Eyesight improves: a surprise divine appointment!

Last week was a good week in the streets with a release of words of knowledge, two people praying the prayer of salvation, and one lady who accepted Christ experiencing tangible improvement physically. Today I had a very short time on the streets. I noticed an elderly lady with a stick, and initially seemed reluctant to approach her, but then I sensed The Spirit telling me that she was greatly loved and I needed to ask her if she wanted prayer. When I spoke to her she told me that her eyesight was much improved since I prayed. I was embarrassed not to remember who she was until she reminded me of where I had prayed for her with my friend David nearly three weeks ago. She told me that she went back the same day to check her eyesight by looking at the television. She said that she could see colour images in a way she hadn’t been able to before. I told her to believe for complete recovery. God is so good! It was a real encouragement to me and I look forward to going out soon and seeing Christ’s miraculous healing touch, and I’m seeking The Lord for more complete instantaneous healings rather than just partial ones, albeit that those are good too.

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