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Man’s blind eyes receive vision in Dudley town centre!

June 28, 2008

Today God revealed who He is in an awesome way in Dudley town centre. A notable miracle happened today when a man totally blind ( legally blind in his left eye only able to make out a shadow of something very close up and totally blind in his right eye since 1988 ) received something of his eyesight back. He felt God’s fire touch him and testified to his left eye receiving improved vision. As I stood further away from him he was able to make out colours and shapes much better. His right eye still couldn’t see anything after the first time I prayed but after I prayed for him again, he could make out a shape close up through it for the first time since 1988! At what level he is healed now I cannot say, I didn’t get his contact details either, but what I can say is that God at the very least significantly improved his vision today as I tested his eyesight before and after I prayed, and he shared what God was doing in his own words! There was opposition as this miracle was unfolding from people who didn’t understand what was going on. The man was only too happy for me to pray for him after we had chatted briefly, but it is inevitable that anything like this will arouse scepticism. One man threatened physical violence. Persecution has often followed this kind of thing, but what God does makes it worthwhile:

Earlier I led two women to Christ, one after she felt God’s presence touch her through laying on of hands prayer for stress, and the other after testifying of receiving improvement in her ankles. She felt warmth as God touched her. Also a Christian believer, Ian received prayer from a long term condition where he struggles to hear low frequencies without pain and poor hearing. Jesus took the pain away as he listened to low frequencies, and he was able to distinguish them much better. He shares his testimony here:

Another lady received immediate healing from pain following an operation. See this footage:

Please pray that this lady will accept Christ. I also prayed for a lady in a motorized cart with spondilitis. She testified of improvement in pain levels, walked somewhat (she had been able to do this before a little bit though), and I also had a word of knowledge to encourage her that she confirmed. All the glory to God for an awesome day in town! Have you been to Revival Fires Church to get an impartation to move in signs, wonders, and miracles yet? Do you need a miracle healing? There are still regular evening meetings at 7.30pm until further notice, and they are free of charge. Come and get some in Dudley, England! Go to Revival Fires for more details including video testimonies of miracles within the meetings!

Dudley Outpouring: Isaiah 61 on Day 61 , miracle in town centre.

June 26, 2008

Today I went into Dudley town centre with my good friend from India Anupam. We prayed, and trusted that God would demonstrate who He is. After a while, we met a man who suffered partial deafness, with limited hearing in his left ear. See what happened from the start : Today was Day 61 of the Dudley Outpouring in Revival Fires Church. We sang “The Spirit of The Sovereign Lord” by Andy Park in the worship time, and Jerame Nelson preached about Isaiah 61. We saw some glorious miracles in the meeting earlier tonight too. We are getting ready for a very powerful service Saturday 28th June at The ARC, Revival Fires where Trevor will impart the greater glory anointing. Subsequent daily evening meetings should be very powerful too, as God’s glory visits us. See and come and get some in Dudley!

Dudley healing testimony through street ministry

June 20, 2008

I ministered in the streets very briefly today, and prayed for a couple of people who needed physical healing. One woman, a Christian who had suffered from a number of conditions felt definite improvement today.

I attended the evening meeting Day 54 of The Dudley Outpouring at Revival Fires Church and ministered in the chatroom. Tonight there were many miracle healings. One lady testified that her knee was healed, black spots (“floaters”) impairing her eye were fading so she could see better! Another lady testified of feeling fire and lumps on her leg were getting smaller, IBS was healed, and varicose veins were disappearing! One person got born again, and two rededicated their life to Christ on the internet, and there were commitments in the meeting too! If you haven’t come down to one of our daily evening meetings yet to receive a healing anointing impartation, or need a miracle in your body, then don’t delay, come get some in Dudley! See for more details, including some powerful miracle testimonies.

Hindu lady gets healed and saved in Dudley

June 18, 2008

I was encouraged last Sunday by the appearance at our morning meeting of a man who I had ministered to on the streets with my friend Simon some weeks ago. He told me he wanted to join our church family.
Today Wednesday 18th June I went into Dudley town centre. A man came up to me who I had prayed for on the streets some weeks ago testifying that he was totally healed of psoriasis. When I had prayed for him I could see the evidence of the condition on his head and he had been irritated with it for some time. Now it has clearly gone! He was telling people about what I do and Revival Fires Church and told me that he appreciates the work we are doing. He is a believer, and above all else I hope he appreciates what The Lord has done for him because it is all about what He is doing in our lives. To Jesus be all the praise and glory!
I got chatting with an elderly Hindu lady and her daughter. I prayed for her to be healed of arthritis which she was suffering from in her legs and back. I prayed the fire of God would touch her and the pain left her. She testified to feeling warmth when I prayed for her, and even started shaking under the power of God. She also walked without the use of her crutch! See her and her daughter share the testimony of this healing:

The lady who was healed accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. They offered me money, but I refused as I always do. I invited them to come to the church and gave them some literature to help her in her new walk with Christ. My prayer is that the daughter will get saved too, in fact why not the whole family! God is touching people of different faiths with the demonstration of His love and power. More people are finding out about what is happening on the streets, and in the Outpouring meetings in our church which have now reached Day 53 of consecutive meetings.

Healings in Dudley town centre with video footage!

June 16, 2008

Earlier this week a woman came up to me ask me to do a survey. I did the survey, and then asked her if she was in any pain. She said she had back pain so I prayed and she felt the manifest presence of God as the pain left her. Also I prayed for one young woman who had come out of hospital recently. As she experienced the power of God on her neck, the place where her condition had started, it freaked her out and she wanted me to stop praying! I tried to reassure her that what she was experiencing was God.
Yesterday Saturday I went into town with my son Justin. We ministered to a young man. God gave me “bass guitar”. I shared this with the young man who then said he had just gone into a shop to look for a new bass guitar as he is a bass guitar player. Before that, I ministered to an elderly lady. See this footage to see what happened more or less from start to finish. To God be the glory for this divine appointment:

Dudley miracle outpouring hits Hindu family in Dudley town centre!

June 11, 2008

Yesterday, June 10th I went out onto the streets of Dudley with my wife Sasha and one of the students on the school of the supernatural here in Revival Fires Church Dudley our home church.We saw a small group of people we assumed to be a family the youngest of which was a girl who was barely able to walk, and using a crutch. I asked her and her mother if she would like prayer. They said that although they were of the Hindu faith they were open to us praying. As we prayed, she felt the heat and tingling of God’s power touch her ankle. The pain left her, and she was able to freely walk, even run! As a result of the demonstration of The Spirit’s power, she gave her life to Jesus! See this wonderful testimony:

To God be all the glory for another instant miracle healing on the streets of Dudley. Not only that but we prayed for one of their friends, a Hindu man and God took away his arthritic pain, and we are in faith that he is healed of arthritis. He accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour. The girl’s sister also received physical healing as my wife prayed for her for a personal female condition. A group of muslim young men saw that these people had clearly been miraculously touched by God, and it opened their hearts to the reality of Jesus Christ. We had limited time, but I was able to have a meaningful conversation with one of them.
June 10th was Day 45 of the Dudley outpouring, and the fires of revival that touched Lakeland Florida in early April are here in Dudley, and the UK is surely on the brink of stepping into a glorious revival!

Dudley miracles in marketplace with young people

June 7, 2008

Today June 7th was very memorable, and to God be all the glory for what I share! I went out onto the streets of Dudley well supported by a long standing friend from Cheltenham Jesse. I prayed for an elderly man for his hearing. He had had hearing problems since activity in World War 2. God healed his ears and he testified to the improved hearing. A group of people started to gather as this miracle was occuring, mainly young men. After I led the elderly man to Christ, Jesse led me to inside the Dudley marketplace stalls, and I met one of the young men who had seen the miracle. He wanted to be free of an addiction, and also had suffered a long term painful ankle condition. I felt the Lord wanted me to minister healing to his ankle first. I did so as Jesse prayed with me, he felt heat on his ankle, then the clicking and pain left him! Not only that but people around the stalls witnessed this, including his friend who captured the whole thing on the camcorder of his mobile phone!
After his ankle was healed he gave his life to Jesus, and encouraged his friend to get some prayer. I prayed and prophecied over this other young man, and he felt God’s tangible presence. As a result he also gave his life to The Lord. Other friends and people looked on as God was moving. Another of his friends looked on and admitted about the reality of Jesus being real. He said “now I have the proof.” People are tired of religion, but hungry for the supernatural and will often look in the wrong places. They want to see evidence Jesus is real. Here the first young man testifies of the miracle healing of his ankle:

Later today I met the young man who I had prayed for last week and was miraculously healed of his leg injury. He was running! He shared with me that he had had no problems with his leg since I had prayed. Praise God for His goodness!
The Dudley outpouring continues in my church Revival Fires with awesome miracle healings. It is now in its 42nd consecutive day of meetings! Praise God that Jesus is visiting the streets and marketplace of Dudley as well! What a privilege to have a ringside seat to what He is doing at the moment. The signs wonders and miracles point to Him, it is all about Him, His Lordship, His glory, His Kingdom, and His desire to have an intimate relationship with each one of us. If you don’t know Jesus as Lord and Saviour give Him your life now, and if you do, take a risk for Him and share His love and power with those who don’t know Him.

God touches man’s leg, he walks away without crutches

June 6, 2008

Today I went into Dudley town centre briefly, and saw an asian man with a turban walking with two crutches. I felt a bit diffident, but spoke to him, and he was happy for me to pray for him. He couldn’t speak much english, with punjabi being his main language, but he did tell me that his leg felt hot, and the pain leaving apparently. He understood I was a Christian. He told me he was of the sikh faith. I told him about our church, and then I was really happy to see him walking off without the use of his crutches! We can come up with lots of reasons why not to talk to someone, but when we do, it is sometimes surprising what God does! It’s worth taking a risk because people’s eternal future is at stake.