Dudley healing testimony through street ministry

I ministered in the streets very briefly today, and prayed for a couple of people who needed physical healing. One woman, a Christian who had suffered from a number of conditions felt definite improvement today.

I attended the evening meeting Day 54 of The Dudley Outpouring at Revival Fires Church and ministered in the chatroom. Tonight there were many miracle healings. One lady testified that her knee was healed, black spots (“floaters”) impairing her eye were fading so she could see better! Another lady testified of feeling fire and lumps on her leg were getting smaller, IBS was healed, and varicose veins were disappearing! One person got born again, and two rededicated their life to Christ on the internet, and there were commitments in the meeting too! If you haven’t come down to one of our daily evening meetings yet to receive a healing anointing impartation, or need a miracle in your body, then don’t delay, come get some in Dudley! See revivalfires.org.uk for more details, including some powerful miracle testimonies.

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2 Comments on “Dudley healing testimony through street ministry”

  1. Roz Dawson Says:

    Praise the Lord for what he is doing in Dudley. I have heard about a School of Miracles (or some such name) which is to take place in Dudley. Do you know any details and can you give me contact information please?

    I live in Liverpool and, over the past year, have found my faith growing to believe for healings. More and more, as I pray for people, I am seeing them get healed. I DO NOT believe this is a special ‘gift of healing’. But I do believe that God is wanting to glorify HIS name (through every single believer in this way) and that, when a clear presentation of the gospel is given in this nation – together with a demonstration of his power – thousands will recognise that He, alone, is God and will turn to him. I am keen to learn all I can about healing and what God is doing in all the earth in this incredible season.

  2. bajanpoet Says:

    I’ve been seeing God touch people over the Internet as well! God’s been using my prophetic gifting over MSN … and I’ve done several deliverances over the Internet as well, using MSN and Skype (you can use your computer to make voice calls, either from computer to computer, or computer to land line.)

    God’s just AWESOME!

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