Back in Dudley: miracles in the outpouring

Today was my first full day back in Dudley England after my Lakeland trip, and there is a glorious outpouring here in my church Revival Fires with meetings every night now led by my Pastor Trevor Baker. God is pouring out his Spirit and many miracles are happening in these meetings. I went out on the streets today in Dudley, and The Lord sovereignly broke through to heal and save people today. I prayed for people with arthritis and two got miraculously healed in Jesus name. Others felt improvement as the power of God invaded their lives. One lady got touched and healed of arthritis and gave her life to Christ. Her daughter saw the evidence of the power of God touching her mother, and she too got saved. I also prayed for a man named Philip who was involved with wiccanism. The power of God touched him and he got healed, but was not ready to give up his beliefs. Please pray that Philip would come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Father pour out Your glory and bring the harvest in that You and You alone may be glorified in Jesus name Amen.

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