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Wolverhampton sees miracles of Jesus!

May 9, 2008

Today May 9th I went about 8 miles away to Wolverhampton, wondering if I would see the levels of the miraculous that I had seen in Dudley. A Christian woman allowed me to pray for her partial deafness. She said she couldn’t hear out of her right ear, but when I prayed for her, the power of Jesus Christ touched her and she got healed. See footage below: I prayed for a number of other conditions on people and they felt God’s tangible healing presence. I am believing that bone cancer, depression and memory loss are healed. One man felt God’s power come on his legs as well. I also had the privilege of leading 3 people to Jesus. Hallelujah, thankyou Lord!

God’s glory increases in Dudley

May 9, 2008

On May 8th I went out on the streets believing that Jesus was going to do almost anything. My Pastor Trevor Baker had had a vision of Jesus and Smith Wigglesworth the previous day, and released an impartation of Wigglesworth’s prophetic word regarding the Word and The Spirit together releasing revival. I prayed for a lady in a wheelchair who had fibromyalgia and a collapsed lung. The power of God touched her, she tangibly felt it all over her body, and then I helped her step out in faith from her wheelchair. She took a few steps, but was a little afraid so got back in her wheelchair, but she got born again, accepting Jesus as Saviour. I also prayed for a young woman walking with a stick who said she had cerebral palsy and epilepsy. I prayed for her, and she felt strength come over her. I’m believing for her complete healing. In the afternoon I went up to a large group of asian teenagers and asked them if any of them had pain and needed healing. I prayed for a few and they testified that the pain left them. I got to share with them somewhat, although only had limited time.

Woman healed of multiple infirmities in Dudley!

May 3, 2008

Today, May 3rd 2008 I was able to share with two young muslim believers. God gave me some prophetic words and there was an openess. Please pray Jesus would reveal Himself to them. Also a man received a healing from arthritis in his legs, he had some faith because he is a believer. I was just about to go back home when I spoke to a lady who had a number of infirmities including arthritis, brittle bone disease, and asthma. The power of God touched her, and whereas before she couldn’t bend her back, the pain left her and she could bend her back, awesome!! She also testified that her hip felt better too. She could do things with her hands as Jesus touched her setting her free of the brittle bone condition, I believe the Lord did something creative, and I believe the metal plate in her hand might well have been dissolved by God. Her breathing improved too, and we believe she is healed of asthma. The greatest miracle was that she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour! God is truly moving in these days, all the glory to Him! See below as the lady shares her testimony:

Back in Dudley: miracles in the outpouring

May 2, 2008

Today was my first full day back in Dudley England after my Lakeland trip, and there is a glorious outpouring here in my church Revival Fires with meetings every night now led by my Pastor Trevor Baker. God is pouring out his Spirit and many miracles are happening in these meetings. I went out on the streets today in Dudley, and The Lord sovereignly broke through to heal and save people today. I prayed for people with arthritis and two got miraculously healed in Jesus name. Others felt improvement as the power of God invaded their lives. One lady got touched and healed of arthritis and gave her life to Christ. Her daughter saw the evidence of the power of God touching her mother, and she too got saved. I also prayed for a man named Philip who was involved with wiccanism. The power of God touched him and he got healed, but was not ready to give up his beliefs. Please pray that Philip would come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Father pour out Your glory and bring the harvest in that You and You alone may be glorified in Jesus name Amen.