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Miracles near Lakeland Florida with footage!

April 27, 2008

Today is the last day of Todd Bentley’s revival meetings in Auberndale, in the Lakeland area of Florida USA. Tomorrow he moves to the 9000 seater Lakeland Convention Center. I went to the Auberndale Florida Walmart today and ministered to people. I prayed for a man who had asthma and a heart condition. He told me he had had visions of him walking near a castle and a river, perhaps heavenly places! His condition made him weak though. When I prayed for him he told me he felt the power of God, a warmth touched his upper body, and said his breathing had improved.

I prayed for a man who had been in a motorcycle accident the day before with a twisted ankle, finding it very difficult to walk and in much pain. Jesus healed his pain, and he asked me to pray for his wife who had back pain. She thought the pain related to the sciatic nerve. I prayed for her, the power of God touched her, and the pain left her body! They shared their testimonies, and you can see them in the video footage below. It is wonderful to minister in an atmosphere of an open Heaven!

My time in Lakeland Florida for the revival!

April 27, 2008

I am currently in Florida near Lakeland for the glorious revival here with evangelist and revivalist Todd Bentley. I want to get deeper with God, and take back more fires of revival to Dudley, the UK, and beyond. It has been wonderful so far. The meetings have been in Auburndale Life Church because Ignited Church Lakeland could not seat the thousands that are showing up. The miracles are getting more glorious here, we’re talking about radical creative miracles like kidneys being created, metal dissolving, eardrums being created by God to heal deafness, and so much more.

As you know if you regularly read my blog I’ve documented miracles that have happened on the streets of Dudley since January 2008, but I’m believing for much greater when I get back. It is all about The Lord Jesus Christ, and his ministry here in these days.

Yesterday night the fire fell, there was glory in the house! Rory Alec, co-founder of The God Channel was there, as was Sid Roth of the wonderful It’s Supernatural programme. It was announced that the revival meetings will now be in the 9000 seater Lakeland Convention Center to accommodate the thousands who are coming from America and the world.

I will never be the same again after this time in Florida. I am falling more in love with Jesus, and The Father is imparting more of His love into my heart which I need for myself, and also to give away to those I minister to. Each night Todd is laying hands on everyone in the meetings, literally thousands, imparting various anointings, and tonight he will be individually praying for all people who are sick. These are exciting times we are in. I am believing that The Lord is sending revival to Dudley and the UK, and we will see more glorious supernatural manifestations of His love and miracle working power. All the glory to Him!

Ministering to a drug addict

April 24, 2008

I ministered with a friend to a heroin addict in the streets yesterday. I had spoken to him on one occasion before. God showed me that the root of his drug addiction was the lack of a father in his life who had loved him and affirmed him. He did accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, but he doesn’t appear ready to give up his habit. I encouraged him to come to our church, and also seek professional help. Please pray for this young man whose name is Luke.

April 19th: Another glorious miracle

April 20, 2008

Today was so encouraging because I saw my pastor and head worship leader at the Florida outpouring with evangelist Todd Bentley. What is more Todd prophecied an outpouring for my home town and the West Midlands area. I went out with my two daughters Serena and Sorcha onto the streets. I bought them some sweets and then suggested that we look for someone to pray for for God to heal. I think they had more faith than me! We saw a man with a walking stick looking in pain and taking very slow steps. We prayed for him, he testified that the power of God touched him, and movement in his legs markedly improved as the pain left him. Praise God because he walked away taking those longer strides, and without the aid of his walking stick! Hallelujah Jesus!!

April 18th: The power of God heals lady

April 18, 2008

Today was another fruitful day on the streets of Dudley. A Christian woman who had suffered with a disability connected with the nervous system for 30 years making her legs weak and causing her to walk with a crutch had an encounter with God’s miracle working power as I and my friend Simon, who also attends my church, prayed for her. She felt a surge of God’s healing virtue touch her legs, and after healing manifested in her body, walked away without her walking stick! An elderly couple both gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Revival is coming to Dudley. This may not be the main course yet, but it is still amazing! I am also inspired by the reports of the current healing revival outpouring in Lakeland, Florida with Pastor Stephen Strader in Ignited Church, and evangelist Todd Bentley, founder of Fresh Fire Ministries.

April 15th: miracle testimony

April 15, 2008

The young man who I had prayed for back in January ( see January 19th entry ) came into our church today. While he had received some instant improvement back then and accepted Christ, he testified that he was completely healed of his blood clot on his leg that had caused him to walk around with a crutch, kidney problem, stomach and back pain. To God be all the glory!

April 11th: Dramatic miracles and salvations!

April 12, 2008

Today I went out on the streets with a friend, Ben. We prayed for a lady’s leg. While she wasn’t instantly healed completely in terms of movement, the pain level went from 5/10 to 0. God gave me words of knowledge for a young man who I led to Christ. Another church member turned up and we experienced the manifest presence of God, and were full of expectation and anticipation.
I approached an elderly couple. They had problems with deafness, eyesight, and leg pain. We prayed and the power of God touched them. I took authority against the spirits of deafness and blindness, and God healed both of the couple. They then accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

April 10th: Two people saved and touched by God

April 10, 2008

I led a woman and a young man to Christ on the streets today. God gave me words of knowledge for both of them. The woman had arthritic type problems, and told me her pain level was 6/10. After I prayed she told me there wasn’t any pain. The young man felt the presence of God, and a little improvement with his eyesight. I took him to the coffee shop in our church for a drink.

The miracle of eyesight restored in Dudley town centre!

April 7, 2008

April 7th 2008: After I lead an elderly man to Christ and prayed for his healing, my wife Sasha joined me and we talked to another elderly man who had problems with his eyes. In fact his left eye was almost completely legally blind. He could just about make out the blur of an object at very close proximity. We prayed for him, and started to experience some improvement. Sasha noticed his eye tangibly changing in front of us. As we prayed again he experienced marked improvement! He was amazed at God’s healing power. We lead him to Jesus Christ. He was happy to have us record his testimony. The demonstration of the Spirit’s power contributed to him being saved. Thankyou Jesus! This truly was a miracle, and to Him be all the glory.

April 5th: God takes away arthritic pain again!

April 5, 2008

I met an elderly man with arthritis. God is moving on people with arthritis at the moment. Hallelujah! While the man was not instantly healed of all pain, he experienced improvement, and significantly was able to lift his leg in a way that he hadn’t been able to before. Also I prayed for his wrist and Jesus immediately took the pain away. I also prayed for a heart condition he had been suffering with. The next day he came to our church and received more improvement.