day of the End Times Prophetic Mandates Conference at our church Revival Fires. Todd Bentley would have spoken at this conference, but because of the revival in Lakeland Florida is postponing his visit to the UK until September 20th when he will come to the NEC Birmingham until 23rd. Outpouring meetings continue everyday 7.30pm during the conference, and afterwards until further notice. See for more details.