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Young woman receives miracle healing from arthritis in Dudley

July 22, 2008

Today I went into the streets with my son Justin and his friend Ben. Justin noticed a young woman with piercings and tatoos and encouraged Ben to go with him and share Christ with her. As they did so, another young woman called Jo came up to them, and they chatted. It emerged that Jo had suffered with arthritis on a long term basis. She told us she was in pain. I told her about the website and she was happy to be filmed as we prayed for her. What happened next was glorious because Jesus touched her, she tangibly felt fire on her back, felt lightheaded as God touched her body, and she got instantly miraculously healed. See this:

While she wasn’t ready to accept Christ at this point, I was aware that Jo was very interested in what we had all shared with her, and most of all we didn’t just have a message in word only, but in power. The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 1 verse 5 “For our gospel came not unto you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and in much assurance; as ye know what manner of men we were among you for your sake.” (King James Version)
It’s also important for us to remember that we’re there to facilitate people having an encounter with God and ultimately it is down to the individual what they do with Jesus once they have discovered how real He is, and how much He loves them. What is certain is what I said in yesterday’s blog entry that documents two salvations that occured as a result of a miracle healing. Once someone has received an obvious experience of God whether it be through a word of knowledge, a miracle healing, or His tangible presence, it’s something they are likely to remember for a very long time, perhaps their whole life! We as the body of Christ have the responsibility to show people how real Jesus Christ is through love, compassion, and His miracle working power.
There are enough videos of the kingdom of darkness on the internet with the likes of violence and pornography, isn’t it time the church demonstrated The Kingdom of Heaven outside of the four walls of church buildings? Let’s believe that many people will encounter Jesus as a result, and there will be a great harvest of souls. Now’s the time we all need to surrender ourselves fully to The Lord, and press in to see full scale revival. To God be all the glory.

People witness miracle healing in Dudley, salvations result.

July 21, 2008

Today was beautifully warm and sunny, and I went into town looking for people to share Jesus with. I walked past a group of people including one woman who I recognised as having spoken to before who confirmed that her friend who I had prayed for was now feeling much better. She was with a group of friends, mainly elderly, and one young man, 14 years old who was there with his grandmother. This opened things up for me to be able to offer healing prayer to the people in this small group. The woman told me that her friend had suffered with arthritis for ten years. The lady with arthritis was happy for me to pray for her. She told me that she was in pain in her neck and back. I was aware that people were watching, so I knew that this could result in several people seeing how real Jesus is. When I prayed, the lady told me she felt heat, and the pain left her. She was amazed when she started moving her neck from side to side free of pain something that she had not been able to do before, and also she was happy with what God was doing with her back as well. She confirmed that she was healed, and kept saying to her friends “I can’t believe it!” She was convicted to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Her grandson, 14, had been watching, and after talking to him, he wanted to give his life to Christ too. After leading him through the prayer of salvation, I laid my hand on him and prayed for him, and he admitted to tangibly feeling God’s presence. I told him that once you tangibly feel the presence of God, you are never the same again. God also gave me words of knowledge for both of them which they both confirmed to be right. One of the friends of the woman who was healed in that group of observers testifies to the miracle healing she saw after that woman and her grandson had left. See this:

It’s interesting that The Lord is allowing situations where people on the streets can see the miracles unfolding without me having contrived that. My vision is for that to draw people’s attention to Jesus because He alone can transform people’s lives and shape their eternal destinies. Increasingly more people in the local community are now aware of what God is doing in our church and out on the streets. I want them to start talking about what Jesus is doing because I always stress that miracles come from God alone, and that’s why all the glory goes to Him. My prayer is that as they see what is happening on the streets, they would come to our church, most importantly whether they come to our church or not that they would ultimately become radical followers of Jesus Christ.

Divine appointments in street evangelism

July 20, 2008

Today, July 20th, The Lord gave me divine appointments as I went out briefly onto the streets of Dudley, with some positive results. I prayed for people, in one case The Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a woman where I asked her if she had a problem with her blood sugar levels and she confirmed she had diabetes so I prayed against that. Some people seemed interested in what is happening at our church right now, so I was able to give them more details and invite them to the meetings. I spoke to one man, possibly in his forties who had had something of a Christian background, but told me he had never given his life to the Lord. He accepted Jesus Christ. I then met a couple with an 11 year old son. Their son was wearing hearing aids. I got chatting with them, and they were happy to for me to pray for their son. I prayed, and he told me he could hear louder. Then I asked his mother to test his hearing by talking to him at a distance. I stood in the way to make sure he couldn’t lip read, and he had no problem in hearing his mother, and she was talking at a normal volume, in fact relatively softly! The family weren’t ready to pray the prayer of salvation, but I believe that as this boy receives a lasting healing, it will open their hearts to all receive Jesus. I told them about our church, and encouraged them to attend a meeting. What encouraged me today was that I really felt that each contact was a divine appointment.

Testimony of more power evangelism in Dudley

July 18, 2008

Today’s ministry started out not the easiest, with poor weather again, but there was an opportunity to give words of knowledge to a couple. I called out that he was a DJ, and she was about to study at college in hairdressing. It gave them something to think about as I then shared the gospel with them. I met up with John, another member of my church. We prayed together, and because the rain was coming down hard we decided to go to the bus station. We met a young man with an ankle problem. He was not walking properly, and in some pain and discomfort. I laid hands on him, we prayed and he started to feel heat and tingling. The pain left, and he was able to walk normally. Although he had to catch a bus there was time to lead him to Christ. The healing miracle again opened the door to reveal Jesus to someone’s heart. That’s what The Lakeland revival and the Dudley outpouring is all about, taking the fresh fire for evangelism out onto the streets and our spheres of influence for the harvesting of souls. There was no time for us to interview the young man as he had to go quickly to catch his bus, but we rejoiced and gave glory to God as we saw him walk away normally, and at a fair pace too! John shares more here:

God spoke to us today about the importance of persistence. At times, it can be difficult to minister in the streets on a one to one basis, but we should not get discouraged and dismayed. I did pray for some people today where I didn’t see any immediate change in their physical condition, but I didn’t feel those prayers were wasted either, and sometimes healings happen gradually rather than instantly.

Woman healed of arthritis, pain goes!

July 16, 2008

Today, God lead me to pray for 3 people. I prayed for a couple. The woman had arthritis in her legs. I prayed and The Lord took the pain away and freedom of movement returned to her. She shares her testimony here:

Also, I prayed for her husband who had a hearing problem in his right ear needing a hearing aid. I prayed he took out his hearing aid to check, and he testified of improvement. This couple were both believers, but passers by were able to see that God was doing something. I also prayed for another Christian with arthritis with my wife Sasha and she testified of improvement too. God also gave both of us prophetic words for her which we shared which encouraged her.
We’ve now had over 80 days of outpouring meetings in our church. Charlie Robinson is speaking this week.
The Lord is healing people, and building His Kingdom sovereignly. God’s Word says in Galatians 6 verse 9 : “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” I want to encourage you if you’ve been witnessing for Jesus and even prayed for people and not seen much fruit yet. Not every person that I have prayed for has got healed. We are just called to lay hands on the sick, and believe for their recovery. It’s God that does it, all He wants is our hearts, our motives to be pure, and our obedience. We need to persist in allowing Him to use us to advance His Kingdom. Let all the attention and focus be on Him for what He does in signs, wonders, and miracles. I hope and believe that there will come a time when it will be normal for thousands even millions of Christians around the world to be moving in His Kingdom power. There’s no reason why that time can’t be now. Praying for the sick and infirm on the streets is not for those “extra special” people, it’s for all of us. If we’re born again, then the same Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead lives in us. Together, we can be nation changers. To God be all the glory.

I want to recommend another blog to readers which documents people taking prophetic and healing evangelism out onto the streets. Go here for more.

Man healed of terminal lung disease in Dudley town centre

July 15, 2008

Today I went out into Dudley town centre, and was sitting down when a man who runs a busy newspaper stand left it to approach me. I had prayed for him last week with someone who was here for the outpouring meetings at our church, Dorothy, a lady in her early seventies. We had both prayed for his healing, and he felt heat, and Dorothy had lead him through the prayer of salvation to accept Christ. He seemed much better. He looked much better! He told me that he was indeed much better, and had gone to the doctor’s. He told me that the previous X-ray had shown that he had terminal lung disease. The doctor tested him again after our prayers. The result: all clear! Praise God for an awesome miracle. He shares his testimony here. Watch this:

All the glory to Jesus for what He is doing in town. In His glorious presence, things change, and that’s what I want more than anything, to be with Him, and to know more of His sweet presence!

I also prayed for two women, one a Christian, one not, and they both felt improvement. The non-Christian testified of pain leaving her back, and she accepted Jesus Christ. I also met a young man in the makretplace stalls who had accepted Christ after encountering His presence a few weeks ago when I had prayed for him. I have invited him to church, but he hasn’t yet come, but he told me he is now drug free, and was encouraging his mother to get some prayer too.

The weather was warm and dry today which was a real bonus!

Todd Bentley, Lakeland revival, God TV, and The Dudley outpouring

July 12, 2008

Update January 19th 2013: In the light of history it’s easy to be critical of the Lakeland outpouring, and although mistakes were made, it must not be forgotten that for the most part it was an authentic and powerful move of God that saw many awesome testimonies fully documented. I stand by the original article I wrote in 2008 that you can see here in that I believe God’s desire through Lakeland was to empower the church for harvest. Was there an excessive focus on the evangelist on the platform? Yes and as a result I believe that that hindered what God wanted to do through it. History shows that in past revivals The Church squandered golden opportunities it was given to be restored to its Early Church paradigm of moving in love, unity and great power to see a glorious harvest of souls, and go beyond what even the early church walked in. The same mistakes must not be made again. Too many people look to the minister at the front and feel inadequate. This comes down to a misperception of their identity. Higher levels of authority are conditional and come out of intimacy with The Lord, but every believer has an authority that comes purely out of knowing their identity in Christ. There is only one Kingdom worth seeing built and that belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.

In defense of Todd I believe that he understood what God was wanting to do in Lakeland and that is why he would stay late into the night to make sure that everyone who wanted it received an impartation to take back to their city, region, and nation. Many did use what God gave them, but sadly I believe that a big opportunity was missed for reasons mentioned earlier. Paul Keith Davis referred to the Lakeland revival as being the last of an old order. I would agree, but I believe it was meant to be the beginning of something as well. What is encouraging are some prophecies relating to the apostolic for our new season that we can embrace and see His Kingdom come. With that in mind, here is my archived entry from July 2008:

Let’s look at the bigger picture again because it does tie in with posts in this blog that document through video footage miraculous healings on our streets.

Many people are not convinced that this new move of God is genuine. As a result, there has been criticism. However, much of this comes from people who have never been to any of the meetings. I’ve been to Lakeland, and many evening meetings in Dudley, and I can tell you that without a shadow of doubt this is an authentic move of God.

With over 100 nights of revival in Florida, initially breaking out at a conference in Ignited Church, Lakeland, Florida pastored by Stephen Strader with evangelist Todd Bentley and Fresh Fire Ministries, and over 75 nights in my church Revival Fires Dudley pastored by Trevor Baker, people from all over the world are coming to experience God’s glory presence, receive miracle healings, and receive impartation. The question people are asking is what is God doing? What is His sovereign purpose for pouring out His Spirit so powerfully?

One of the most notable features of this move is that people are getting more intimate with God through worship, especially as they experience His manifest presence, and also people are getting physically healed. There are many testimonies of this that you can find on the internet through going to and Miracles bring glory to God. They point to Jesus, and if people look to the minister who has prayed for people and not The Lord Jesus Christ then they are missing the point. Miracles of physical healing demonstrate the veracity of Jesus Christ, and tell us that God loves people, and sickness is not His will for our lives. They also lead people to give their lives to Jesus Christ. I’ve found that when I’ve been out ministering in the streets in Dudley and elsewhere that the demonstration of The Spirit’s power is far more effective that any “enticing words of man’s wisdom”. ( 1 Corinthians 2 4-5) , and you can see from the testimonies and video footage in this blog that that bears true. When I don’t minister in my own strength and God shows up and does what He wants to do, the results are so much better! We need The Word and The Spirit together, not sterile religion devoid of a genuine encounter with a loving and all powerful God.

I agree with what I’ve heard from Todd Bentley, my pastor Trevor Baker, John Arnott, Mark Stibbe, Jerame Nelson, Charlie Robinson, John Laframboise, Patricia King, Bob Jones, Paul Keith Davis, Keith Miller, and many other notable speakers that this revival, this outpouring is for the harvesting of souls. It is to empower the church for harvest. Yes we need God’s love and compassion. However, we need something that will show people that Jesus Christ is God, and the only way to Heaven. We have an inheritance as the body of Christ that we have neglected for generations. We have believed the lie that miracles were just for the early church, or at best the special apostles, but the bible never said that. Why is it that people who start stepping out in obedience to God to pray for people with signs, wonders, and miracles following are then persecuted by the church? People are accused of trying to build their own thing, or not operating in God’s power. People often get jealous, or if they can’t understand something or believe in it, will attack it.

It needs to be emphasised that this move of God is for all the body of Christ. A powerless church is not going to be effective. With so much pornography, violence, and degradation available on the internet, isn’t it time that we as the body of Christ showed people The Kingdom of Heaven invading earth? I’d like to see the internet full of videos of ordinary people being used by God doing great exploits in His name (Daniel 11 : 32 “And the people who know their God will be strong, and do mighty exploits.”) Do we want to see genuine revival in our community? Then let’s seek God and pray fervently, but also take the fire out there with much love and compassion onto the streets, our communities, in our workplace, amongst our family, friends, and neighbours. Bobby Conner says “talk is cheap. Evidence persuades.” Some years ago God lead me to start a website to show people that Jesus is real. I started off by collecting historical documentation about Jesus. It went a long way to proving His existence in history. I realised that I needed to demonstrate His divinity on the website too though. God showed me that evidence of His supernatural works today would be very compelling. I started researching into other phenomena such as the bible codes, the Turin Shroud, near death experiences, and signs, wonders, and miracles. This lead me on a fascinating journey of exploration. I would have found it difficult to imagine that I’d be praying for people and seeing Jesus miraculously heal them in front of my eyes and even on camera for me to put on the website to glorify His name.
The simple truth is that we live in a sceptical world that are tired of religion. People want a tangible encounter with God! When people get miraculously healed, or receive a word of knowledge that could have only come from God, or just experience His manifest presence then it often softens their hearts, and brings conviction to save them. That’s why we owe it to the lost to introduce them to the reality of who God is, and The Kingdom of Heaven. Testimonies glorify Jesus Christ, stir people’s faith, and show them He is real.

I would encourage people to continue to tune into God TV, and watch the Florida outpouring meetings. You can also view meetings at Revival Fires Church Dudley on the internet live.
Let’s all be encouraged to take a risk for Jesus. He died for you and me. Let’s give Him everything we have, and remember how valuable every person is to Him. Let’s also love and encourage each other to step into all that God has for each one of us. The Lord is building His Kingdom, and to Him alone be all the glory, the honour, and the praise!

Testimony of miracle healing, more miracle healing, and salvations!

July 10, 2008

I went into town today to share the love and power of Jesus Christ. It was a bit rainy, but I wasn’t going to be discouraged! It had been nearly a week since I had ministered in town, and having watched the God Channel and Todd Bentley’s excellent teaching, I was impressed that it’s easy to let things slide and even loose the sharpness if you don’t continue to press in by sharing His love and miracle working power with people in need of His touch. I’ve been going through a difficult time lately, but God has been really encouraging me to continue to minister in town.
It turned out to be an excellent day, and I give God all the glory for that. My first contact was with John, a man who had been tangibly healed in town of arthritis in his upper body (see blog entry of May 15th 2008). He testified that he has been fine since! This encouraged me because people can lose their healings if they doubt or they don’t give Jesus the glory. He told me he did have arthritis in his knees though, so I prayed and The Lord touched him. He felt heat, and the pain left him. Again, he could do something he couldn’t do before without feeling pain. See this:

I then happened to meet a 72 year old lady Dorothy who I found out was staying here for a week for our outpouring meetings here at our church. She was encouraged to go off and witness to people, and she personally lead 3 people to Jesus Christ!
I then saw a teenage young man with a hearing aid, and felt lead to talk to him. I asked him if he wanted prayer. He did want prayer, so I laid my hands on his ears and commanded deafness to leave him. I got some prayer support from Dorothy also. I checked his hearing before the prayer, and it was poor. In fact he had been like that ever since the age of four. He took his hearing aid off before prayer, and told me he hadn’t brought his other hearing aid which he needed because of pain in that ear.
He told me he felt the power of God, and his hearing improved. I prayed again for the fire of God to touch him. Again he felt God, and his hearing was getting better and better! I even stood a distance away, covered my mouth with my hand so he couldn’t lipread, and he could hear me. Not only that but he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. I encouraged him to go to our church. Please pray that he does!
This is what this outpouring is all about, this revival that started in Lakeland, Florida, taking the fire of God outside the church and through the love of Jesus Christ, and the demonstration of The Spirit’s power seeing the lost come home. It’s all about Jesus. As I said in my video, I want people to focus on Jesus. I’m just an individual with no platform ministry, there is nothing any more special about me than anyone else in the body of Christ. God wants to encourage Christians to go out and share Jesus , pray for the sick, and expect to see Him move in people’s lives for His glory. If I can do it, anyone can! If you are not a Christian, and you’ve seen enough to show you that He is real, then why not get right with God now. Jesus paid the price for your sins by dying on a cross so that you will not be judged and have to face eternal separation from God in Hell. Give your life to Jesus Christ, and repent from your sins. Then find a good church to go to, read your bible, pray everyday, and step into the destiny that God has for your life.

People get healed and saved in Dudley

July 4, 2008

I went into town to pray for people today. In town we met some people who were here to go to the conference at our church wanting to share God’s love and healing power with people also, and we prayed first. Ben, another member of my church and myself paired up. We met a man with a bad leg causing pain, weakness and restriction of movement. He felt the fire of God touch his leg, the pain went, and freedom of movement returned. In fact he was able to walk without his crutch! He was happy to share his testimony with us here:

Also we prayed for a Christian woman who had just had a hip operation and was walking with a crutch, clearly in discomfort. The presence and power of God touched her whole body, she testified to that as we prayed for her, and it became apparent that God had healed her! She could walk without her crutch.
Finally, we prayed for a young lady. God gave us prophetic words which she confirmed, and then we felt the compassion of Jesus even more strongly. In fact, I wept openly as I experienced God’s presence with us and He was downloading how He felt about this precious woman, and all that she had been through. I shared God’s heart to her. She tangibly felt His presence, and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. A fruitful time today in Dudley. Everything supernatural that happened today was because God loves people and wants to set them free. He is just looking for willing vessels like you and me to go out so that there is an invasion of The Kingdom of Heaven, people get touched by His love, and all the glory goes to Him.

Why I’m doing this blog documenting miracles

July 4, 2008

I feel it is timely to let people know why I started doing this blog, and posting video footage (testimonies are recorded only with the permission of people ministered to). The short answer is that I believe that God led me to do this to glorify Him. I want to say very firmly that only God alone can do miracles. He may use us, not that He has to, but He is doing it, and to Him be all the glory. Signs, wonders, and miracles are there to point to Jesus. We need to seek His face far more than what comes from His hand. Let’s not get distracted by anointed individuals, even awesome men of God who have radically impacted my life like Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, and my pastor Trevor Baker. Let God alone get all the glory for healing His church, and now healing and saving the lost outside. It is all the work of The Holy Spirit.
Should we share what God does? Provided it brings Him glory, and He is the focus. Psalm 105 says in verse 2 “Make known His deeds among the peoples!” Verse 3 says “Talk of all his wondrous works.” People’s testimonies verify that Jesus has touched them. I can tell you that The Lord opened someone’s ear to hear, but it is far more powerful to the sceptic when the person themself actually testifies to it. Testimonies provide compelling evidence in a court of law.
The outpouring of God’s Spirit that has happened in Lakeland, Florida and is now going around the world is ultimately for harvest. John Arnott, Todd Bentley, and Trevor Baker my pastor have all said as much. Taking signs, wonders, and miracles to the streets, to our communities, families, friends and spheres of influence as a demonstration of who Jesus is (1 Corinthians 2 verses 4-5) so the world sees that Jesus is real is what is needed for this hour.
We need The Word and The Spirit together. What we don’t need is more religion. That hasn’t transformed anyone positively. I also want to reiterate that the Lord Jesus Christ is the one doing the miracles, and to Him be all the glory. This blog is about Jesus, not really about me or anyone else ultimately. You see God is calling ALL believers to pray for the sick with love, compassion, and power, sharing His goodness, and demonstrating the full gospel, not just the “big name” preachers. Through these testimonies God wants to encourage you to take a step of faith and pray for someone. Why? Because people are dying and going to Hell because no one showed them that Jesus is real. For those who have not believed in Jesus, God wants to show you that He’s real. Perhaps you’ve never set foot into a church or watched Christian television, and you never would. You may have had a negative experience of religion and church. Maybe God led you to view this blog to show you that Jesus is real, He died for you on the cross so your sins could be forgiven and you could get right with God, and most of all He loves you and wants an intimate relationship with you for all eternity. That is my God!
I know that there is a price to pay for doing this ministry. Persecution can come not just from outside the church, but even from Christians as well. God forewarned me about this. However, if I wasn’t obedient to God in what He has called me to do, then I would be wasting all that He has given me to use for His glory. My heart is to love Him, serve Him obediently, and see many souls born again.
Our highest calling, our greatest privilege, our destiny, is to enjoy God’s love, to love God, and especially to glorify Him. When we get close to Him, we soon discover that His heart beats for the lost. Let’s not get apologetic about Jesus, let’s stand up and testify of how wonderful He is as we share His love and power with people. Let’s share all that He has done, deflecting any attention we might get onto Him alone. We as Christians are just His ministers, as awesome a privilege as that is let’s never forget that He is doing the supernatural stuff!
Remember that His heart beats for you. He created you in love. He died for you because He loves you. He loves spending time with you. He not only loves you, but He likes you, and wants to be a friend to you. His love, His glory is the end of all our searching. He is the very reason we even exist. Let’s love Him, and love and encourage each other secure in the knowledge that our true identity and worth is in knowing that He loves us, and that we belong to Him.