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April 4th: Saved and healed of arthritis!

April 5, 2008

I went out into the streets with my son Justin. We prayed for a lady struggling to walk in much pain with arthritis. She told me her pain level was 8/10. We prayed for her and she experienced God’s tangible presence. I shared some prophetic knowledge with her for encouragement. The pain level went down to 4/10. We then lead her through the prayer of salvation. We prayed for her again, and the pain went out of her body, and she walked away with much more freedom of movement taking noticeably longer strides.

April 3rd: Lady healed of arthritis

April 5, 2008

I prayed for a lady with arthritis in much pain, barely able to walk even with her two crutches. She felt the power of God touch her, and almost all the pain left her body. She testified that she was healed in an interview I recorded with her which you can view here. She told me that before I prayed her pain level had been 10/10 off the scale. Not only did the pain go, but freedom of movement returned. I also prayed for her to be healed of distonia, a serious brain condition. She believes she is healed of that too.