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Dudley street evangelism with miracles May 31st 2008

May 31, 2008

Today was another day to rejoice in the healing and saving power of Jesus Christ on the streets of Dudley, and in particular to rejoice in our glorious and wonderful Lord! I prayed for a man who had suffered spondilitis since 1997. He felt God’s power touch him, and was able to do something he couldn’t before I prayed. He accepted Jesus Christ as a result of the demonstration of the Spirit’s power. See his testimony: I subsequently prayed for a lady who had been unable to bend her foot properly for over five years. I asked her to try before I prayed for her so I could so what change if any would take place after I prayed. The transformation was miraculous! She accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Here she shares her testimony of what The Lord did for her: ( correction to date of these miracles: May 31st 2008 )
I subsequently prayed for a man with partial deafness and he testified to improvement in his hearing. Praise God!

Divine appointments, healing, salvations

May 30, 2008

Yesterday I met an elderly man with heart and lung problems. As I prayed for him, he told me heat touched him, God’s presence. He wasn’t ready to accept Jesus Christ though. However the next day as I was spending time in the church coffee shop ministering to a young man whom I had led to Christ a week ago today, the same elderly man walked in to the coffee shop which I was surprised about with a lady who is the manager of the sheltered accommodation he lives in. She asked me about coming to pray for other residents who need healing having heard about what had happened to the elderly man from his own words. The man testified that his breathing had tangibly improved since I had prayed for him. As he felt the power of God again when I prayed for him, he accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour. I then led the sheltered home manager to Christ as well. Praise God for this open door, and for them coming into our church coffee shop where they could experience the wonderful presence of God that abides in our church.

Young man with a limp healed and saved!

May 28, 2008

Earlier today, May 28th I walked just outside our church and saw a young man walking with a slight limp. I decided to cross the road and chat to him. I told him about our church and asked him if he wanted prayer. It turned out that he had sustained a sports injury a long time ago and had not been able to walk properly since. When I prayed he told me he felt tingling and warmth in his right leg. I asked him to check his leg by walking. The limp had gone, and he testified of his healing! He accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
This evening Rev. Mark Stibbe was preaching in our miracle outpouring service here in Revival Fires Dudley. He had been to Lakeland for the outpouring there. He prayed for me for a health problem with much love, compassion and faith.

A surprise divine appointment leads to miracle!

May 26, 2008

Today I went with a friend to McDonalds. A lady called Mary came up to us at our table wanting the tokens on our coffee cups. I asked her if she was in any pain and needed healing. It turned out she was here for the Dudley outpouring meetings at my church. She told us she had arthritis all over her body. When I asked her if she wanted me to pray for her, she not only seemed open, but I believe she had faith to receive. She had come down from Liverpool just for tonight. When I prayed God’s sweet presence touched her tangibly, and His power came and took the pain out of her body. She testified to being healed! Praise God for this surprise divine appointment. God gives us opportunities right on our doorstep to minister His healing and saving power! Having said that, we shouldn’t just wait for those opportunities, we should take every opportunity to share the gospel.

Miracles in Dudley town centre May 24th

May 24, 2008

Today, Saturday 24th May I went out into town with a friend, David. We prayed for a man who had suffered arthritis in his legs for six months and had painful ulcers on his ankles. He felt heat on his legs as the pain left him, and the pain from the ulcers went too. He accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour and Lord. He testifies in this short video clip:

David talked to a couple who as a result expressed intent to come to our church. I believe that David’s approach really opened them up to God’s heart. I had the opportunity to pray for a man who had suffered partial deafness for many years, and recurrent problems with his ears. He felt improvement, took his hearing aid out and was able to hear much better! He accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Here he testifies:

God’s presence and healing power brings salvation!

May 24, 2008

The young man I met two days earlier on Wednesday met me in our church coffee shop at Revival Fires Dudley where the outpouring is happening. He told that the only reason he had come back was because of the presence he felt when I prayed for him that day. He told me he had had arthritis in his thumbs for many years. I prayed for him, God’s power touched him and he could barely believe the difference afterwards. He said there was no clicking anymore as well. He could move his thumbs like never before. This lead him to give his life to Jesus Christ in our coffee shop! Praise God for touching this young man. I pray he now becomes a radical disciple of Jesus. There is still much emotional pain from his past to be healed of but God has started. Because of all he has gone through, I would not have felt ready to ask him if he wanted Christ unless he had experienced God’s supernatural touch. This is why we need this outpouring that started in Lakeland Florida, went to Dudley, and is now going throughout the world. Many people need to know that God is real through a demonstration of the Spirit’s power through signs, wonders, and miracles rooted in love and compassion.

Dudley outpouring : glorious miracles on the streets!

May 21, 2008

The Lord is sovereignly healing and saving people in Dudley, and miracles that have happened in third world nations are now becoming more frequent in western countries. God’s miracle working power was evident today, as three people got healed, and two were saved. I prayed for a stroke victim who had only got out of hospital 2 weeks ago. She had limited movement on her left hand side, but as I prayed Jesus touched her tangibly and she could move her arm like she hadn’t been able to beforehand. See footage below then read on for more glorious miracles:

I talked to a young man who had had a troubled past and shared some prophetic words. He wants to come to our church, and I will be in contact with him. His name is Andrew. Please pray for him. (see May 24th entry also) I then met a couple who both were suffering from health problems. The man had diziness and head pain, and the woman had heart burns and a hernia. I asked her to check her hernia before I prayed and she confirmed there was a lump. When I prayed she saw a red light turning to a white light, something lifting off, and God’s tangible presence. I asked her to check her hernia, and she felt no lump, praise God! They both accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. See footage below as they share their testimonies:
Today May 22nd, I went out on the streets with a friend David from Plymouth who is highly prophetic. We ended up chatting and ministering to a number of believers. God healed two women as well, both of whom were suffering pain and restriction in their right knees. Pain went out of their bodies as the healing virtue of Jesus touched them. One of them, Vanessa, gave her life to Jesus Christ. Glory to God!

Dudley outpouring : power evangelism on streets continues

May 20, 2008

I prayed for one woman with arthritis. She didn’t really feel anything, but when I prayed for her friend, also with suspected arthritis she felt a powerful warmth touch her hand and the pain left her immediately. As a result she accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and so did her friend. God is so good. It is all His work, and to Him be all the glory! The lady shares her testimony, see footage below:

Salvations on the streets in Dudley

May 20, 2008

Yesterday on my way back home from church, I met an asian man just outside the building. I prayed for his hand which he believed was arthritic and he felt the presence of God go through his hand. He hadn’t been in pain at the time of me praying, but said it was a condition where the pain tended to come and go. He then accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Today I met him on the streets and he shared his hand was feeling a lot better. Praise God! I was on the streets with a friend from Latvia and we met a teenager. God gave me prophetic words about what he was struggling with and we prayed for him and led him to Christ as he felt God’s manifest presence. I took contact details, inviting him to church. Please pray for him. His name is Tyrone. Notable miracles and salvations are happening in the evening meetings at Revival Fires now as well as God’s glory is pouring down in what has become known as the Dudley outpouring. God is after precious souls, and we have the privilege to share the full gospel with people. God desires all the body of Christ to move in signs, wonders, and miracles because the same Spirit that raised Jesus from death dwells in every born again believer. Just take a risk, and you may be surprised at what God does!

Dudley outpouring : many miracles on the streets!

May 15, 2008

On Saturday 10th May our daughter Sorcha got healed of poor eyesight. She no longer has to wear her glasses! We had read testimonies of similar healings in Lakeland Florida and our faith level was raised as we prayed for her, and Jesus touched her powerfully.
It’s been an eventful week in Dudley town centre in this outpouring! On Sunday I prayed for a man with arthritis in his hand and arm and he felt God’s presence, and was healed. He could move his arm in a way he hadn’t been able to before, praise God! See footage below and then read on!
God enabled me to lead two men to Christ, and another man testified of healing from arthritis. Also within the last few days, I was sitting on a bench reluctant to talk to a man about Christ, but had an opportunity to pray for his arthritis. Although he didn’t seem to receive anything instantaneously, he wanted me to pray for his wife when she came out of the shop. She had been suffering with constant pain from arthritis in her twisted spine for a long time. As I prayed for her she felt an “unwordly” feeling, the pain left her and she felt healed! They both accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord!
On Tuesday it was a struggle as I went to the market place. Although I led a man to Christ, there were no immediate miracle healings, although salvation is the greatest miracle. I knew that I needed to go back to the prayer closet. The next day I had to go into town to get another key cut. I went back to my usual place behind the mall and prayed for a lady who got healed of suspected arthritis and then led her and her friend to Christ. I then ventured into the centre of the market place and prayed for a man who received tangible healing from arthritis.
I heard that John Wesley had preached in Dudley too, so I can claim an ancient well as well as the new one! In fact John Wesley said something interesting about Dudley. Although he wasn’t that happy with Dudley, referring to it as a “den of lions”, he also maintained about it that “the last will be first.” In terms of what God is pouring into the UK at the moment, that very much seems to be the case.
I prayed for a man who had had his left ear drum burst as a result of his cousin putting a pin into his ear when he was 5 which had made his stone deaf in that ear since. That was possibly over 50 years ago. When I prayed for him he told me he could hear out of his left ear for the first time since aged 5, and his other ear which had required a hearing aid was improved. In fact he said things were sounding ever increasingly louder! Praise God for this glorious miracle. Jesus is so alive in Dudley. Our meetings in Revival Fires Church Dudley have now reached the 19th consecutive day. If you want this impartation or need a miracle healing get to one of the evening meetings here. Go to for more details.