People get healed and saved in Dudley

I went into town to pray for people today. In town we met some people who were here to go to the conference at our church wanting to share God’s love and healing power with people also, and we prayed first. Ben, another member of my church and myself paired up. We met a man with a bad leg causing pain, weakness and restriction of movement. He felt the fire of God touch his leg, the pain went, and freedom of movement returned. In fact he was able to walk without his crutch! He was happy to share his testimony with us here:

Also we prayed for a Christian woman who had just had a hip operation and was walking with a crutch, clearly in discomfort. The presence and power of God touched her whole body, she testified to that as we prayed for her, and it became apparent that God had healed her! She could walk without her crutch.
Finally, we prayed for a young lady. God gave us prophetic words which she confirmed, and then we felt the compassion of Jesus even more strongly. In fact, I wept openly as I experienced God’s presence with us and He was downloading how He felt about this precious woman, and all that she had been through. I shared God’s heart to her. She tangibly felt His presence, and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. A fruitful time today in Dudley. Everything supernatural that happened today was because God loves people and wants to set them free. He is just looking for willing vessels like you and me to go out so that there is an invasion of The Kingdom of Heaven, people get touched by His love, and all the glory goes to Him.

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One Comment on “People get healed and saved in Dudley”

  1. Stuart Northey Says:

    Your work is an inspiration – I often weep when I watch and listen to the testimonies of what the Lord is doing through ‘ordinary people’.

    I think that this is God’s heart – going where the people are – rather than inviting them to go to a church building –

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