Dudley Outpouring: Isaiah 61 on Day 61 , miracle in town centre.

Today I went into Dudley town centre with my good friend from India Anupam. We prayed, and trusted that God would demonstrate who He is. After a while, we met a man who suffered partial deafness, with limited hearing in his left ear. See what happened from the start : Today was Day 61 of the Dudley Outpouring in Revival Fires Church. We sang “The Spirit of The Sovereign Lord” by Andy Park in the worship time, and Jerame Nelson preached about Isaiah 61. We saw some glorious miracles in the meeting earlier tonight too. We are getting ready for a very powerful service Saturday 28th June at The ARC, Revival Fires where Trevor will impart the greater glory anointing. Subsequent daily evening meetings should be very powerful too, as God’s glory visits us. See revivalfires.org.uk and come and get some in Dudley!

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  1. […] by what I have read elsewhere; he has been there at least since last Sunday. Meanwhile, as Richard Steel reports, Jerame Nelson, an associate of Todd’s, is preaching in Trevor’s place in Dudley. At […]

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