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January 23rd: God’s power with a friend

January 30, 2008

I went out with a friend, David, and we saw God touch people and bring healing. Two ladies told us that the pain from their arthritis had gone down significantly. A muslim lady’s back was healed. She had to leave before we could talk more about Jesus. We also prayed an elderly lady’s poor eyesight ( see February 11th 2008 entry for update about this ) .

January 22nd: God brings healing and restores hope

January 22, 2008

With dusk approaching, and the weather getting chillier, I saw a young lady walking with two crutches and her right leg heavily padded. She told me that she was in pain. She said she was a Christian who had lapsed in her walk with God. I offered to pray for her. She felt some improvement. She shared that her flatmate had beaten her up and threatened to kill her and that was why she had broken her leg. Her flatmate had now left, but the emotional and physical scars were still evident. I continued to pray for her leg as she shared her story and now she felt very definite improvement with much better movement and the pain going, and she started to praise Jesus! She also shared that she had been diagnosed HIV positive so I commanded HIV to leave her body in Jesus name. She felt the power of God, so I encouraged her to get a test to see if she has been healed. I also felt The Lord tell me that praise, dance and her musical gift would enter her life again. She told me that she often used to dance in praising God, and has a singing gift. I know that this was another divine appointment. I encouraged her to go to a good church in her hometown and call our church to share her testimony. Praise God for His goodness again. Jesus is alive, and He is touching His people.

January 21st: The young man at the bus stop

January 21, 2008

I didn’t get very far from my home when I saw a young man walking with a leg problem wait at the bus stop. I was somewhat reluctant to ask him if he wanted prayer as I usually don’t minister there, but told God that if he stopped me to ask the time as I was passing that that was a sign I should pray. Sure enough he asked me the time. I told him that him asking me that question was God’s sign to me to pray for his leg. He accepted my prayers. He told me that his leg was feeling better, and just as his bus was about to pull up he prayed a quick prayer to give his life to Jesus and be saved from his sins. I pointed out the church to him, and he told me he wanted to come.As wonderful as these encounters are, my prayer is that these individuals would be completely healed, saved, and attend our church or another good church regularly and become disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. Too many seem to gratefully accept God’s touch, will pray the prayer of salvation but they won’t go to church or change their lifestyle. My prayer is that revival breaks out, and people become far more convicted of their sin.

January 19th: God’s power and the greatest miracle

January 19, 2008

I went out into the town centre and happened to bump into a young man who I had prayed for with two others that were on the School of the Supernatural in our church some weeks ago. When we prayed for him he had experienced the power of God on him, and had walked away amazed as this was clearly outside the realms of his experience. I suspect he has had a troubled past. Today he was walking with a stick. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he had an infection with pain in his left leg and back. I prayed for him and he experienced some warmth on his back, and the pain significantly decreased. He also felt that his leg had improved after I prayed for him again. He gave his life to Jesus Christ, expressing an interest in coming to our church. Jesus revealed Himself to that young man and the conviction of the Holy Spirit led him to pray to receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Salvation is the greatest miracle. It is only God that brings results. This was a divine appointment as I only had limited time in town and The Lord put me and this young man in the right place at the right time. When we see God use us to set the captives free we must be careful to remember that our only boast should be in the cross of Jesus Christ (Galatians 6:14). It is all His work, and yet we have the privilege to partner with Him, and get a ringside seat to see the awesome things He does! God is in full control, and what He ordains and decrees cannot be changed. Jesus knows our past, but continually wants to reveal His love for us, and draw us away from darkness into His glorious light and life.

The Kingdom of Heaven: miracles on the streets

January 12, 2008

Hi, I’m Richard. I am married with four children, and I like watching Newcastle United, Minnesota Vikings, The LA Angels, cricket, movies, and fast food! I attend Revival Fires Church, Dudley England. Above everything though I love Jesus Christ, and seeing other people come into a life changing relationship with Him. He is so wonderful, and fills the God-shaped vacuum in all of us, He meets the deep-seated need for love that we all have. I love seeing the miracles of Jesus here today in the 21st century. I’ve started this blog to draw attention to Him especially for those who don’t know Him, but also to show what our inheritance and commission as believers is in Him, that’s every believer, not just the likes of Benny Hinn and Reinhard Bonnke. We, with all our imperfections and weaknesses are called to share our faith in Jesus Christ and believe that He will back it up with signs, wonders, and miracles as a testimony to His love, and who He is. This is so the focus will be on Him and not us because only The Holy Spirit can draw anyone to a saving faith. If you are not a believer then I encourage you to pursue truth and you will find it. Jesus said I am the truth. When you seek truth you discover that it is a person, the Lord Jesus Christ, God eternal, co-equal with God The Father and God The Holy Spirit. See my website and you will see how real Jesus is. If you are a believer please visit the website. It will encourage you in your faith, and you can share it with seekers so that they too can discover Jesus. To God be all the glory.

In 2007 I started seeing Jesus heal and save people as I went out on the streets in England. Conditions such as leg pains, stomache aches, headaches, arthritis, a painful wrist and deafness were healed by Jesus either partially or completely as I prayed. Sometimes God gave me a prophetic word for people. When they saw that Jesus was real they asked Him into their lives, prayed to turn from sin, and were saved. They came into an eternal relationship with God through the finished work of Christ’s death on the cross and were spared eternity in Hell.

When I went to India I saw conditions such as blindness, deafness, and tumors healed by the power of God. I laid hands on a large swelling on a man’s leg, most probably a tumor, and as I and one or two others prayed within seconds it shrivelled down to nothing by God’s power. That was part of an evening in Gangtok, India where we had a visitation of the glory of God.

It is now January 2008. I have just finished a short season of fasting and praying and will be going out on the streets soon. Jesus is the healer. It is all about Him. If you are a Christian you can do this too, just have a go, it doesn’t matter if nothing happens because I have experienced that a lot and felt discouraged at times. Just persist, seek His face constantly, live a Godly lifestyle, and trust Him and you will see miracles that flow from His throne of grace that will touch hearts. Most of all go out with His love and compassion. If you read the Bible the miracles of Jesus were rooted in His love and compassion for the people he prayed for.

Isaiah 53:5 says that “by His stripes we are healed.” God’s gift of healing is part of the new covenant for all believers but it is actually a gift available to ALL!