Miracles near Lakeland Florida with footage!

Today is the last day of Todd Bentley’s revival meetings in Auberndale, in the Lakeland area of Florida USA. Tomorrow he moves to the 9000 seater Lakeland Convention Center. I went to the Auberndale Florida Walmart today and ministered to people. I prayed for a man who had asthma and a heart condition. He told me he had had visions of him walking near a castle and a river, perhaps heavenly places! His condition made him weak though. When I prayed for him he told me he felt the power of God, a warmth touched his upper body, and said his breathing had improved.

I prayed for a man who had been in a motorcycle accident the day before with a twisted ankle, finding it very difficult to walk and in much pain. Jesus healed his pain, and he asked me to pray for his wife who had back pain. She thought the pain related to the sciatic nerve. I prayed for her, the power of God touched her, and the pain left her body! They shared their testimonies, and you can see them in the video footage below. It is wonderful to minister in an atmosphere of an open Heaven!

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4 Comments on “Miracles near Lakeland Florida with footage!”

  1. Erling Says:

    Wow! wooow! Our God is great! Thank you very much for posting all these miracles – It’s so incouraging to read about God’s great actions.

    Thanks from Norway

  2. Ciera Says:

    This is great to hear and its breathtaking! Our God is so awesome!!

  3. John S Says:

    Great blog, and the Lord is moving you into a new era – this is the time of the harvest, of power, glory, grace and the fulness of Jesus Christ. Lord continue to guide and provide this dear brother in the true gospel of power and salvation- bless you

  4. Kevin Says:

    God is glorious and powerful! It is always a joy see people come to know about Jesus Christ and His redeeming grace. There are many reports of healing. I pray that all that is reported is done so in truth. A world is watching.

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