January 21st: The young man at the bus stop

I didn’t get very far from my home when I saw a young man walking with a leg problem wait at the bus stop. I was somewhat reluctant to ask him if he wanted prayer as I usually don’t minister there, but told God that if he stopped me to ask the time as I was passing that that was a sign I should pray. Sure enough he asked me the time. I told him that him asking me that question was God’s sign to me to pray for his leg. He accepted my prayers. He told me that his leg was feeling better, and just as his bus was about to pull up he prayed a quick prayer to give his life to Jesus and be saved from his sins. I pointed out the church to him, and he told me he wanted to come.As wonderful as these encounters are, my prayer is that these individuals would be completely healed, saved, and attend our church or another good church regularly and become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Too many seem to gratefully accept God’s touch, will pray the prayer of salvation but they won’t go to church or change their lifestyle. My prayer is that revival breaks out, and people become far more convicted of their sin.

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